Hindu Baby Boy Names Start With P

Baby Boy Names Starting With-( P )

Guarding- Protecting
PaanduFather of the pandavas
PaandurangA diety
PaanineeA sanskrit grammarian
PaarakSaving- Liberating- Pleasant
PaarasHealthy- Touchstone- Iron- Name of a stone whic turns metal to gold
PaarbrahmThe supreme spirit
PaarthPrince- Another name of Arjun- One who never misses his target
PaarthibanAnother name of king Arjun- brave and powerful
PaarthivSon of the earth- Brave- Prince of earth
PaaruThe Sun- Fire- Goddess Parvati- Graceful or flow of water
PaarvendanA person who can rule the world
PaatavAgile- Clever
PaavakPurifying- Fire- Brilliant- Pure- One who is pure- brilliant and majestic like fire
PaavanPure- Sacred- Fire- Incense- Pious
PaawanPure- Sacred- Fire- Incense- Pious- One who is clever and clean sighted- wind
It means one who can digest situations well
PadamjitThe person who is beautiful like the Lotus
PadampalA man who loves Lord Krishna
PadampremA devout follower of Lord Krishna
PadmabandhuFriend of lotus ( bee – sun )
PadmadharOne who holds a lotus
PadmahastaLotus handed- Lord Krishna- Who has Lotus hands
PadmajLord brahama
PadmakantHusband of lotus (Sun)
PadmakarJewel- Lord Vishnu- Jewel
PadmalochanLotus eyed- One who has beautiful eyes like a lotus- 
PadmanaabhahHe from whose navel comes the lotus
PadmanabanPadmanabhan comes from the Hindu word which means- A name of Lord Vishnu- One who is Lotus navelled and pure
PadmanabhOne with lotus in his navel- Lord Vishnu
PadmanabhaOne with lotus in his navel- Lord Vishnu
PadmanabhanOne with lotus in his navel- Lord Vishnu
PadmapaniLord bramha
PadmapatiLord vishnu
PadmarajAlternate names include Srinivas- Balaji- Venkatesh and Govinda
PadmasekarOne with Lotus in his navel- One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying his form with lotus in navel
PadmayaniLord brahama- buddha
PadmeshLord Vishnu- Consort of Padma
PadminishLord of lotuses- sun
One who has the power of the sun and is diurnal
Facet- beginning initiative
PahulInitiatory Rite of Sikhism- Baptism ceremony- Something that brightens- accelerates or sharpens
The Moon- Produced in a fortnight.half a month
PakshilFull of feathers- Full of logic- Name of sage- Vatsyayan- Bird- Practical
PakshinWinged- Bird
PalanhaarOne who protects everyone
PalaniAbode of Lord Murugan- A town name after God Kartikeya
Palani KumarAnother name of Lord Murugan
PalaniappanA name of Lord Murugan- loves his devotees
PalanichamyName of a God- A name of a God- they are individualistic
PalanisamiAnother name of Lord Murugan- compassionate
PalanivelAnother name of Lord Murugan- Creative and quick thinker- Lord Murugan
PalashA flowery tree- Greenery- Horse- Flowering Tree- A fruitful person
PalashkusumThe flower of Palash- The beautiful flower of Palash
PalashranjanBeautiful like a Palash- One who is as beautiful as Palash
PalinGuarding- Protecting- Protecting- Guarding- One who protects- Savior
PalkeshJoyous- A joyous and wonderful human being
PallabNew leaves- New leaves- A variant is Pallav- One who grows- Fresh and Young leaves
PallavYoung shoots and leaves- Young shoots and leaves- New Leaves
PallavitTo sprout- To grow
PalvishCourageous- A noble and courageous human being
PalvitName of Lord Vishnu
Prince- Offspring of King- Heir to Throne
PanchaananFive-eyed- name of shiva
PanchajanyaFive eyed- Lord Shiva- Name of Krishna’s conch- Born of Five
PanchalA Prince of Panchal- Name of a Nagraj- Consisting of five- A style of singing- Name of Lord Shiva
PanchalaOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying his presence in five elements
PanchalyaA son of King Drupada who died in the war in the Indian Epic Mahabharat
PanchamThe 5th not of classical music- Musical note- Intelligent- Attractive- The one who is on the fifth stage
PanchanaanaPrince- Offspring of King- Heir to Throne
PanchananFive eyed- Name of Lord Shiva- Lord Shiva who has five eyes
PanchavaktraFive faced- Lord Hanuman- Name given to Lord hanuman who has five faced
PanchavatiIt means a place having five auspecious trees- Bel- Vat- Dhatri- Ashoka- Ashwatha
PanchjanyaVedic Kshatriya tribe- five people
PandhariLord vithobha
PandiLord Pandi- A name given to Lord pandi
PandinadanOne who is from the Pandiya Naadu which is name for Kingdom of Pandiya
PanditaScholar- Wise- Knowledgeable- Priest- One with divine wisdom
PandiyanRuler of the Pandiya Naadu- King of the Kingdom of Pandiya
PandiyarajRuler of the Pandiya Naadu- King of the Kingdom of Pandiya
