600+ Twins Baby Boy Names for Indian’s

Updated on March 6, 2024 by Saurabh Chandwar

If you have or are going to have twins, then you are very lucky because only one in thousands of people have twins. Finding the name of these twin babies can be very challenging, to simplify it, we have given here a list of more than 600 names starting with the same alphabet. In this, we have given names for children of Bharat(India), which are especially perfect for Hindu and Jain religions, in which some new and some old names have been included. Apart from this, along with the name, we have also explained its meaning in very simple words.

600+ Twins Baby Boy Names for Indians

Twins Baby Boy Name From A-Z Alphabets

Names Start From A

Aadesh and AaditAadesh: Command, messageAadit: Peak
Aadesh and AakarAadesh: Command, messageAakar: Shape, form
Aadesh and AakarshAadesh: Command, messageAakarsh: Attraction
Aadi and AaravAadi: BeginningAarav: Peaceful, sound
Aadi and AaritAadi: Important, firstAarit: One who seeks the right direction
Aadi and AarushAadi: Beginning, importantAarush: First ray of the sun
Aahan and AakarAahan: Dawn, sunriseAakar: Shape, form
Aahan and AakarshAahan: Dawn, sunriseAakarsh: Attraction
Aakarsh and AavishAakarsh: AttractionAavish: King, ruler
Aakash and AaravAakash: SkyAarav: Peaceful, sound
Aakash and AarushAakash: SkyAarush: First ray of the sun
Aarav and AadiAarav: Peaceful, soundAadi: First, most important
Aarav and AaryanAarav: Peaceful, soundAaryan: Honorable, noble
Aarav and AayanAarav: PeacefulAayan: Gift of God
Aarav and AayushAarav: Peaceful, soundAayush: Long life, age
Aarav and ArnavAarav: PeacefulArnav: Ocean, sea
Aarav and AyanAarav: Peaceful, well-composedAyan: Gift of God, path to the Divine
Aarit and AaravAarit: One who seeks the right directionAarav: Peaceful
Aarit and AarnavAarit: One who seeks the right directionAarnav: Ocean, sea
Aarit and AarushAarit: One who seeks the right directionAarush: First ray of the sun
Aarit and AaryanAarit: One who seeks the right directionAaryan: Noble, spiritual
Aarit and AayushAarit: One who seeks the right directionAayush: Long life
Aarush and AashayAarush: First ray of the sunAashay: Meaning, gist
Aarush and AayanshAarush: First ray of the sunAayansh: The sun
Aarush and AayushAarush: First ray of the sunAayush: Long life
Aarush and AvyanAarush: First ray of the sunAvyan: Eloquent, flawless
Aayan and AarushAayan: Gift of GodAarush: First ray of the sun
Aayush and AakashAayush: Long lifeAakash: Sky
Arnav and AaritArnav: Ocean, vastAarit: One who seeks the right direction
Arnav and AdvaitArnav (अर्णव): Ocean, vastAdvait (अद्वैत): Unique, non-duality, unity

Names Start From B

Badal and BalrajBadal: CloudBalraj: Strong king
Badal and BanajBadal: CloudBanaj: Lotus
Bhadra and BhargavBhadra: GentleBhargav: Lord Shiva
Bhairav and BhavinBhairav: A fierce form of Lord ShivaBhavin: Living, existing
Bhargav and BhaskarBhargav: Lord ShivaBhaskar: The sun
Bhargav and BhavikBhargav: Lord ShivaBhavik: Devout, well-meaning, virtuous
Bhargav and Bhavin Bhargav: Lord Shiva, a descendant of Bhrigu Bhavin: Existing, living, winner, successful
Bhaskar and BharatBhaskar: The sunBharat: India, universal monarch
Bhaskar and BhaumikBhaskar: The sunBhaumik: Earthly
Bhaskar and BrijeshBhaskar: SunBrijesh: Lord of Brij
Bhaumik and BhaveshBhaumik: EarthlyBhavesh: Lord of the world
Bhavan and BhuvanBhavan: Palace, abodeBhuvan: The world
Bhavesh and BhavinBhavesh: Lord of existenceBhavin: Existing, living, winner, successful
Bhavik and BhavinBhavik: Devout, well-meaningBhavin: Living, existing
Bhavin and BhargavBhavin: Living, winnerBhargav: Lord Shiva
Bhavin and BhaveshBhavin: Existing, livingBhavesh: Lord of the world
Bhavin and BhavyaBhavin: Existing, winnerBhavya: Grand, splendid
Bhavin and BhriguBhavin: Living, existingBhrigu: Name of a saint
Bhavin and BhushanBhavin: Living, existenceBhushan: Ornament, decoration
Bhavin and BhuvanBhavin: Existing, winner, livingBhuvan: The world, universe
Bhavya and BhuvanBhavya: Grand, splendidBhuvan: Universe, world
Bhuv and BhriguBhuv: The earthBhrigu: Name of a sage
Bhuv and BirenBhuv: EarthBiren: Lord of warriors
Bhuvan and BhuminBhuvan: The worldBhumin: Son of the earth
Bhuvan and BhupenBhuvan: The worldBhupen: King
Bhuvan and BhushanBhuvan: The world, universeBhushan: Ornament, decoration
Bhuvan and BimanBhuvan: World, universeBiman: Sky, aeroplane

