Maternity Size Calculator

Maternity Size Calculator

The journey of pregnancy brings many changes and one of them is the changing shape and appearance of a woman’s body. To meet the specific clothing needs of expectant mothers, a maternity size calculator has been developed. This user-friendly tool aims to help pregnant individuals determine their maternity size based on pre-pregnancy measurements.

Usage Instructions:

To use the maternity size calculator, individuals must enter their pre-pregnancy size (in numerical form) along with bust, hips, and waist measurements. These measurements are important for the accurate determination of maternal size.

Result display:

On clicking the “Calculate Maternity Size” button, the tool processes the input and displays the recommended maternity size range. The specified result is presented dynamically, providing clear and concise output. In case of invalid measurements, a prompt advises users to ensure accurate input of exact size information.

Maternity Size Chart: International Sizing Guide

Finding the right maternity size can be a challenge, especially when dealing with various international sizing standards. This comprehensive maternity size chart aims to bridge the gap, providing a handy reference for expectant mothers across different regions.


  • Uses standard S, M, L, XL sizing.
  • Some brands offer numerical sizing (1-16).
US/Canada SizeBust (inches)Hips (inches)Waist (inches)

Note: Numerical sizing (1-16) can be converted based on brand-specific size charts.


  • Uses letter sizes shifted one down compared to the US (UK 8 = US 10).
UK/Australia SizeBust (inches)Hips (inches)Waist (inches)

Note: Adjustments are based on UK/Australia sizes compared to US sizes.


  • Uses metric sizing based on chest and hip measurements in centimeters.
Europe SizeBust (cm)Hips (cm)Waist (cm)


  • Often uses their sizing systems or adaptations of existing ones.

Note: Check brand-specific size charts as Asian sizing can vary.


  • Indian sizing often follows a unique system.
Indian SizeBust (inches)Hips (inches)Waist (inches)

Note: Indian sizing can vary, and it’s advisable to check with specific brands for accurate measurements.


  • How do I determine my maternity clothing size?

Start with Your Pre-Pregnancy Size: Most maternity brands base their sizing on pre-pregnancy sizes.

Consider Your Bust, Hip, and Waist Measurements: Take current measurements for a comfortable fit.

Use Brand-Specific Size Charts: Refer to the size chart provided by the brand for accuracy.

Flexibility is Key: Be prepared to adjust your size as your body changes during pregnancy.

Embrace Stretchy Fabrics: Opt for maternity clothes made with stretchy, comfortable fabrics.

  • What if I prefer a looser fit?

Consider sizing up for a looser fit.

Some brands offer clothes in “small,” “medium,” and “large,” providing more flexibility.

  • How do I handle the changing body shape during pregnancy?

Embrace Stretchy Fabrics: Look for clothes that accommodate your growing bump.

Adjust Size as Needed: Be flexible and adjust your size throughout pregnancy.

  • Are there specific tips for online shopping?

Check Return Policies: Ensure the online store has a clear return policy for size exchanges.

Try Before You Buy: If possible, try on maternity clothes in-store for the best fit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: Explore different styles and brands to find what suits you.

  • What if the sizing varies between brands?

Always refer to the size chart provided by the specific brand you’re purchasing from.

Compare your measurements to the size chart for the best fit.

  • Can I shop for maternity clothes during the early stages of pregnancy?

Yes, you can start shopping for maternity clothes early on, as your body begins to change.

  • How do I choose the right size for maternity bottoms?

Consider both high and low waist measurements.

Check hip measurements for accurate sizing.

  • Are there differences in sizing between countries?

Yes, sizing can vary between countries. Always refer to the brand’s size chart.

Compare your measurements to the size chart for the best fit.

  • What are the size conventions in different countries?

The US and UK use letter-based sizing for tops and dresses, with numeric sizing for pants.

China uses a centimeter-based system, focusing on slimmer fits.

India uses a combination of letter and number sizes.

Japan has a unique sizing system based on height and bust/waist measurements.

Brazil uses a numerical system based on measurements of the bust, waist, and hip.

  • Should I consider my age when determining maternity size?

Age is not a primary factor; focus on accurate measurements and size charts for the best fit.

  • How often should I update my maternity wardrobe size during pregnancy?

Update your wardrobe size as needed, especially during the second and third trimesters.

  • Can I wear regular clothes during pregnancy?

Some regular clothes may fit during early pregnancy, but maternity wear offers better comfort and support as your body changes.


The Maternity Size Calculator serves as a valuable resource for expectant moms, providing a quick and reliable way to determine their maternity clothing size. With its user-friendly design and efficient calculation logic, this tool contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience for pregnant individuals, ensuring that they can embrace their changing bodies with confidence and style.

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