From Crib to Diapers: Newborn Essentials Checklist

Updated on December 14, 2023 by Saurabh Chandwar

Are you preparing a list for your future child and you are not able to understand what to include in the list and what not, it means that you are in a dilemma as to what you want for the child.

Today’s time has changed a lot compared to earlier, there are many different baby items in the market but only a few things are useful for you, hence we have created a newborn essentials checklist for your baby from crib to diapers which will help you in this. Will help a lot in work.

Apart from this, if you are thinking of giving a gift to any parent to congratulate them on their newborn, then this list is very useful for you.

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Newborn Essentials Checklist:

Baby Bath Essentials

Baby bathtub

Baby bathtub

A bathtub keeps your baby safe while bathing, you can choose it according to the size of your baby and your preferences.

Baby Cream or Lotion

This is an everyday item which keeps your baby’s skin soft and can be applied after bathing. Choose a light cream that can be applied on the baby’s body every day after bathing.
Generally, 1 medium quantity cream easily lasts for 10 to 15 days, so you should normally note 2 to 3 creams in your list.

Baby Soap and Shampoo

Must add this to the list, the use of wash and shampoo is very important to keep the child clean and dirt-free. Before buying it, remember that this product is tear-free and approved by important certificates made for children.
Initially bring only one wash and shampoo so that you can know whether it suits your baby’s skin or not.

Baby Washcloths

Baby Washcloths

Baby washcloths are designed with soft and delicate fabrics to provide a gentle clean to baby’s sensitive skin. Perfect for bath time or a quick clean, these washcloths are versatile, durable, and easy to maintain.
Its requirement is very high and it takes time to dry again after getting dirty, hence try to keep a minimum of 6 to 12 washcloths in stock.

Hooded Towels | Soft Baby Towels

Hooded Towels

Hood towels are used to keep baby dry and warm after bathing. These towels make drying a pleasant experience for both parents and little ones. Its hood absorbs water from the baby’s head. It comes in many different cute designs which make our babies look even cuter.
Since these are usually used after bathing, 1 to 2 hooded towels are enough. Be sure to include this in the newborn essentials checklist.

Oil for Massage and Hair

It is important to choose the right oil for baby massage and hair care. Choose gentle, natural oils like coconut or almond oil, which are known for their moisturizing properties and mild nature. Always ensure that the oil is suitable for the delicate baby’s skin.

The selection of these oils also depends on the weather of your place, in hot weather, use cooling oils like coconut, or in cold weather, use warm oils like mustard oil.

It is good to massage the baby for at least 6 months. Hence considering the baby’s skin, write 4 to 5 bottles of oil for massage and hair in your list.

Comb or Brush

When caring for baby hair, a soft bristle brush is generally preferred over a comb. The baby brush with light bristles helps prevent discomfort and is effective in detangling fine hair without causing breakage or irritation on the baby’s sensitive scalp. It is good to use a silicone brush for the first 3 months.
One set of hair brushes and comb is enough to add to your newborn essentials checklist.

Baby Closet Essentials

Baby Hangers

Baby Hangers

Baby hanger is very important because normally the baby has to change 4-5 dresses in a day, hence at least 30-40 dresses have to be kept which are very difficult to keep properly.
These are specially designed, small size hangers that meet the dimensions of children’s clothing. Usually made of lightweight materials, these hangers help in displaying small garments in an organized and neat manner, ensuring proper care and storage of your baby’s clothes.
Make sure to write down at least 40 to 50 baby hangers newborn essentials checklist, it will help you save a lot of hard work and time.

Baby Laundry Detergent

Baby laundry detergent is a specially formulated detergent designed for washing baby clothes. It is generally free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes, ensuring a gentle and hypoallergenic option for baby’s sensitive skin. Using baby laundry detergent helps prevent skin irritation and keep baby’s clothes soft and comfortable.
You need it throughout the year, so you can use it according to your use and budget. If possible, then write a bucket of 1100 loads in your ‘Newborn Essentials Checklist’, it will be very cheap for you.