Names Start From C

Chahel and ChaitalChahel: Good cheerChaital: Consciousness
Chaital and ChakorChaital: ConsciousnessChakor: A bird enamored of the moon
Chaitanya and ChakshuChaitanya: ConsciousnessChakshu: Eye
Chaitanya and ChetanChaitanya: Consciousness, lifeChetan: Conscious, soul
Chaitanya and ChinmayChaitanya: Consciousness, CognizanceChinmay: Full of knowledge, blissful
Chaitanya and ChiragChaitanya: Consciousness, lifeChirag: Lamp, light
Chaitanya and ChiragChaitanya: ConsciousnessChirag: Lamp, light
Chaitanya and ChiranjeevChaitanya: CognizanceChiranjeev: Immortal
Chakor and ChetanChakor: A bird enamored of the moonChetan: Conscious, life
Chakor and ChintanChakor: A bird that loves the moonChintan: Contemplation, thought
Chakshu and ChanakChakshu: EyeChanak: Father of Chaanakya
Chakshu and ChintanChakshu: Eye, sightChintan: Thought, meditation
Charan and ChetanCharan: Feet, a humble part of body, refugeChetan: Consciousness, life
Chetan and CharanChetan: Conscious, lifeCharan: Feet, a humble part of the body
Chetan and ChinmayChetan: Conscious, soulChinmay: Full of knowledge, blissful
Chetan and ChintakChetan: ConsciousnessChintak: Thinker
Chetan and ChintuChetan: Life, livingChintu: Sun
Chetan and ChiragChetan: Conscious, soul, lifeChirag: Lamp, light
Chintan and ChiragChintan: Thought, meditationChirag: Lamp, light
Chirag and ChaitanyaChirag: Lamp, lightChaitanya: Consciousness
Chirag and ChetanChirag: Lamp, lightChetan: Conscious, life, feet, humble
Chirag and ChintakChirag: Lamp, lightChintak: Thinker
Chirag and ChintanChirag: Lamp, lightChintan: Meditation, contemplation, thought, meditation
Chirayu and ChaitalChirayu: Long-livedChaital: Born in the Hindu month of Chaitra
Chirayu and ChaitanyaChirayu: Long-livedChaitanya: Consciousness, life
Chirayu and ChakorChirayu: Long-livedChakor: A bird enamored of the moon
Chirayu and ChetanChirayu: Immortal, long-livedChetan: Conscious, life, soul
Chirayu and ChintanChirayu: Immortal, long-livedChintan: Meditation, contemplation

Names Start From D

Daksh and DarpanDaksh: CompetentDarpan: Mirror
Daksh and DarshDaksh: Capable, competentDarsh: Lord Krishna; sight
Daksh and DarshDaksh: Competent, talentedDarsh: Sight, to see
Daksh and DivijDaksh: Competent, talentedDivij: Heavenly, born in heaven
Daman and DarpakDaman: One who controlsDarpak: Mirror, reflection
Darpan and DakshDarpan: MirrorDaksh: Talented, perfect
Darpan and DarpitDarpan: MirrorDarpit: Pride, arrogance
Darpan and DarshDarpan: MirrorDarsh: Sight
Darsh and DakshDarsh: Sight, to seeDaksh: Competent, talented
Darsh and DarpadDarsh: Sight, to seeDarpad: Mirror, reflection
Darsh and DhanushDarsh: Sight, appearanceDhanush: Bow
Darsh and DhruvDarsh: Sight, to seeDhruv: Pole star, constant
Darsh and DivitDarsh: Sight, to seeDivit: Immortal, invincible
Darsh and DivyanshDarsh: Sight Divyansh: Part of the divine
Darshan and DamanDarshan: Vision, to seeDaman: One who controls
Darshan and DhanushDarshan: Vision, to seeDhanush: Bow
Dev and DhruvDev: God, deityDhruv: Pole star, constant
Dev and DivijDev: God, deityDivij: Born in heaven
Dev and DivitDev: God, deityDivit: Immortal
Dev and DivyanshDev: God, deityDivyansh: Part of divine
Devansh and DivijDevansh: Part of GodDivij: Born in heaven, immortal
Dhruv and DivitDhruv (ध्रुव): Pole star, constant, faithfulDivit (दिवित): Immortal, invincible
Dhruv and DivitDhruv: Pole star, constantDivit: Immortal, invincible
Dhruv and DivyanshDhruv: Pole star, constantDivyansh: Part of the divine
Dhyan and DhyeyDhyan: MeditationDhyey: Aim, goal
Divakar and DineshDivakar: The sunDinesh: Lord of the day, the sun
Divit and DakshDivit: ImmortalDaksh: Capable, competent, talented
Divyansh and DarshDivyansh: Part of divineDarsh: Sight, to see

Names Start From E

Eesh and EhimayEesh: Lord, masterEhimay: All pervasive
Eeshan and EkagrahEeshan: Lord ShivaEkagrah: Focused
Eeshan and EkanshEeshan: Lord ShivaEkansh: Whole, complete
Ehaan and EshanEhaan: ExpectedEshan: Desiring, wishing
Ehan and EshwarEhan: ExpectedEshwar: God
Ekaansh and EkamEkaansh: UniqueEkam: One, united
Ekalavya and EkambarEkalavya: A devoted pupilEkambar: Sky
Ekalavya and EkanshEkalavya: Student who learned archery by himselfEkansh: Whole, complete
Ekansh and EklavyaEkansh: Whole, completeEklavya: Student of Dronacharya
Ekansh and EshwarEkansh: Whole, completeEshwar: God, the supreme being
Ekant and EklavyaEkant: SolitaryEklavya: Student who learned archery by watching
Eklavya and Ekadantklavya: Student who learned archery by himselfEkadant: Another name of Lord Ganesha
Eklavya and EkambarEklavya: Student of DronacharyaEkambar: Sky
Eklavya and EkanshEklavya: Student who learned bow by watchingEkansh: Whole, complete
Eklavya and EkanshEklavya: Student of Dronacharya in the MahabharataEkansh: Whole, complete
Eklavya and EkanshEklavya: Student who learned archery by himselfEkansh: Whole, complete
Eklavya and ElilEklavya: Student who learned bow by watchingElil: Handsome
Eshan and EkagrahEshan: Desiring, wishingEkagrah: Focused
Eshan and EkakshEshan: In God’s graceEkaksh: One-eyed, Shiva
Eshan and EkanshEshan: In God’s graceEkansh: Whole, complete
Eshan and EkanshEshan: Desiring, wishingEkansh: Whole
Eshan and EkantEshan: In God’s graceEkant: Solitary
Eshan and EkantEshan: In God’s graceEkant: Solitary, peaceful
Eshan and EshwarEshan: Lord Shiva, in God’s graceEshwar: God
Eshan and EshwarEshan: Lord ShivaEshwar: God
Eshan and EshwarEshan: Lord Shiva, desireEshwar: God
Eshank and EkagrahEshank: A part of God ShivaEkagrah: Focused
Eshank and EtashEshank: A part of the moonEtash: Luminous
Eshwar and EkagraEshwar: GodEkagra: Focused
Eshwar and EkagrahEshwar: God, the supreme beingEkagrah: Focused
Eshwar and EkanshEshwar: GodEkansh: Whole, complete
Eshwar and EtashEshwar: GodEtash: Luminous