PandurangA deity- One with pale white complexion- Lord Vishnu
PandurangaA deity- One with pale white complexion- Lord Vishnu
PanduranganA deity- One with pale white complexion- Lord Vishnu
PandyaAn ancient king name who ruled over the Kingdom of Pandiya
PanineA scholar who is a sanskrit grammarian
PankajAnother name for Brahma- Born from the mud- Lotus
PankajajaBorn from the mud- Lotus- Another name of Hindu God Brahma
PankajalochanaLotus eyed- Lord Krishna
PankajamLotus- A person who is like Lotus
PankajanLotus- Lord Vishnu- One who is born out of mud
PankajeetEagle (Garuda)- One who is Brilliant- radiant and bright and has won glory of Lotus
PannalalEmerald- Precious Stone
Pann-geshKing of serpents
PanshulFragrant- Anointed in sandalwood- Name of Lord Shiva
PanthRasta- A road- strong like the road
Pollen- sandal wood
ParaasharA celebrated saint
ParagPollen grains- Fame- Fragrant- Nectar- Sandal Wood
ParagaUplifter of the poor
ParakramStrength- One who is born with strength and power
ParamThe best- Pre-eminent- A supreme and best person
ParamakuruUltimate- Supreme- Highest
ParamanandSupreme bliss- One who remains happy- expressive and clear minded
ParamanandaSuperlative Joy- One who has superlative joy
ParamantraNirakartre acceptor of ramas Mantra only
ParamapurushaThe supreme Man
ParamarthHighest- Divine truth
ParamarthaSalvation- Highest truth- Ultimate Truth- Absolute truth
ParamasivamParam – Highest- Most excellent- Chief- Extreme- Distinguished- Name of Vishnu + Shiva – Propitious- Prosperous- Fortunate- Thriving- Right
ParamatmaLord of all beings- Supreme Soul- Ultimate Being- Absolute Soul
ParamatmaneThe supreme soul
ParameshLord Shiva- Lord Vishnu- The supreme lord
ParamesharThe supreme lord- Name of Lord Vishnu- Name of Lord Shiva
ParameshwarAlmighty Lord- The supreme lord- One of many names of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
ParameshwaraAlmighty Lord- A deity- one who is the supreme Lord
Param-hansThe supreme spirit
ParamhansaSupreme soul
ParamjeetHighest success- The perfect winner- Ultimate victorious- Supreme Victory- Ultimate Triumph
ParamjitHeroic paranjay varun
ParampurushSupreme personality
ParamvardaanParmeshwar ka Vardaan- One who is a blessing from God
ParanBeauty- Glory- Ornament- Life
ParandhamaLord Vishnu- Parandhama – Param – primary + dhama – abode
ParanitharanSomeone who rules the world- Someone who is born to rule
ParanjayVarun- Lord of the sea- Lord of the Celestial oceans
ParantapConqueror- Name of Arjun- One who has won the world
ParantapaConqueror- Arjun- Conqueror- Winner- One who triumphs
ParasThe mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold- Healthy- Touchstone- Iron- Stone which converts metal to precious gems
ParasaraA great sage- Father of Veda Vyasa
ParashHealthy- Touchstone- Iron- Stone which can be turned to precious gems
ParasharAn ancient name- A renowned saint- An ancient Indian Sage- Destroyer- A variant is Parashara
ParashauryaVinashana destroyer of enemys valour
ParashuhastaLord of the sea- Lord of the Celestial oceans- A form of Sanskrit name Varun which means Infinite- 
ParashupaniOne Holding the Axe
ParashuraamBrave- an ancient sage
ParashuramSixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Rama who has an axe
ParasmaidhamneLord of vaikuntta
ParasmaijyotisheMost radiant
ParasmaniA touchstone
ParasmeMost superior- Lord Rama
ParatparaGreatest of the greats
ParavName of a sage- A name given to a learned sage
ParavasuName of a sage- A learned and special sage
ParavidhyapariharaDestroyer of enemies wisdom
PardeepGood- One with mystic light and shine
PardhuSon of the earth king- Prince- Another name of Arjun- Strong- Handsome- Powerful- Mighty
ParduSon of the earth king- Prince- Another name of Arjun- Strong- Handsome- Powerful- Mighty
PareesTouch stone
PareshThe highest Lord- Name of Brahma- Lord Rama- Supreme spirit- Lord of the lords- Supreme spirit- Ultimate Spirit- Absolute Soul- God
PareshaThe highest Lord- Name of Brahma- Lord Rama- Supreme spirit- Lord of the lords- Supreme spirit- Ultimate Spirit- Absolute Soul- God
PareshtiHaving the highest sacrifice or Worship
ParichayIntroduction- It means introduction or acquaintance
ParighoshLoud sound
ParijaatDivine tree- A celestial flower- It is the celestial Coral tree
ParijatDivine tree- A celestial flower- It is the name of the Celestial Coral tree
ParijataTarumoolastha dweller under the Parijata tree- A celestial Coral tree