Baby Clothing Essentials


Newborn hats

Newborn hats are essential accessories for babies, providing warmth and comfort. Usually made from soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton, these hats help regulate a newborn’s body temperature and protect their delicate head.
Its quantity depends on you, still you can take 2 to 6 hats for daily use and the rest you can take hats matching the baby’s dress for going out of the house.


newborn mittens

Newborn mittens are small, soft hand wraps designed to keep an infant’s hands warm and safe. Made from soft fabrics like cotton, these gloves prevent newborn babies from scratching their delicate faces with their nails.
These are very useful in the initial days, so it would be good to have 2 to 6 baby mittens in your newborn essentials checklist.



Onesies are one-piece garments for infants, usually made of soft cotton and with snaps or buttons at the crotch for ease of diaper changing. These versatile and comfortable outfits come in a variety of designs, providing a convenient and comfortable option for dressing newborns and infants.
This is a very good option for daily use. You should take it in the quantity of 4 to 8 in the newborn essentials checklist.



A sleepsuit is a one-piece garment designed for infants to wear during sleep or rest. Usually made of soft and breathable materials such as cotton, sleepsuits cover the baby’s entire body and often have snap closures or zippers for easy dressing and diaper changes.
They provide warmth and comfort, making them a popular choice for baby bedtime costumes. These are mostly good for night use, hence you can take them in quantity of 3 to 4 in newborn essentials checklist.



Socks or booties are small, soft coverings for a child’s feet. Made from soft material, these adorable accessories keep newborn’s feet warm and cozy.
The socks are designed to wear securely, providing both comfort and a cute addition to baby’s outfit.
Booties, often with elastic or tie closures, provide extra warmth and can be a stylish complement to a variety of children’s outfits.
You should carry 4-6 pairs of socks and 2 booties in your newborn essentials checklist. This quantity can be more or less depending on your collection.

Baby Diapering Essentials

Changing Pad

Changing Pad

A changing pad is a padded surface designed to safely change a baby’s diaper. Usually made with waterproof or wipeable covers, changing pads provide a clean and comfortable area for diaper changes.
They often come with raised edges to prevent any accidental rolling or slipping during the changing process, ensuring a safe and clean space for caregivers to tend to baby’s needs.
Just 1 of these baby diaper pads on the newborn essentials checklist is enough.

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a specially designed bag to carry essentials for babies, especially while out and about. These bags are equipped with multiple compartments and pockets to organize diapers, wipes, bottles, changing mats and other baby essentials.
You must write this one bag in your newborn essentials checklist. It can greatly reduce the trouble of finding baby items while you travel.

Diaper Pail

Diaper Pail

A diaper pail is a special container designed for the discreet disposal of used diapers. Equipped with features such as tight-sealing lids and sometimes odor control mechanisms, diaper pails help prevent and reduce unpleasant odors associated with diaper changes.
If you don’t have budget issues, you can write this as an optional item in your checklist. You can also use odor free trace can instead.

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Rash Cream is designed to soothe and protect baby’s delicate skin from the irritation and redness caused by diaper rash. Typically made with ingredients such as zinc oxide or petroleum jelly, these creams create a protective barrier. Diaper rash cream is a common item in the baby care routine, providing relief and promoting skin health in the diaper area.

You will need this product from the time your baby is born till the time the baby stops wearing diapers, so if your budget is not a problem, you can buy it in bulk quantity in any special offer. (If purchasing diaper rash cream in bulk, please check its expiry date).

Diapers (Size Newborn)

Newborn baby diapers

Newborn baby size diapers are made of soft and absorbent material to keep baby dry and provide protection from leakage.
According to us, these newborn essentials are the most expensive because they are used in large quantities, so if you are buying diapers, then first wear 2-3 diapers on the baby to see whether it suits his skin or not. After this, you can save a lot of money by buying a pack containing 54 to 72 diapers.


Baby wipes are wet disposable cloths designed to clean baby’s skin during diaper changes or for general hygiene purposes. These wipes are generally gentle and hypoallergenic, containing a mild solution to clean without causing irritation.

Baby wipes are mainly used at the time of changing the baby’s diaper and are also very useful in travelling, hence a pack of 2-3 wipes would be good in your newborn essentials checklist.

Note: There are many complaints of dryness in this, so never buy wipes in bulk or pack them immediately after using them.

Baby Feeding Essentials



A bibs is a protective garment worn around the neck by infants and young children during feeding. Bibs designed to prevent food spills and stains on clothing are made from easy-to-clean materials such as cloth or plastic.
These are easy to clean and dry, so write 1-2 PVC or 4-6 cotton bibs in the newborn essentials checklist.