Names Start From F

Faiyaz and FarazFaiyaz: ArtisticFaraz: Ascent, height, elevation
Faiz and FaridFaiz: GainFarid: Unique
Faizan and FaisalFaizan: Grace, charityFaisal: Decisive, judge
Falak and FaisalFalak: SkyFaisal: Decisive
Falak and FaneeshFalak: Sky, heavenFaneesh: Lord Shiva
Falak and FanindraFalak: The skyFanindra: The cosmic serpent Shesha
Falak and FanishFalak: SkyFanish: The cosmic serpent (Sheshnaag)
Falak and FarhanFalak: The skyFarhan: Happy, joyous
Falak and FaridFalak: Sky, heavenFarid: Unique, precious
Falgun and FaizFalgun: A Hindu monthFaiz: Grace, favor
Falgun and FanishFalgun: Month in Hindu calendarFanish: The cosmic serpent Shesh
Falgun and FarhanFalgun: A Hindu monthFarhan: Happy, joyous
Falgun and FenilFalgun: A month in the Hindu calendarFenil: Name of a French river
Falit and FaneeshFalit: Productive, fruitfulFaneesh: Lord Shiva
Falit and FanindraFalit: ProductiveFanindra: The cosmic serpent Shesh
Falit and FanishFalit: Productive, fruitfulFanish: The cosmic serpent Sheshnag
Farhan and FaisalFarhan: Happy, joyfulFaisal: Decisive, judge
Farhan and FaiyazFarhan: Happy, joyousFaiyaz: Artistic
Farhan and FaizFarhan: Happy, joyfulFaiz: Grace, favor
Farhan and FalgunFarhan: Happy, joyfulFalgun: A Hindu month
Farid and FalakFarid: Unique, preciousFalak: The sky
Farid and FirozFarid: Unique, preciousFiroz: Victorious
Faroz and FaisalFaroz: SuccessFaisal: Decisive

Names Start From G

Gagan and GatikGagan: Sky, heavenGatik: Fast, progressive
Gagan and GauravGagan: Sky, heavenGaurav: Honor, pride
Gagan and GaurishGagan: SkyGaurish: Lord Shiva
Gagan and GirishGagan: Sky, heavenGirish: Lord of mountains
Gaman and GarvGaman: Going, movingGarv: Pride
Garv and GauravGarv: PrideGaurav: Honor, pride
Gauransh and GyanGauransh: Part of Gauri (Parvati)Gyan: Knowledge, wisdom
Gaurav and GauranshGaurav: Honor, prideGauransh: Part of honor, Part of the glory
Gaurav and GaurishGaurav: Honor, prideGaurish: Lord Shiva
Gaurav and GautamGaurav: Pride, honorGautam: Name of the Buddha
Gaurav and GovindGaurav: Pride, honorGovind: A name of Lord Krishna
Gaurav and GyaneshGaurav: Honor, prideGyanesh: Lord of knowledge
Gaurish and GaneshGaurish: Lord ShivaGanesh: Lord of all groups
Gaurish and GarvGaurish: Lord ShivaGarv: Pride
Gaurish and GaveshGaurish: Lord ShivaGavesh: Searching, exploring
Gaurish and GhanashyamGaurish: Lord ShivaGhanashyam: Lord Krishna
Gaurish and GyanGaurish: Lord ShivaGyan: Knowledge, wisdom
Girik and GauravGirik: Lord ShivaGaurav: Honor, pride
Girik and GitanGirik: True, Lord ShivaGitan: Melody, song
Girik and GyanGirik: True, Lord ShivaGyan: Knowledge, wisdom
Girish and GauravGirish: Lord of the mountainsGaurav: Honor, pride
Gyan and GarvitGyan: Knowledge, wisdomGarvit: Proud
Gyan and GauravGyan: KnowledgeGaurav: Honor, pride
Gyan and GaurishGyan: Knowledge, wisdomGaurish: Lord Shiva
Gyan and GirishGyan: KnowledgeGirish: Lord of the mountains, Lord Shiva
Gyan and GovindGyan: KnowledgeGovind: A name of Lord Krishna
Gyanesh and GauravGyanesh: Lord of knowledgeGaurav: Honor, pride

Names Start From H

Hakesh and HansalHakesh: Lord of soundHansal: Swan-like, pure
Harish and HaritHarish: Lord ShivaHarit: Green, lush
Harish and HimanshHarish: Lord ShivaHimansh: Part of snow
Harish and HimeshHarish: Lord Shiva, VishnuHimesh: Lord of snow
Harish and HridayHarish: Lord ShivaHriday: Heart
Harit and HarshHarit: Green, lushHarsh: Happiness, joy
Harit and HarshilHarit: GreenHarshil: Joyful, delighted
Harit and HemantHarit: GreenHemant: One of the six seasons, early winter
Harit and HimeshHarit: Green, lushHimesh: King of snow
Harit and HridayHarit: GreenHriday: Heart
Harsh and HimeshHarsh: HappinessHimesh: Lord of snow
Harsh and HridayHarsh: HappinessHriday: Heart
Harsh and HrishikHarsh (हर्ष): Happiness, joyHrishik (हृषिक): One who controls senses, Lord of the senses
Harshal and HardikHarshal: Joyful, happyHardik: Heartfelt
Harshal and HarshilHarshal: Joyful, delightedHarshil: Joyful, hill station
Harshil and HimanshHarshil: Joyful, charmingHimansh: Part of snow
Harshil and HimanshuHarshil: JoyfulHimanshu: The moon
Hem and HaritHem: GoldHarit: Green, lush
Hemant and HimeshHemant: GoldHimesh: Lord of snow
Himansh and HimmatHimansh: Part of snowHimmat: Courage
Himanshu and HridaanHimanshu: MoonHridaan: Heart
Himesh and HarshHimesh: Lord of snowHarsh: Happiness, joy
Himesh and HarshilHimesh: Lord of snowHarshil: Joyful, cheerful
Himesh and HimankHimesh: Lord of the snowHimank: Diamond
Hiren and HarishHiren: Lord of the diamondsHarish: Lord Vishnu
Hiren and HaritHiren: Lord of the diamondsHarit: Green, lush
Hiren and HarshHiren: Lord of the diamondsHarsh: Joy, happiness
Hiren and HitanshHiren: Lord of the diamondsHitansh: Well-wisher
Hiren and HridayHiren: DiamondHriday: Heart
Hiten and HirenHiten: The heartHiren: Diamond
Hriday and HrithikHriday: HeartHrithik: From the heart
Hritik and HimanshHritik: From the heartHimansh: Part of snow