PariketAgainst desire- One who is against desire- Against Wishing and Wants
ParikshitName of An ancient king- Son of Abhimanyu
ParimalFragrance- Fragrance- Perfume- Pleasant Smell- Sweet Smelling
ParimanAbundant- A wonderful quality and plenty
ParinName of Lord Ganesh
ParindraLion- Most powerful and mightiest
ParineetThe married person
ParinutFamous- Praised
ParishTo seek- Search for- Searcher- Angelic- Fairy- God like
ParishrutPopular- Renown- A popular and renowned person
ParishudhNirmal- One who is pure and humble
ParithoshDelight- Satisfaction or contentment- A contented human being
ParitoshDelight- Satisfaction or Contentment- Gratification
ParjanyaHindu God of rain- A name of Lord Vishnu- An God of Rain- Indra
ParkashLight- Bright- Brilliance- Success- Fame- Appearance- The enlighted being
ParmaadEntitled to the love of God
ParmaarthHighest truth- salvation
ParmanandDivine happiness
ParmarthOne who stands with the truth
ParmeetWisdom- Friend of the supreme- Knowledge- Insight- Intelligence- Perception
ParmeshLord Shiva- Lord Vishnu
ParmeshwarBlessed by the Super God
ParminderpalThe faithful follower of the Supreme God
ParnabhaLord Vishnu who protects
ParnadA brahmin in the epics
ParokshBeyond observaction- Mysterious- Unseen- Indirect- Beyond the horizon- Absence- Invisible
ParsadBlessed by His Grace
ParshadGracious gift- Sacrament- Purity- Offering- A friendly- and sensitive God’s servant
ParshvWeaponed soldier- Jain God- Short form of parshvanath- 23rd tirthankara in jainism- A weaponed soldier
ParshvaWeaponed soldier- Jain God- Short form of parshvanath- 23rd tirthankara in jainism- A weaponed soldier
ParsvaWeaponed soldier- Jain God- Short form of parshvanath- 23rd tirthankara in jainism- A weaponed soldier
ParthKing- Arjun
ParthaKing- Arjun
Partha or Parth King- Arjun
ParthadhwajagrasamvasineHaving principal place on arjunas flag
ParthanCourageous- Charioteer of Lord Krishna (Arjun)- Name of the charioteer of Krishna
ParthapratimLike Arjun- One who looks like Arjuna
ParthasarathiCharioteer of Partha Lord Krishna- Arjunas charioteer Krishna- Arjuna- charioteer of Lord Krishna
ParthasarathyCharioteer of Partha Lord Krishna- Arjunas charioteer Krishna- One who is charioteer of Partha
ParthasarthiCharioteer of Partha – Arjuna
ParthathyThe one who is a sharp shooter like Arjun
PartheyIt is the name given to Arjuna by Lord Krishan
ParthibanAnother name of king Arjun- It is the name given to King Arjuna
ParthikLovely- One who is born pure and chaste
ParthipanName of King Arjuna
ParthivSon of the earth- Brave- Prince of earth- Earthly
ParthivendraGreatest of the kings of the earth
ParthoArjun- Son of the earth king- Prince- Another name of Arjun
PartikThe one who goes on war
PartishLord of parti one of the name of Shri Satya Sai baba- One who is the Lord of Parti
ParupkarBenevolence- One who Helps Others- Kind- Charitable- Compassionate- Benevolence- One who Helps Others- Kind- Charitable- Compassionate
ParushHarsh- Keen- Sharp- Knot- Limb- Violent- Arrow limb- Cruel- Pitiless
ParvFestival- Strong
ParvaFestival- Strong
ParvanAcceptable- Full Moon- An individual who resembles full moon
ParvateshwarGod of mountains- himalaya
ParvatinandanSon of parvati- lord ganesh
ParvatipreetInspired by the love of Goddess Parvati
ParveshLord of celebration- Lord of Celebration
ParwinderGod of the gods- Supreme God- Supreme power in the Universe- Lord of the Universe
Net- snare
PashunathLord of animals- Lord of Bull- Name of Lord Shiva
PashunathiLord of animals- Lord Shiva- A lover od animals
PashupathiLord of animals- Lord of soul- Name of Shiva- Name of Agni
PashupatiLord of all living beings- Lord of animals- Lord Shiva- Lord of Bull- Name of Lord Shiva
PashwaName of a God- A Jain God
PasupathiLord of all living beings- Lord of animals- Lord Shiva
PathikA traveler- Traveller- Explorer- Voyager- Wanderer- One who is not a constant and cannot be contained in a place
PatitapavanaPurifier of the fallen- God- One who forgives our sins and delivers us from evil
PatralikaNew leaves
PattabiramanLotus- Radiant and Brilliant like Lotus- One of many names of Lord Vishnu- A name for avatar of Lord Rama
PaurasReal Man
PauravA descendent of king Puru- One who is the descendent of a king called puru
PauravaName of an ancient kingdom in northwest subcontinent- Born of Puru Dynasty- A variant name is Paurav
Purifying- Fire- Brilliant- Pure
PavalanSkilled in literature
Pavan AdithyaWind & The Sun- One who is like wind and Sun
Pavan KumarLord Hanuman- Son of the wind