Milk Bottle

Newborn baby bottles are containers specifically designed for feeding infants. They are generally small in size, have soft nipples suitable for a newborn to suck gently, and a ventilation system to reduce air entry during feeding, thus reducing the amount of air that the baby swallows. Reduces.
According to Dr., in the beginning, the baby needs milk every one to one and a half hours and if the formula is yellow then you will need bottles, hence include 3-4 glass or BPA free plastic bottles in your newborn essentials checklist.
Note: It is good to have anti-colic bottle nipples and try to change the nipples at regular intervals in 2-3 months.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bags are pouches specifically designed to preserve and store expressed breast milk. Made of durable, sterile materials, these bags often feature secure seals and measurement markings to facilitate convenient storage and feeding.
Breast milk storage bags are a practical option for nursing moms who need to pump breast milk and store it in the refrigerator or freezer, a space-saver to preserve this essential nutrition for their babies. And provides clean solution.
It is a bit difficult to tell the quantity in this newborn essentials checklist because it depends on your need and situation.

Breast Pump (if breastfeeding)

Breast Pump

A breast pump is a device designed to extract milk from a breastfeeding mother’s breasts. Both manual and electric breast pumps are available. Breast pumps are used by breastfeeding mothers to collect and store breast milk for later use, especially when they need to be away from their baby or if they have depleted their breast milk supply. Want to keep.

These pumps mimic baby’s natural sucking patterns, helping to stimulate milk production and allowing mothers to provide nutrition even when direct breastfeeding may not be possible.

These can be ticked as optional products in your newborn essentials checklist. Take it only when you need it and don’t keep it in advance.

Burp cloths

Burp cloths

Burping cloths are soft, absorbent pieces of cloth designed to be placed over a caregiver’s shoulder or lap to protect the baby while burping. These cloths are useful in catching spit or drippings during and after feeding, helping to keep both the baby and the caregiver clean. Burping clothes, usually made of materials such as cotton or muslin, are a practical helpful tool to deal with minor messes during the burping process.
These clothes are very useful and you may need about 4-6 dry clothes in a whole day, so write 4 to 6 in your newborn essentials checklist.
From my side, if you want to spend less, you can make this with the help of your old clothes.

bottle sterilizer and dryer

bottle sterilizer and dryer

The Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer is a specialized appliance designed to effectively clean and sanitize baby bottles, nipples and other feeding accessories. These units use steam or other sterilization methods to eliminate bacteria and germs, providing a hygienic environment for food.
Additionally, some models are equipped with a drying function, which ensures that sterilized items are thoroughly dried and ready for use.

High chair

High chair

A high chair is a tall chair specifically designed for feeding infants and young children at a height convenient for the caregiver. It usually has a safety harness and a tray to hold the food, allowing the baby to sit comfortably during meals.
This is an optional product for your newborn essentials checklist but it is actually very useful as it helps you in freeing your baby from running here and there to get food.

Insulated Bottle Carrier

The insulated bottle carrier is a portable and thermal-protective bag designed to keep baby bottles at the desired temperature, whether hot or cold, during travel. Usually equipped with insulation and secure closures, these carriers help maintain the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle for long periods of time. This is especially useful for parents on the go.


If you bottle feed your baby, then make sure to write down 2-4 nipples in your newborn essentials checklist because sometimes these nipples get damaged or when the baby starts teething, they can get holes in these nipples.

Note: Before buying nipples, please check the size of the bottle because the nipple of every brand of bottle is of a different size.

Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a pillow specially designed to provide support and comfort to breastfeeding mothers. Shaped to fit around the mother’s waist, a nursing pillow helps get the baby into a comfortable breastfeeding position, reducing stress on the mother’s back and arms.
It can also be used to support the baby during bottle feeding or tummy time.

Nursing Bra and Pads

A nursing bra is a special undergarment designed for breastfeeding mothers. It usually has easy-to-open cups or flaps that allow convenient access for breastfeeding without removing the entire bra. Nursing bras provide support, comfort, and flexibility to accommodate changes in breast shape during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Nursing pads are absorbent inserts worn inside bras to prevent leakage and keep clothes dry. These pads are especially useful for managing breast milk leakage between feedings. These come in disposable and reusable options, providing an extra layer of protection and comfort for nursing moms.