Names Start From I

Ilesh and IshwarIlesh: Lord of earthIshwar: God
Inder and IndraInder: The god of weather and warIndra: Leader of the gods
Inder and IndrajeetInder: God of heavenIndrajeet: Conqueror of Indra
Inder and IshanInder: The god of weather and war, Lord IndraIshan: Lord Shiva, the sun
Inder and IshwarInder: God of heavenIshwar: God, supreme being
Indra and InderIndra: King of Gods in Hindu mythologyInder: The god of weather and war
Indra and IryaIndra: The king of gods in Hindu mythologyIrya: Powerful
Indra and IshaanIndra: King of godsIshaan: The sun
Indra and IshayIndra: King of Gods in Hindu mythologyIshay: Bright, radiant
Indra and IshwarIndra: Leader of the godsIshwar: God, supreme being
Ira and IshIra: EarthIsh: Lord, ruler
Ira and IshaanIra: Earth, museIshaan: Lord Shiva, the sun
Ishaan and InderIshaan: Lord Shiva; SunInder: The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas
Ishaan and IshanIshaan: Lord Shiva; the sunIshan: The sun
Ishaan and IshankIshaan: Lord Shiva; the sunIshank: Peak of the Himalayas
Ishaan and IshayIshaan: Lord Shiva, the sunIshay: Bright, radiant
Ishaan and IshayuIshaan: Lord Shiva, sunIshayu: Full of strength
Ishaan and IshwarIshaan: Lord Shiva, the sunIshwar: God, supreme being
Ishan and InderjitIshan: The sunInderjit: Conqueror of Indra
Ishan and IshaIshan: Lord Shiva, the sunIsha: One who protects
Ishan and IvaanIshan: The Sun, Lord ShivaIvaan: God’s gracious and glorious gift, the Sun, Ruler
Ishank and IshaanIshank: Peak of the HimalayasIshaan: Lord Shiva, the sun
Ishank and IshitIshank: Peak of the HimalayasIshit: One who desires to rule
Ishank and IshwarIshank: Peak of the HimalayasIshwar: God, supreme being
Ishir and IleshIshir: FireIlesh: Lord of Earth
Ishir and IvaanIshir: Powerful, the fireIvaan: God’s gracious and glorious gift, the Sun, Ruler
Ivaan and IdhantIvaan: Glorious, graciousIdhant: Luminous
Ivaan and IshayIvaan: God’s gracious and glorious gift, the SunIshay: Bright
Ivaan and IshirIvaan: Glorious, graciousIshir: Agni, fire

Names Start From J

Jagan and JagatJagan: UniverseJagat: World
Jagan and JagdishJagan: World, universeJagdish: Lord of the universe
Jagan and JairajJagan: Universe, worldJairaj: Victorious ruler
Jagan and JivinJagan: Universe, worldJivin: To give life
Jai and JanakJai: VictoryJanak: Father of Sita, creator
Jai and JatinJai: VictoryJatin: Pertaining to saint
Jai and JavinJai: VictoryJavin: Fast, swift
Jai and JeevanJai: VictoryJeevan: Life, soul
Jai and JivanshJai: VictoryJivansh: Part of life
Jai and JivinJai: VictoryJivin: To give life
Jaidev and JairajJaidev: Victory of godJairaj: Lord of victory
Jaidev and JaisukhJaidev: Victory of godJaisukh: Joy of winning
Jaidev and JatinJaidev: Victory of godJatin: Pertaining to a saint
Jairaj and JaisalJairaj: Victorious rulerJaisal: Famous folk
Jaisal and JayantJaisal: Famous folkJayant: Victorious
Jaiveer and JaiwantJaiveer: VictoriousJaiwant: Victorious
Jatin and JaisalJatin: Pertaining to saintsJaisal: Famous folk
Javin and JaisheelJavin: Swift, fastJaisheel: Victorious
Javin and JayantJavin: Swift, fastJayant: Victorious
Jay and JeevJay: VictoryJeev: Life
Jay and JeevanJay: VictoryJeevan: Life
Jayesh and JigarJayesh: VictorJigar: Heart
Jeevan and JanakJeevan: LifeJanak: Creator, father of Sita in Ramayana
Jeevan and JayantJeevan: LifeJayant: Victorious
Jeevan and JigarJeevan: LifeJigar: Heart
Jeevesh and JayeshJeevesh: God, courageousJayesh: Victor
Jihan and JivalJihan: The universeJival: Full of life
Jival and JivinJival: Full of lifeJivin: To give life
Jival and JivrajJival: Full of lifeJivraj: Lord of life
Jivansh and JigarJivansh: Part of the soulJigar: Heart
Jivin and JihanJivin: To give lifeJihan: The universe
Jivraj and JyotirJivraj: Lord of lifeJyotir: Light, brilliance

Names Start From K

Kailash and KamalKailash: Name of a Himalayan peakKamal: Lotus
Kailash and KananKailash: Name of a Himalayan peakKanan: Forest
Kailash/Kailas and KalashKailash: Name of a sacred mountain/ Kailas: Abode of Lord ShivaKalash: Sacred pot
Kairav and KaivalyaKairav: White lotusKaivalya: Absolute solitude
Kairav and KalashKairav: White lotusKalash: Sacred pot
Kairav and KanakKairav: White lotusKanak: Gold
Kairav and KananKairav: White lotusKanan: A garden, forest
Kairav and KanishkKairav: White lotusKanishk: An ancient king
Kairav and KeshavKairav: White lotusKeshav: A name of Lord Krishna
Kairav and KrithikKairav: White lotusKrithik: Name of a star
Kanan and KairavKanan: ForestKairav: White lotus
Kanan and KanishkKanan: ForestKanishk: An ancient king
Kanan and KartikKanan: ForestKartik: A month in Hindu calendar
Kanan and KashyapKanan: A garden, forestKashyap: Name of a sage
Kanan and KeshavKanan: ForestKeshav: Lord Krishna
Kanish and KartikeyKanish: CaringKartikey: Son of Lord Shiva
Karan and KunalKaran: A warrior, one of the KauravasKunal: Lotus
Kavan and KanishKavan: Water, poemKanish: Caring
Kavan and KavishKavan: Poem, waterKavish: King of poets
Kavan and KunalKavan: Water, poemKunal: Lotus
Kavi and KalpKavi: PoetKalp: Thought, imagination
Kavi and KunalKavi: PoetKunal: Lotus
Kavin and KunalKavin: Handsome, beautifulKunal: Lotus; a son of Emperor Ashoka
Keshav and KairavKeshav: Another name of Lord KrishnaKairav: White lotus
Keshav and KartikKeshav: Another name for KrishnaKartik: A Hindu month, God of war
Keshav and KishoreKeshav: A name of Lord KrishnaKishore: Young, youthful
Keshav and KrishKeshav: A name of Lord KrishnaKrish: Short form of Krishna, attraction
Keshav and KunalKeshav: Another name of Lord KrishnaKunal: Lotus
Kian and KairavKian: Kings, royalKairav: White lotus
Kunal and KartikKunal: LotusKartik: A month in Hindu calendar; name of a God
Kunal and KushalKunal: LotusKushal: Expert, skilled