Pavan TejaSon of Pavan- Name for Lord hanuman
PavanajLord Hanuman- Son of the wind
PavanaputraLord Hanuman- Son of the wind
Pavankumar Lord Hanuman- Son of the wind
Pavanputra Lord Hanuman- Son of the wind
Pavansut Lord Hanuman- Son of the wind
PavansutaVayu putra which means Lord Hanuman- Mighty and powerful Lord Hanuman
PavinThe Sun- Another name given to Sun
PavishA truly bright individual
PavitLove- A lovely and pious individual
PavithLove- Pure- Pious- Dignified- Divinely Beautiful- A variant is Pavitha
PavithranPavithra comes from the Indian word which means- Purity.”- A person who is filled with purity
PavleenNear to gods feet- One who is near God’s feet
Breeze- Wind- Air- Friendly- one who is like wind
Water- Thirsty- flexible and versatile
Yellow robed
PeetuA nickname for Lord Shri Krishna
PeeyushMilk- Nectar- One who is like milk and nectar
PehlajFirst born- First born- Eldest- A child first in order of birth
PeralaganVery Handsome- Appealing- Charming- Most Beautiful
PerjanyaHindu God of rain- A name of Lord Vishnu
PerumalLord venkateswara- Name of the lord called Lord Venketeshwara
Name of a month in Spring season- February-march in the Hindu calendar
PhalgunName of a month in Spring season- march in the Hindu calendar- Name of a Hindu month (Snowy Season)- Red- Reddish- One who was born under the star Falguni- Names of Arjuna
PhanibhusanLord shiva
PhaninathKing of Serpents- Lord of Serpents
PhanindraKing of the Gods- Name given to Sheshnag- the divine snake
PhanindranathLord Vishnu- The Lord of the cosmic serpent Shesh
PhanishwarKing of serpents
PhenilFoamy- A person who is foamy
PhoolenduFull moon
PinakBow of Lord Shiva- Divine Bow of Lord Shiva- In Hindu myth- the bow was gifted to King Janak by Sage Parashurama for being a great disciple
PinakiLord krishna
PinakinOne who has a bow in his hand- Lord Shiva- Armed with a bow
PinankThe name of Lord Shiva
PinazA souvenir that belongs to the leader
PinchuSmall- A Malayalam name used as nickname for calling little ones
PingalA reputed sage- A variant is Pingala- Golden- Of yellow hue- Brajbhasa as used in Rajasthan during Mughal period
PingalakshaPink eyed- A Boy with pink eyes
PinkalMindless- oblivious person
PinkeshMouth of a serpent
PintuPoint or full stop- Rocky- Sun- Bright and Brilliant- Mostly used as nickname
PirnavStart of something new- The new begging- A start of something new in life
PirojJewel- Precious- Also a surname in various cultures
PisethRare in power or quality.- Rare in power or quality.
PitambarLord Vishnu- Yellow robed- He wears yellow garments
PitambaraOne who has yellow colored body- A wearer of yellow garments
PiyaliA tree
PiyushMilk- Nectar- A drink that makes a man immortal
The great
PonleakStrength and endurance- Strength and endurance
PonmalaSabari hill- The name means Sabari Hill
PonmeniyanOne with a shining and radiant body- Appealing and Attractive Golden skin- One with a shining and radiant body- Appealing and Attractive Golden skin
PonrajGold- A person who is like Gold
PoojanThe ceremony of worshiping- One who worships- prays and is devoted
PoojitWorshipped- Respected- A worshipped individual
PoojithWorshipped- A honoured- worshiped and adored person
PoonishMan- The pupil of the eye- Brahman or the supreme spirit- Lord of the Pious- Lord of the religious- Holy Lord- Sacred Lord
PooranComplete- Successors- Momento- Abundant- Complete- Fulfilled- Whole- Content- Absolute- Satisfied
PoornachanderFull moon- Bright- Brilliant- Radiant and Beautiful like a full moon
PoornachandraFull Moon- Full moon- Bright- Brilliant- Radiant and Beautiful like a full moon
PoornamadaComplete- Whole
PoornamrithFull of nectar
PoornanandOne who bring complete joy and happiness
PoorvThe east- Chanting voice from east at Sunrise- A singing voice that is heart from the East when the sun rises
PoorvajElder- Ancestors- An ancestro or an elder person
PoorvansThe Moon
PoorvashFull moon- Bright- Brilliant- Radiant and Beautiful like a full moon
PoorveshEarth- He who is like the Earth
PoorvithOne who is a complete person
PooshanA variant of Pushan- God of fertility- One who causes people to thrive
PorushPowerful- The power of the man
PoshitNourished- Defended- Loved
PotriyaSon- Grand-son- Offspring- Descendants- Children
PoumitOne of the names of Lord Krishna. It means collection of love
One of many names of Valmiki one who was born out of a ant hill
PraakritNature- Handsome- Natural
PraakritiOriginal- Nature- The personification of brahman or the supreme spirit