Baby Health & Safety Essentials

Baby Monitor (With Camera)

A baby monitor is an electronic device that parents use to remotely monitor their baby’s sounds and movements. Baby monitors provide parents with peace of mind, allowing them to keep an eye on their baby’s well-being even when they’re in a different room.
It is also good for those people who are away from home for a long time due to job or any other reason and the child is under someone’s care.
In today’s time when we cannot trust anyone else, this product must be in your newborn essentials checklist.

Baby Grooming Kit

Baby grooming kit

Baby grooming kit is a collection of essential tools designed to help parents take care of their baby’s hygiene needs. This kit usually comes with 10 to 35 essential tools like soft-bristle baby brush, comb, nail clippers and round-ended scissors and much more.
These kits often come in convenient, compact cases, making them easy to store or take with you while traveling. Be sure to add this to your newborn essentials checklist, it can make many of your tasks easier.

First Aid Kit

It is very important to have this first aid kit in your newborn essentials checklist because it is very important for the safety of your unborn baby.

A first aid kit for babies is a collection of medical supplies and equipment needed to deal with minor injuries or illnesses. Common items in an infant first aid kit include adhesive bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic wipes, an infant-safe thermometer, infant pain relievers (if recommended by a health care professional), tweezers, and infant nail clippers.

The first aid kit should be prepared according to the age of the child. Try to get essential medicines like fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, gas, cold and pain in this kit as per doctor’s advice. Also, whatever medicine you are going to keep, make sure to put a slip with it on which it is clearly written as to what it is going to be used for. And finally an emergency contact information and a list of important medical contacts should be included in the kit.

Infant Car Seat

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat

An infant car seat is a seat specially designed to safely transport newborn babies and infants in a vehicle. These car seats prevent 70 to 90% of the impact of a car accident from reaching our child, which increases the chances of our child staying safe.
This is a bit expensive product but it is also necessary. In many countries like United States, Canada, it is very important to install it in the car, hence it is important for you to write such in the newborn essentials checklist.
But you can also take it as optional if you live in any of these countries like Pakistan, Nepal, and India. In countries like this, you can take this checklist.

Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator is used to clear mucus when it accumulates in a baby’s nose. Parents or caregivers use an aspirator to gently remove mucus from the baby’s nose, which relieves nasal congestion and improves breathing.



Pacifiers usually have a nipple-shaped attachment made of soft, baby-safe material and attached to a shield or handle. Pacifiers can provide comfort and help satisfy a baby’s sucking instincts, potentially providing soothing benefits. Some parents use pacifiers as a tool to help babies soothe or relax themselves during sleep.

Baby Thermometer

Baby thermometer is used to measure the body temperature of a baby. There are different types of baby thermometers, including digital oral thermometers, ear thermometers, forehead (temporal artery) thermometers, and rectal thermometers.
It is very important to have this thermometer in your newborn essentials checklist.
Note: Whenever you are going to buy a thermometer for your child, always choose one which gives very fast and accurate results because children do not sit straight for long.

Baby Miscellaneous Essentials

Baby Book for Memories

Baby Book for Memories

Baby Book for Memories is a memory journal or scrapbook designed for parents to document and cherish special moments and milestones in their baby’s life. These books usually provide space to record details such as the baby’s birth story, first words, first steps, and other important events.
They may include sections for photos, notes and mementos, creating a meaningful and lasting record of the child’s early years. Baby memory books serve as an emotional and cherished memento for families to reflect on the precious moments of their baby’s infancy and early childhood. You can take this as an optional product in the newborn essentials checklist.

Baby wipes warmer

Baby Wipes Warmer

Baby Wipes Warmer Heats baby wipes before use. Equipped with a heating element, this device helps ensure that the wipes are at a comfortable temperature for diaper changing, providing a comfortable experience for the baby. If the weather is cold where you live, this can be a great add on to your newborn essentials checklist.

Baby Playtime Essentials

Baby Swing or Bouncer

A baby swing or bouncer is designed to provide a gentle rocking or bouncing motion for an infant. This equipment is to some extent an advanced version of our swings.
The swing often moves back and forth, while the bouncer usually makes an up-and-down bouncing movement. These devices are designed to soothe and entertain babies, providing them with a safe and comfortable place to rest. It is also very helpful in putting children to sleep, it is also a very good gift to give to someone as a congratulation for the newborn.