Names Start From L

Lagan and LakshayLagan: Appropriate timeLakshay: Target, aim
Laksh and LavLaksh: Target, aimLav: Luv, son of Lord Rama
Laksh and LaveshLaksh: Target, aimLavesh: God of Love
Laksh and LavikLaksh: Target, aimLavik: Intelligent
Laksh and LavishLaksh: Aim, targetLavish: God of Love
Laksh and LuvLaksh: Aim, targetLuv: Son of Lord Rama
Lakshay and LavitraLakshay: Target, aimLavitra: Lord Shiva
Lakshay and LohitLakshay: TargetLohit: Made of copper
Lakshit and LakshyaLakshit: DistinguishedLakshya: Aim, goal
Lakshit and LavLakshit: DistinguishedLav: Son of Lord Rama
Lakshit and LaveshLakshit: Distinguished, regardedLavesh: God of love
Lakshit and LuvLakshit: DistinguishedLuv: Son of Lord Rama
Lakshit and LuvyaLakshit: DistinguishedLuvya: Lovable
Lakshya and LavLakshya: Aim, goalLav: Son of Lord Rama
Lakshya and LavitraLakshya: Target, aimLavitra: Lord Shiva
Lalit and LaveshLalit: Beautiful, elegantLavesh: God of Love
Lav and KushLav: Son of Lord Rama Kush: Son of Lord Rama
Lav and LuvLav: Particle, son of Lord RamaLuv: Another spelling of Lav
Lavan and LaveshLavan: HandsomeLavesh: God of love
Lavan and LavishLavan: HandsomeLavish: Godly, Lord Shiva
Lavan and LavitLavan: HandsomeLavit: Lovable
Lavish and LokeshLavish: God of LoveLokesh: King of world
Lavit and LohitLavit: Lovely, smallLohit: Made of iron, red
Lavitra and LochanLavitra: Lord ShivaLochan: The eye
Lekh and LokeshLekh: Document, writingLokesh: Lord of the world
Luv and KushLuv: Son of Lord RamaKush: Son of Lord Rama

Names Start From M

Madhav and MadhurMadhav: Another name for Lord KrishnaMadhur: Sweet
Mahir and MananMahir: ExpertManan: Thinking, reflection
Mahir and ManasMahir: ExpertManas: Mind, intellect
Manan and ManavManan: Thought, contemplation, meditating, thinkingManav: Human
Manan and MilanManan: Thinking, contemplatingMilan: Meeting, joining
Manas and MadhavManas: Mind, intellectMadhav: Another name of Lord Krishna
Manas and ManavManas: MindManav: Man
Manas and MayankManas: Mind, intellectMayank: Moon
Manav and MadhavManav: Man, youthMadhav: Related to the spring; another name for Krishna
Manav and MananManav: Man, youthManan: Thought, reflection
Manav and ManishManav: Man, human, youthManish: Intellect, lord of the mind
Manav and MayankManav: ManMayank: Moon
Manav and MilanManav: ManMilan: Joining, meeting
Manik and ManishManik: RubyManish: Lord of the mind
Manish and ManavManish: God of mind, intellectManav: Man, human
Manish and MayankManish: God of mind, intellectMayank: Moon
Manish and MohitManish: Lord of the mind, intellectMohit: Attracted, charmed
Mayank and MadhavMayank: The moonMadhav: Related to the spring; Another name of Krishna
Mayur and MadhavMayur: PeacockMadhav: Another name of Krishna
Mihir and MilanMihir: SunMilan: Union, joining
Milan and MayankMilan: Union, meetingMayank: Moon
Milan and MilindMilan: Joining, meetingMilind: Honey bee
Milan and MohanMilan: Union, joining, meetingMohan: Charming, fascinating
Milan and MohitMilan: Meeting, joiningMohit: Ensnarled by beauty
Milan and MokshMilan: Union, meetingMoksh: Salvation, liberation
Mit and MilanMit: FriendMilan: Meeting, joining
Mitansh and MivanshMitansh: Sweet; FriendMivansh: Loving Change, Master of their own destiny, high Intelligence
Mohan and MilanMohan: Charming, fascinatingMilan: Union, meeting

Names Start From N

Nabh and NakshNabh: Sky, horizonNaksh: Moon, feature
Nabh and NakulNabh: SkyNakul: Name of one of the Pandavas
Nabhya and NakshNabhya: CentralNaksh: The moon
Nabhya and NamanNabhya: CentralNaman: Salutation, respect
Nakul and NalinNakul: Name of one of the PandavasNalin: Lotus
Naman and NakulNaman: Salutation, respectNakul: Name of one of the Pandavas
Naman and Naveen Naman: Salutation, respect Naveen: New
Naman and NavinNaman: Salutation, respectNavin: New
Naman and NayanNaman: SalutationNayan: Eye
Naman and NiravNaman: Salutation, respectNirav: Silent, calm
Nayan and NakulNayan: EyesNakul: Name of one of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata
Nayan and NamanNayan (नयन): EyesNaman (नमन): Salutation, respect
Nayan and NishantNayan: EyesNishant: Dawn, end of night
Nayan and NishithNayan: EyesNishith: Night
Nihal and NamanNihal: Gratified, delightedNaman: Salutation, respect
Nihal and NiravNihal: GratifiedNirav: Silent, calm
Nihal and NivanNihal: Gratified, happyNivan: Holy, pious
Nimit and NiravNimit: Destiny, fixedNirav: Quiet, silent
Niraj and NishantNiraj: Lotus flowerNishant: Dawn, end of night
Nirav and NihalNirav: Quiet, calmNihal: Gratified, happy
Nirav and NiranjanNirav: SilentNiranjan: Spotless, pure
Nirav and NishantNirav: Quiet, calmNishant: Dawn, end of night
Nirav and NishitNirav: Silent, calmNishit: Sharpened, night
Nirav and NishithNirav: Quiet, calmNishith: Night
Nirbhay and NishithNirbhay: FearlessNishith: Night
Nirman and NirbhigyaNirman: Build a home, Nirbhigya: Fearless, The person without fear, fright, terror or scare
Nishant and NimitNishant: Dawn, end of nightNimit: Destiny, fixed
Nishit and NirbhayNishit: SharpNirbhay: Fearless
Nishith and NiravNishith: MidnightNirav: Silent, calm