PraanjalHonest or soft- Dignified- Simple- Self-respecting- Sincere
PrabalCoral- Strong- Powerful- A mighty- extremly strong person
PrabalaOne who is resembling a coral- – One who is resembling a coral- 
PrabhGod- Supreme Being- Almighty- Lord- God- Supreme Being- Almighty- Lord
PrabhakarThe Moon- Creating light- Brilliant- Radiant and Shining Sun- God of Fire
PrabhanLight- Splendor- Radiance- brilliance- One who gives light
PrabhanjanDust storm- Dust storm- Tempest- One of many names of Lord Hanuman signifying him as Son of Wind
PrabhasBeauty- Lustrous- Brilliance- Splendour- Radiance
PrabhasaSplendour- Lustrous- Brilliance- Radiance- The Vasu who seized Vasishtha’s divine cow
PrabhatDawn- Morning- Brilliant- Dawn- Early Morning- Rising time of the Sun
PrabhathDawn- Morning- Brilliant- He is like the morning light- like a dawn
PrabhavEffect- Popular Lord- Lord Hanuman- Origin- Majesty- Power- Excellent- Eminent- Brilliance- Power- Might- Strength- Courage
PrabhavaEffect- Popular Lord- Lord Hanuman- An origin or a source of things
PrabhavanHaving Light- Luminous- Brightness- Brilliance- Radiance
Prabhavana Having Light- Luminous- Brightness- Brilliance- Radiance
PrabhaveEffect- Popular Lord- Lord Hanuman- Origin- Majesty- Power- Excellent- Eminent- Brilliance- A popular- beloved Lord
PrabhootLarge quantity
PrabhuGod- General meaning of the name is God
PrabindhThe world i.e. prabanjam- Hindi name meaning the whole world
PrabirAn excellent warrior- King- Chief- Brave- A brave person who is a hero
PrabodhWaking- vigilance
PrabudhKnowledgeable- One who is awakened
PrabudhaAwakened- Lord Buddha- An awakened or knowledgable- wise person
PrachetLord Varun- Wise- Intelligent- Enlightenment- A wise person- also a name of Lord Varun
PrachetaVarun- wise
PrachetasEnergy- Name of a sage- An energetic- active person. Also a name of the sage
PrachethLord Varun- Wise- Intelligent- Enlightenment- A delightful- happy person
PrachethasEnergy- Name of a sage
PrachethiName of a sage
PrachitLord of Fire- God of Fire- A variant of Agnidev
PradarshAppearance- Order- One of nice appereance- or to be in order
PradeepLight- Shine- Lamp- Brilliant- A Lamp that shines light
PradeshA place
PradhiIntelligent- smart- knowing person
PradhipLight- Shine
PradhyotRay of light- Luster- Light- To shine light on others
PradhyumnCupid or God of Love- Son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini- A man who is extremly mighty
PradhyumnaExtremely mighty- An extremly powerful- forceful and mighty one
PradhyunRadiant- A glowing and radiant man
PradipLight- Shine- Lamp- Brilliant- One who is like a ligh or a lantern
PradishA Boy that is the sweetest of them all
PradneshLord of wisdom
PradyneshBudhicha Dev means Lord Ganesh- The name of Lord Ganesh
PradyotTo illuminate
PradyumnCupid or God of Love- Son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini
PradyumnaExtremely mighty- A very mighty person
PradyunRadiant- Splendour- Lustrous- Brilliance- Radiance- To illuminate
PradyutLight- Lit- Brilliant- One who is like a light
PrafulBlooming- Happy- Expansive- Playful- Brilliant- Glowing- Splendid- Magnificent
PrafullaPleasant- cheerful
PragadeeshLord Shiva- Very great- Or huge in a monolithic piece
PragnanIntelligent- A brainy- very smart person
PragnayFamous- Scholar- One with Fame- Name of Lord Ganesh
PragnyaScholar. lord hanuman
PragnyanWisdom- One who is full of wisdom- an intelligent one
PragunStraight- honest
PragyaanGreater knowledge- Wisdom
PragyanGreater knowledge- Wisdom- One who posesses the greater knowledge
PrahaladBliss (Son of hiranyakasipa)- Bliss- Happiness- Ecstasy- Joy- Pleasure- Harmony
PrahalathanNo specific meaning. but he was considered to be the best disciple in Indian mythology- One who is the best disciple according to Indian Mythology
PrahaldPrayer- Spiritual Bliss- Divine Wisdom- – Prayer- Spiritual Bliss- Divine Wisdom- 
PrahalladSon of hiranyakasipa
PrahalladaBliss (Son of hiranyakasipa)- The feeling of happiness and bliss
PrahanPerson who is very kind and generous- An extremly kind and generous person
PraharAn attack- agression- charge
PraharshFamous rishis name- Extreme Happiness- Joy- Delight- Cheer- Glad
PrahasSmiling girl- Cheerful- Joyful- Laughter- Colourful- Brilliance- Another name for Shiva- A person who has a lot of qualities. An upright individual
PrahasanGood Smile- Contenment and Peaceful- Happy and cheerful- Joyful
