Jain Baby Girl Names From A-Z

Updated on April 11, 2024 by Saurabh Chandwar

Jain Baby Girl Names From A-Z Alphabets

Jain Baby Girl Names

Names Start From A

AaryaDurga- Goddess Parvati
AaushiOne who is careful- knowledgeable and blessed with a long Life
AkshyaImmortal- Indestructible- Which cannot be destroyed
AlpaLittle- Small
AneriOne who is extraordinary
AngiFire- One with Beautiful Body
AngiraMother of Birhaspati
AnishaContinuous- Supreme
AnjanaMother of Hanuman
AnkitaMarked by the Lord
AnshitaA part of
AnujaYounger Sister
AratiThe ceremony of moving a lighted lamp circularly round an idol
ArtiHymns sang in praise of god- Worship
Ashwini/ Ashvini 

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