Names Start From O

Ohas and OjaswinOhas: PraiseOjaswin: Powerful, radiant
Ojas and OhasOjas: Body strengthOhas: Praise
Ojas and OmOjas: Vitality, energyOm: Sacred sound in Hinduism
Ojas and OmjaOjas: Vitality, energyOmja: Born of cosmic unity
Ojas and OmkarOjas: Vitality, energy, body strengthOmkar: The sound of the sacred syllable Om
Ojas and OmrajOjas: Body strengthOmraj: King of Om
Ojas and OnkarOjas: StrengthOnkar: Form of Om
Ojas and OviOjas: Vitality, energyOvi: Holy message of Marathi saints
Ojas and OvinOjas: Body strengthOvin: Leader
Ojasvat and OhasOjasvat: Full of brightnessOhas: Praise
Ojasvat and OjayitOjasvat: Powerful, radiantOjayit: Courageous
Ojasvi and OmkarOjasvi: Bright, radiantOmkar: The sound of the sacred syllable Om
Ojasvit and OjayitOjasvit: Powerful, radiantOjayit: Courageous
Ojaswin and OmkarOjaswin: Bright, radiantOmkar: The sound of the sacred syllable Om
Om and OjasOm: The sacred Hindu syllableOjas: Vitality, energy
Om and OjaswinOm: The sacred syllableOjaswin: Bright, radiant
Om and OmkarOm: Sacred sound in HinduismOmkar: Representation of Om
Om and OnkarOm: Sacred Hindu soundOnkar: Form of Om
Omkar and OjasOmkar: The sound of the sacred syllable “Om”Ojas: Vitality, energy
Omkar and OnirOmkar: The sound of the sacred syllableOnir: Shining
Omkar and OnkarOmkar: The sound of the sacred syllable OmOnkar: Form of Om
Omvir and OnkarOmvir: Sacred, powerfulOnkar: Form of Om

Names Start From P

Pankaj and ParthPankaj: LotusParth: Arjuna’s another name
Parikshit and PranitParikshit: Tested one, king in Hindu mythologyPranit: Leader, guided
Parth and ParikshitParth: Arjuna’s name in MahabharataParikshit: Tested one, king in ancient India
Parth and PathikParth: Arjuna’s name in MahabharataPathik: Traveler
Parth and PranParth: Arjuna’s name in MahabharataPran: Life, vitality
Parth and PranavParth: Arjuna’s name in MahabharataPranav: Sacred syllable Om, Love
Parth and PranitParth: Another name of ArjunaPranit: Leader, guided
Parth and PrathamParth: Arjun’s another namePratham: First
Parth and PrithviParth: Another name for ArjunaPrithvi: Earth
Parthiv and PavitParthiv: Son of the earthPavit: Pure, holy
Pavan and ParthPavan: WindParth: Arjuna’s name in Mahabharata
Pavan and PavitPavan: WindPavit: Pure
Pavan and PranavPavan: Wind, airPranav: Sacred syllable OM
Piyush and PrabalPiyush: Nectar, amritPrabal: Strong, mighty
Prabhas and PrabalPrabhas: LustrousPrabal: Strong
Prabhat and PrakashPrabhat: MorningPrakash: Light, bright
Prakrit and PratikPrakrit: Nature, naturalPratik: Symbol, icon
Pran and PranayPran: Life, vital breathPranay: Love, romance
Pran and PratikPran: LifePratik: Symbol, emblem
Pran and PratyushPran: LifePratyush: Dawn
Pranav and PrakritPranav: The sacred syllable “Om”Prakrit: Nature, natural
Pranav and PranayPranav: Sacred syllable OmPranay: Love
Pranav and PranitPranav: Sacred syllable OmPranit: Leader, guided
Pranav and PratyushPranav: The sacred syllable “Om”Pratyush: Dawn, sunrise
Pranav and PrayanPranav: The sacred syllable OmPrayan: Supreme intelligence
Pranay and PrathamPranay: Love, affectionPratham: First
Pranay and PratikPranay: Love, romancePratik: Symbol, emblem
Pranit and PranavPranit: Modest, respectedPranav: The sacred syllable Om
Pratham and PraneelPratham: FirstPraneel: A name of Lord Shiva
Pratyush and PranjalPratyush: Dawn, sunPranjal: Honest, dignified
Prithvi and PranayPrithvi: EarthPranay: Love, affection

Names Start From R

Raag and RaahiRaag: Musical toneRaahi: Traveller
Raghav and RahulRaghav: Descendant of Raghu, Lord RamaRahul: Son of Buddha
Raghav and RajRaghav: Descendant of Raghu, Lord RamaRaj: Kingdom, rule
Raghav and RajanRaghav: Descendant of Raghu, Lord RamaRajan: King
Raghav and RajatRaghav: Descendant of Raghu, Lord RamaRajat: Silver
Raghav and RajitRaghav: Descendant of Raghu, Lord RamaRajit: Decorated, shining
Raghav and RajivRaghav: Lord RamaRajiv: Lotus flower
Raghav and RanveerRaghav: A name of Lord RamaRanveer: Warrior
Raj and RaghavRaj: Rule, kingdomRaghav: Descendant of Raghu, another name for Lord Rama
Raj and RajanRaj: Rule, kingdomRajan: King
Raj and RanveerRaj: Rule, kingdomRanveer: Warrior
Raj and ReyanshRaj: Rule, kingdomReyansh: A part of the Sun
Raj and RishiRaj: Rule, kingdomRishi: Sage, seer, wise one
Raj and RohanRaj: Rule, kingdomRohan: Ascending
Raj and RonakRaj: Rule, kingdomRonak: Brightness
Raj and RonavRaj: Rule, kingdomRonav: One who embodies grace and charm
Rajan and RakeshRajan: KingRakesh: Lord of the full moon night
Rajan and RanakRajan: KingRanak: King
Rajan and RanjanRajan: KingRanjan: Delighting, entertaining
Rajan and RanveerRajan: KingRanveer: Hero of the battle, Warrior
Rajan and RishabhRajan: KingRishabh: Superior, morality
Rajat and RajRajat: SilverRaj: Kingdom, rule
Rajat and RanjitRajat: SilverRanjit: Colored, charmed
Rajiv and RanjanRajiv: Lotus flowerRanjan: Delighting, entertaining
Ranveer and RaghavRanveer: Hero of the battleRaghav: Lord Rama
Raunak and RachitRaunak: Brightness, lusterRachit: Created, written
Rishabh and RitvikRishabh: Morality, superiorRitvik: Priest, learned, scholar
Rishit and RitvikRishit: The bestRitvik: Priest
Rishit and RuchirRishit: The best, sageRuchir: Beautiful
Ritvik and RishiRitvik: PriestRishi: Sage, wise one
Ritvik and RishitRitvik: Priest, scholarRishit: The best
Ritvik and RivanRitvik: Priest, scholarRivan: Horse rider, warrior