PrahasitName of Lord Buddha- Famous- Always Laughing- Always Happy and cheerful- Joyful
PrahastaMeans long-head- Name of powerful rakshasa warrior- Chief commander of Ravana’s army of Lanka
PrahladExcess of Joy- Happiness- Bliss- Happiness- Ecstasy- Pleasure- Harmony
PrahladaExtreme joyful (Son of hiranyakashyap)- A person who is filled with joy
PraivBrave- Mighty- Strong- Courageous
PrajaapatihThe Lord of all creatures
PrajaktGod of creation
PrajalShining- Glowing- Brilliant- Radiant- Bright
PrajapatiLord of all creatures- King of Men- Lord of Men- Name of Lord Brahma
PrajasBorn- One who is born
PrajeetVictorious- Conquering- Defeating- Successful- Triumph- 
PrajeethVictorious- Conquering- Defeating- a winner
Prajesh Lord of all creatures- King of Men- Lord of Men- Name of Lord Brahma
Prajeshwara Lord of all creatures- King of Men- Lord of Men- Name of Lord Brahma
PrajinKind- Swift- Air- Compassionate- Benevolent- Generous- Considerate- Empathetic
PrajitVictorious- Conquering- Defeating- Kind- Compassionate- Benevolent- Generous- Considerate- Empathetic
PrajithVictorious- Conquering- Defeating- One who is kind- generous and good
PrajjwalBright light
PrajnanIntelligent- Wise- Clever- A clever- brainy and wise individual
PrajnayA baby Boy name of Hindi origins
PrajulA Hindi baby Boy name
PrajvalShining- Brightness- Brightness- Radiant- Brilliant- Luminance
PrajwalShining- Brightness- A man who shines bright
PrajwatFirst Ray- The first ray of sunlight in the dawn
PrajyotOne who is lightened- illuminated
PrakasamBrightness- Shining- Radiant- Brilliant- Luminance
PrakashLight- Brightness- Shining- Radiant- Brilliant- Luminance
PrakatManifested- A manifested- demonstrated- revealed person
PraketIntelligence- Understanding- Knowledge- Wisdom- Brilliance- Brightness
PrakharShape- Summit- Form- Nature
PrakherIntelligent- An intelligent and brainy person
PrakhilA Hindi name given to Boys
PrakhyatFamous- A famous individual
PrakritNature- Handsome
PrakrithNature- Handsome
PrakshalFrom Jain literature – Pratima ji ka Abhishek
PrakshitName of a Kuru King who helped Yudhisthir to become king of Hastinapur
PrakulGood looking- With a beautiful body- Handsome- Charming- Appealing- Attractive
PrakyathPopular- Well known- Renowned- Celebrity- Fame
PralayA name for Himalaya- Also means disaster
PramadhanOne of the kauravas
PramanStandard- Customary- Horse- A variant is Pramath
PrameshMaster of accurate knowledge- Wise- Intelligent
PramitConsciousness- Moderate- Sensible
PramodDelight- Lord of all abodes- Pleasure- Happy- Cheerful- Joy- Glory
PramodaDelight- Lord of all abodes- Pleasure- Happy- Cheerful- Joy- Glory
PramodanLord Vishnu- Excessive Joy- One of the 8 perfections in the sankhya philosophy- A strong perfume
PramsuA scholar- One who is a scholar- an academic
PramukhMain- One with the qualities of a chief or leader
PramyanIntelligent- Brilliant- Knowledgeable- Wise
PranBreath of life- Life- Spirit- Energy- Might- Another name for Brahma and Vishnu- To breathe and be full of the life-force
PranaavLord Vishnu- The sacred syllable Om- Kind of musical instrument- Son of nighna
PranabLord Vishnu- The sacred syllable Om- Kind of musical instrument- Son of nighna
PranadLife giving- Another name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma
PranamSalute- Namaskara- Salutation- Welcoming Gesture
PranaovPhonic sound for sacred syllable Om- To make a humming or droning sound
PranavLord Vishnu- The sacred syllable Om- Kind of musical instrument- Son of nighna
PranavaThe sacred syllable Om- Originator of the syllable of Om
PranavoName of Lord Muruga- A varaint of name Pranav which is the phonic sound for sacred syllable Om
PranayRomance- Leader- Love- Affection- Companionship- Friendship
PraneelLord Shiva- Life giving
PraneetHumble boy- Likeable- Sanctified- Modest- Leader- Polite- Kind- Benevolent- Requesting and Pleasing
PraneethHumble- Kind- Benevolent- Requesting and Pleasing- A variant of Praneet
PraneshLord of life- Lord of Pranas- God for living
PraneshaLord of life- Lord of Pranas- God for living
PraneshwaraLord of life- Lord of Pranas- God for living
PranetHumble boy- Modest- Leader- Ruler- Lord- Chief- Commander
PraneyObedient- Dutiful- Loyal- Devoted- 
PranilLord Shiva- Life giving- A feeling of pure and real love
PranitLikeable- Sanctified- Modest- Leader- One who is as dear as life- Modest- Simple- Humble boy
PranithGod- One who is as dear as life- Modest- Simple- Straightforward
PranitiThe name of Sanskrit origin means ‘leader’- ‘guidance’.