Play Mat or Activity GYM

Play Mat or Activity GYM

A play mat or activity gym is a padded and colorful mat on which various sensory and developmental activities are arranged. Activity gyms typically feature hanging toys, mirrors, textures and other interactive elements that encourage reaching, grasping and tummy time. Apart from this, whenever the child wakes up after seeing all these materials, he starts playing instead of crying.
This is a great way to keep your baby busy while you work, so include it in your newborn essentials checklist.

Soft Baby Toys

Soft baby toys are plush, huggable toys designed for infants and young children. Made from soft fabrics like cotton or plush materials, these toys are gentle and safe for babies to touch, squeeze and hug.
Soft baby toys often come in various shapes such as animals, dolls, or soft blocks, and may include features such as different textures, wrinkles, or gentle rattles to stimulate the baby’s senses.
Write these toys in your newborn essentials checklist according to the gender of your baby.

Baby Sleeping Essentials

Crib or Bassinet

Crib or Bassinet

Both a Crib or a Bassinet provide a separate space for the child to sleep and play, this keeps the child safe from all sides and also frees the parents from worrying about the safety of the child.
The crib is larger than the bassinet and is fixed in one place and heavy. Whereas bassinet being light and small, it is easy to carry while traveling anywhere.
If you are looking for a good and big space for your baby to sleep at home, then tick the crib in your newborn essentials checklist and if you are looking for something that can be useful while you are traveling, then you can tick the bassinet in the checklist.

Crib mattress

Crib mattress

A crib mattress is a mattress specifically designed for a baby’s crib or cot. Its shape conforms to the standard crib size and provides a strong and supportive surface for a safe and comfortable sleep environment for babies.
These mattresses come with necessary certificates for children which ensure how safe they are for our children. If you are adding the crib to your newborn essentials checklist, then definitely include it in your checklist.

Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets for Crib

Fitted sheets are specially designed bed linens that have elastic corners to fit securely around the mattress. In infant bedding, fitted sheets are commonly used for the crib mattress.

These sheets have elastic edges that hold the mattress, so that when the child moves his legs, the sheet remains in place and does not get entangled in the child’s arms and legs.

It’s a good idea to have 2-3 of these sheets on your newborn essentials checklist so that you can change them whenever your baby makes a mess.

Swaddles | Sleep Sacks or Wearable Blankets


Swaddles are large, lightweight blankets designed to wrap and safely cocoon a baby. Made from breathable fabrics like muslin, swaddles provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for babies, helping them sleep more soundly by preventing sudden movements.
This is mostly used in team use to put the baby to sleep, so note it in the quantity of 2-4 in your Baby newborn essentials checklist.

White Noise Machine

white noise machine

A white noise machine can help babies fall asleep and stay asleep by mimicking the sounds heard in the womb. Children feel very relaxed after hearing this. It comes with many different features, some of which allow you to make noise with the help of your mobile app, so that you can operate it even while doing your work.
You can take this gadget as an optional gadget in your newborn essentials checklist.

Baby Traveling Essentials

Baby Car Mirror

Baby Car Mirror

Baby car mirror is a specially designed mirror that fits on the rear seat of the vehicle to help us keep an eye on your baby even while sitting on his driving seat. This allows you to keep an eye on the child without turning while driving. Which promotes a safer travel experience for both the baby and the driver.
If you travel often then this is going to be very useful for you, so definitely include it in your newborn essentials checklist.

Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

Whenever you take your baby out of the house or go somewhere, your hands start getting pain if you keep the baby hanging for a long time, hence this baby carrier is very useful for you.
It hangs on your body with ease and strength on which you can carry your baby, which does not put much load on your hands. Apart from this, it distributes the weight of the baby equally so that you do not feel weighed down and no matter how much weight you have. Can go on long walks.
If you are planning to travel somewhere with your baby, then this should definitely be in your newborn essentials checklist.



A stroller is a wheeled vehicle in which you can comfortably carry or carry your baby anywhere. It usually has a comfortable seat, a canopy for sun protection, and a system of wheels for easy mobility. This ensures that your child remains safe in any weather.

These strollers offer features like adjustable reclines, storage compartments, and easy folding mechanism for storage and transportation.

This is very useful for those who love to travel with children, especially for grandparents who cannot carry the child for a long time. This is a bit expensive product, so if you need it or your budget is good then you should definitely include it in your checklist.

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