Names Start From S

Saatvik and SarthakSaatvik: Virtuous, benignSarthak: Meaningful
Sagar and SahilSagar: OceanSahil: Shore, guide
Sagar and SamarSagar: Ocean, seaSamar: War, battle
Sagar and SarthakSagar: Ocean, seaSarthak: Meaningful, significant
Sahil and SamarSahil: Shore, guideSamar: Fruit, result, battle
Sajan and SamarSajan: Beloved, friendSamar: War, battle
Saket and SarthakSaket: HeavenSarthak: Significant, meaningful
Samar and SaharshSamar: War, battleSaharsh: With joy
Samar and SahilSamar: War, battleSahil: Guide, leader, shore
Samar and SamarthSamar: War, battleSamarth: Powerful, competent
Samar and SanchitSamar: War, battleSanchit: Collected
Samar and SanketSamar: War, battleSanket: Signal
Samar and Sarin Samar: War, battleSarin: Helpful
Samar and SarthakSamar: WarSarthak: Significant
Samar and SauravSamar: War, battleSaurav: Sweet, pleasant
Samar and SumerSamar: Fruit, rewardSumer: Gold mountain
Samarjit and SanjaySamarjit: Victorious in warSanjay: Victorious
Samarth and SanketSamarth: Capable, efficientSanket: Signal, hint
Sanchit and SarthakSanchit: CollectedSarthak: Meaningful
Sanket and SarthakSanket: Signal, gesture, hintSarthak: Meaningful, significant
Sarth and SashwatSarth: MeaningfulSashwat: Eternal
Sarth and SuyashSarth: MeaningfulSuyash: Good result, victory
Sarthak and SatvikSarthak: Meaningful, significantSatvik: Virtuous, pure
Sarthak and SaurabhSarthak: MeaningfulSaurabh: Fragrance, mango
Sarthak and SauravSarthak: MeaningfulSaurav: Divine, celestial, sweet fragrance
Sarthak and SwayamSarthak: MeaningfulSwayam: Self, myself
Sarvad and SarvinSarvad: Best in everythingSarvin: Best archer, God of Love
Sarvesh and SanchitSarvesh: Lord of allSanchit: Collected
Sarvesh and SaurabhSarvesh: Lord of allSaurabh: Fragrance, mango
Sarvesh and SuryanshSarvesh: Lord of allSuryansh: Part of the sun
Satvik and ShauryaSatvik: Virtuous, pureShaurya: Bravery, courage
Shiv and ShlokShiv: Lord ShivaShlok: Hymn, verse
Siddharth and SankalpSiddharth (सिद्धार्थ): One who has accomplished a goal, successful; also another name of Lord BuddhaSankalp (संकल्प): Determination, resolution
Siddharth and SarthakSiddharth: One who has accomplished a goalSarthak: Meaningful, significant
Surya and SajanSurya: The SunSajan: Beloved, friend

Names Start From T

Tahir and TanujTahir: Holy, pureTanuj: Son
Tanay and TanishTanay: SonTanish: Ambition
Tanay and TapanTanay: SonTapan: Sun, summer
Tanay and TaranTanay: SonTaran: Heaven, raft
Tanay and TarunTanay: SonTarun: Young, youthful
Tanish and TapasTanish: AmbitionTapas: Heat, penance
Tanish and TarakTanish: AmbitionTarak: Star, protector
Tanish and TaranTanish: AmbitionTaran: Heaven
Tanish and TarangTanish: AmbitionTarang: Wave
Tanish and TarunTanish: AmbitionTarun: Young, youthful
Tanish and TarushTanish: AmbitionTarush: Small plant, conqueror
Tanishq and TarunTanishq: Jewel, preciousTarun: Young, youth
Tanmay and TanujTanmay: Absorbed, engrossedTanuj: Son
Tanmay and TapasTanmay: Engrossed, absorbedTapas: Heat, penance
Tanmay and TarakTanmay: Absorbed, engrossedTarak: Protector, star
Tanmay and TarunTanmay: Absorbed, engrossedTarun: Young, youth
Tanmay and TejasTanmay: EngrossedTejas: Brilliance
Tanmay and TusharTanmay: EngrossedTushar: Snow, fine drops of water
Tanuj and TarakTanuj: SonTarak: Star, protector
Tanuj and TarunTanuj: SonTarun: Young, youth
Tapan and TapasTapan: Sun, summerTapas: Heat, penance
Tapan and TarunTapan: Sun, summerTarun: Young, youthful
Taran and TarunTaran: Heaven, raftTarun: Young, youth
Tarun and TanayTarun: Young, youthfulTanay: Son
Tejas and TanujTejas: Brilliance, sharpnessTanuj: Son
Tejas and TarunTejas: Brilliance, shineTarun: Young, youth
Tushar and TanayTushar: Snow; Fine drops of waterTanay: Son
Tushar and TapanTushar: Snow, winterTapan: Sun