PranjalHonest or soft- Dignified- Simple- respecting- Sincere- God- One who is as dear as life- Modest- Straightforward
PranjalaGod- One who is as dear as life- Modest- Simple- Straightforward
PranjivanBreath of life
PrankitCenter of attraction- One around whom life revolves- 
PrannathLord of life- husband
PranshOne who is full of life- One of many names of Lord Vishnu- A variant of Pranshu
PranshuTall- High- One who is full of life- Name of Lord Vishnu
PranshulName of Lord Shiva
PransuTall- Lord Vishnu- High
PransukhJoy of life
PrantikThe end- the last limit of the things
PrasadOffering to God during Pooja- Devotional offering- Purity- A boon- Blessings
PrasalWinter- Cool- Calm
PrasanjithVictory of happiness- Success of joy- Triumph of delight
PrasannaCheerful- Pleased- Happy- Pleasant- Delighted- Joyful- Glad
PrasannatmanCheerful- A happy and cheerful baby Boy
PrasannjitWho has won happiness- Joy- The one who won joy and happines
PrasanthCalm and composed or cool- Peaceful- Quiet- Serene- Tranquil- Still
PrasataName of father of Draupad- One who is a blessing- A boon or offering made by God
PrasathBlessings- A gift from God- A Boon
PrasenName of brother of Satrajit- One who is happy and delighted
PrasenjeetChampion- A king in the epics- One who is considered a king in the epics
PrasenjitChampion- A king in the epics- One who is a great champion
PrashamPeace- Cool- Autumn- Peaceful- Calm- Quiet- Serene- Tranquil- Still
PrashanWinner- Successful
PrashantCalm and composed- Peace- Peaceful- Quiet- Serene- Tranquil- Still
PrashanthCalm and composed- Peace- A feeling of peace and calmness
PrasharanLord’s Shelter- Abode of the Lord- Refuge of God
PrashastLearned one who shows the way- Path Prashast kee-jee-ye- Congenial- A compatible- congenial person
PrashasthLearned one who shows the way- Path Prashast kee-jee-ye- Congenial- A compatible- congenial person
PrashrayLove- Respect- Admiration- Value- Esteem- High Regard
PrasiddhiAccomplishment- Fame- One of many accomplishemnts and a great fame
PrasitFirst Ray of the winter Sun- One who is like the first ray of the winter Sun
PrasoonFlower- Blossom- To be graceful and pretty as a flower
PrasunFlower- Blossom- One who is like the flower blossom
PratapDignity- Majesty- Glory- Vigour- Brilliance- Dynamism- Splendour- Heartiness
PratapaGlory- Vigour- Brilliance- Dynamism- Splendour- Heartiness
PratapavatKnown for valour- A person who is known for his valor
PratapavateKnown for valour
PrateekSymbol- First word in a sentence
PrateepKing- Name of Shantanu’s Father
PrathSon of the earth king- Prince- Another name of Arjun
PrathamFirst- Foremost- Important- In the origin or starting- Beginning
PrathameshLord God- One of the many names of Lord Ganesh
PrathameshwaraFirst among all
PrathapDignity- Majesty
PratheeshHope- Expectation- Pre-eminence
PrathikSymbol- First word in a sentence- One who is a symbol
PrathiraOne of many names of Lord Ganesha- Lord of the Best
PrathitManifested- Confident- Famous- A celebrated- famous person
PrathitaKnown- Celebrated- Renowned- Famous- Popular
PrathithManifested- Confident- A person who radiates confidence
PrathmeshLord Ganesh- One who is the Lord of the best
PrathuName of a king with blessings of Lord Vishnu- An all-present person
PrathulaOne of many names of Lord Ganesha- Lord of the Best
PrathushMorning Sun- Rising Sun- Dawn- First rays of the sun
PrathyushDawn- The Sun- He who is like the time just before the sunrise
PratidnyaPledge- Oath- Promise
PratikSymbol- First Word In A Sentence- Beginning- Origin
PratikshHe who is symbolic
PratimThe Sunlight- One who is beautiful like the sunlight
PratishHope- Expectation- Pre-eminence- A supremacy- domination- pre-eminence
PratishwarSakshat Ishwar
PratitManifested- Confident- Famous- Faith in God- Belief In God- 
PratitiFaith – undrstanding
PratulPlenty- One who owns plenty
PratyakshDirect evidence- In Front of the Eyes- Saakshaat- Apparent- Clear and Real- One who can express
PratyushDawn- The Sun- A Sun-like person
PravalCoral- Fierce- Strong- A fierce and strong individual
PravanBowed down- modest
PravarMost excellent
PravasthikAll in one
PraveenExpert- Skilled- A person who is an expert in something
PraveenkumarChief- Cute- Loveable- Pleasing- Charming
PraveerChief- Brave- Brave warrior- Chief Courageous Warrior
PraveshEnter- Admission- An entrance into something
PravinExpert- Skilled- Expert- Skilled- Proficient- Chief- Able