Names Start From U

Udarsh and UddhavUdarsh: Brimming, fullUddhav: Lord Krishna’s friend
Udarsh and UditUdarsh: Brimming, filledUdit: Shining, bright
Udarsh and UtkarshUdarsh: Brimming, fullUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakening
Uday and UditUday: Rise, sunriseUdit: Shining, glowing
Uday and UjjwalUday: To riseUjjwal: Bright, clear
Uday and UmangUday: To riseUmang: Enthusiasm, joy
Uday and UtkarshUday: Rise, sunriseUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakening
Uday and UtsavUday: To rise, sunriseUtsav: Festival, celebration
Udayan and UjjawalUdayan: Rising, name of a kingUjjawal: Bright, clear
Udayan and UtkarshUdayan: Rising; name of an ancient kingUtkarsh: Advancement, prosperity
Uddhav and UditUddhav: Friend of Lord KrishnaUdit: Risen
Udeep and UditUdeep: FloodUdit: Grown, awakened
Udeep and UdyamUdeep: FloodUdyam: Effort, enterprise
Udeep and UjasUdeep: FloodUjas: Bright
Udit and UjwalUdit: Grown, awakenedUjwal: Bright, clear
Udyam and UjwalUdyam: Effort, determinationUjwal: Bright, clear
Ujas and UjwalUjas: BrightUjwal: Bright, light
Ujjwal and UtkarshUjjwal: Bright, clearUtkarsh: Excellence, prosperity
Ujjwal and UtpalUjjwal: Bright, clearUtpal: Lotus
Ujwal and UditUjwal: Bright, clearUdit: Shining, bright
Ujwal and UtkarshUjwal: Bright, clearUtkarsh: Advancement, prosperity
Utkarsh and UdayUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakeningUday: Rise, sunrise
Utkarsh and UditUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakeningUdit: Shining, bright, risen
Utkarsh and UjwalUtkarsh: Excellence, prosperityUjwal: Bright, clear
Utkarsh and UmangUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakeningUmang: Enthusiasm, joy
Utkarsh and UtpalUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakeningUtpal: Lotus
Utkarsh and UtsavUtkarsh: Prosperity, awakeningUtsav: Festival, celebration

Names Start From V

Vachan and VaidikVachan: Speech, promiseVaidik: Pertaining to the Vedas
Vaibhav and VanshVaibhav: Richness, Prosperity, GrandeurVansh: Lineage, generation
Vaibhav and VatsalVaibhav: Richness, grandeurVatsal: Affectionate
Vandan and VanshVandan: SalutationVansh: Dynasty, lineage
Vansh and VaradVansh: Lineage, heritageVarad: Giver of blessings
Vansh and VarunVansh: Generation, lineageVarun: God of water
Vansh and VedVansh: Generation, lineageVed: Sacred knowledge
Vansh and VedantVansh: Generation, lineageVedant: The culmination of knowledge, one of the principal texts of Hindu philosophy
Vansh and VidyutVansh: Generation, lineageVidyut: Lightning, bright
Vansh and VivaanVansh: Lineage, heritage, generationVivaan: Full of life
Varad and VardanVarad: Giver of blessingsVardan: Blessing
Varad and VarenyaVarad: God of FireVarenya: Desirable, best
Vardhan and VarunVardhan: Prosperity, growthVarun: God of water; the celestial ocean
Varenya and VatsalVarenya: Deemed highestVatsal: Affectionate, loving
Varun and VasantVarun: God of waterVasant: Spring season
Varun and VayunVarun: God of the watersVayun: Lively
Varun and VyanVarun: God of the oceansVyan: Life giving
Vatsal and VedantVatsal: AffectionateVedant: The conclusion of the Vedas
Vatsal and VihanVatsal: AffectionateVihan: Dawn
Ved and VihanVed: Sacred knowledgeVihan: Dawn, morning
Ved and VirenVed: Sacred knowledgeViren: Brave
Vihan and VedantVihan: Dawn, morningVedant: Ultimate wisdom, one of the principal scriptures of Hinduism
Vihan and ViaanVihan: Dawn, morningViaan: Full of life and energy
Vihan and VivaanVihan: Dawn, morningVivaan: Full of life
Viren and VimalViren: BravestVimal: Pure, clean
Vishal and VishudhaVishal: ****Vishudha:****
Vivaan and ViaanVivaan: Full of lifeViaan: Full of energy, lively
Vivaan and VihaanVivaan (विवान): Full of life, livelyVihaan (विहान): Morning, Dawn, Beginning of a new era

Names Start From Y

Yajat and YashYajat: Sacred, holyYash: Fame, glory
Yajat and YashasviYajat: Sacred, holyYashasvi: Fame, glory
Yajat and YatinYajat: Sacred, holyYatin: Devotee, ascetic
Yajat and YuvanYajat: Sacred, holyYuvan: Youthful, strong
Yajur and YashasYajur: Vedic textYashas: Fame, glory
Yajur and YatinYajur: Vedic scriptureYatin: Devotee, ascetic
Yash and VedYash (यश): Fame, gloryVed (वेद): Sacred knowledge, a reference to the ancient scriptures
Yash and YatinYash: Fame, gloryYatin: Ascetic, devoted
Yash and YugYash: Fame, gloryYug: Era, Generation, Age
Yash and YuvanYash: Fame, gloryYuvan: Young, Healthy, Strong, Youthful
Yash and YuvrajYash: Glory, fameYuvraj: Prince, heir apparent
Yashas and YatinYashas: Fame, gloryYatin: Devotee, ascetic
Yashas and YuvanYashas: Fame, gloryYuvan: Youthful, strong
Yatin and YugalYatin: Ascetic, devoteeYugal: Couple, Pair
Yugal and YugYugal: CoupleYug: Era, age
Yugal and YugankYugal: PairYugank: End of an era
Yuvan and YashYuvan: Youthful, strongYash: Fame, glory
Yuvan and YugYuvan: Youthful, strongYug: Era, age
Yuvan and YugalYuvan: Young, strongYugal: Couple
Yuvan and YuganYuvan: Young, healthyYugan: Era, age
Yuvan and YugankYuvan: Young, strongYugank: End of an era
Yuvraj and YashrajYuvraj: Prince, heir apparentYashraj: King of fame
Yuvraj and YugYuvraj: PrinceYug: Era
Yuvraj and YugankYuvraj: PrinceYugank: End of an era

Names Start From Z

Zahir and ZayanZahir: Bright, shiningZayan: Bright, hospitable
Zaiden and ZevZaiden: Growth, abundanceZev: Deer, wolf
Zayan and ZoravarZayan: Bright, hospitableZoravar: Powerful, strong
Zorawar/Zoravar and ZyanZorawar: Powerful, strongZyan: Decoration, Beauty

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