PravirChief- Brave- Brave warrior- Mighty fighter
PravisTo enter
PravishTo enter
PravitHero- Great power- Mighty- Brave- Chief
PravrajWanderer- Itinerant- Nomadic- Traveller- Rover
PravrajakaWanderer- Itinerant- Nomadic- Traveller- Rover
PrayaagPlace of sacrifice- allahabad
PrayagConfluence of Ganga Jamuna Goddess Saraswati- An Indian city called Allahabad
PrayanIntelligence- Excellent Brilliance- Most knowledgeable- Very Clever- Smartest
PrayankCot- A mountain- A name of Lord Shiva
PrayogExperiment- An investigation- Test
PreashLoved by God- One who is loved by the God
PreetamLover- Beloved- Dear most- Devotee- Dearly-loved- Adored- Treasured- Sweet
PreeteshLord of Love- The God of Love
PreethamLovable- Lover- Beloved- Dear most- Adored- Devotee- Dearly- loved- Treasured- Sweet
PreetheshLord of Love- One who is like the Lord of Love
PreethishGod of Love- Lord of the world
PreethuGod gift- Broad- Spacious- A Boy that is viewed as a gift of God
PreetiduttGifted with love- Blessed with Love and affection- One who is dearly loved
PreetishGod of Love- Lord of the world- The Lord of Love
PreetiwardhanOne who increases Love- A love increasing person
PremLove- One who gives love and affection to others
PremalFull of love
PremanLove- A love that is supreme and divine
PremanandJoy of love- Happiness of Love- Delighted in love- Cheerful in love
PrenamNamaste- Sign of being humble- A sign of the humbleness of men
PrerakAir screw- Stimulator- An encourager
PreritThe inspired one- A person who is deeply inspired by something
PretvanMoving along
PreyasLoving- Affectionate
PrianshBeloved- Most lovable- Favorite son- The son that is the most loved
PribhaktaFavourite of the devotees. a name for lord shiva
PrihaansLoveable Swan- A derivative name from the word Hans which means Swan in Hindi
PrinceKing- Royal Son- Heir to Throne- Offspring of the Royal family
PrineetContent- satisfied
PrishLoving- God gifted- The one that was God gifted
PritLove- A feeling of love
PritamLover- A darling- loved one
PriteshLord of Love- God of affection and compassion- Supreme Love
PrithishGod of Love- Lord of the world- One who is the Lord of the entire world
PrithivThe Sun- One who is the piece of the earth
PrithiviEarth- World- Universe
PrithuGod gift- Broad- Spacious- Something broad and spacious
PrithveeThe earth
PrithviThe earth
PrithvijajKing of the earth
PrithvirajKing of the earth- Emperor of the World- Ruler of the World
PrithwishKing of the world
PritishGod of Love- God of affection and compassion- Supreme Love
PrivrataSon of satarupa
PriyaankVery dear husband
PriyabhaktaFavorite of the devotees
PriyadarshanNice to look at- Handsome- Handsome- Charming- Appealing- Attractive- Good Looking- Beautiful
PriyadarshanaOf loving vision
PriyadarshiOne who is liked by all- A person that is liked by everyone
PriyadharshanHandsome- Charming- Appealing- Attractive- Good Looking- Beautiful
PriyaneshLord of Love- God of affection and compassion- Supreme Love
PriyankVery dear husband- Sweetheart- darling- a loved one
PriyanshLovable part of someone- One who is the lovable part of everything
PriyanshuFirst Ray of The Sunlight- One who is beloved like the moon
PriyanvadSweet talking person
PriyeshLoved by God- affection- kindness and compassion of God
PriyomAssamese version of Priyam- meaning beloved- or loved by all.
PrnavLord Vishnu- The sacred syllable Om- Kind of musical instrument- Son of nighna- Epithet of Shiva
ProkshanTo sprinkle water on our head while doing Pooja
PromMost Love
ProsBoy or man- Boy or man
ProsenjitA king of the epics- The spreader of happiness and joy
PrudhviEarth- World- Universe
PruthuName of a king who looked after earth as his daughter
PruthvirajOne who is the King of all earth
PruthvishKing of the earth
Glory- Fame- To have glory or fame
PujayitaRespected- To be Worshipped- Honored- Adored
PujitRespected- To be Worshipped- Honored- Adored
PukhrajTopaz- Precious Stone- Treasured
PulakJoy- Jewel- Delight- A Gem- Happiness- Smile- Ecstacy- Rapture
PulakeshJoyous- A joyous- happy- cheerful person
PulakeshiThe Great Ruler- Name of an ancient Pallava King
PulastyaName of a sage- An ancient name- An ancient man
PulinSandy river bank
PulkitHappy- Overjoyed- A thrilled
PulomanName of a demon- Delighted
PunanClear- Bright- Pure- A person who has a bright and clear mind
PunavFull Moon- One brigt like a fool moon
PundarikWhite lotus
PundarikaWhite lotus
PundarikakshLotus eyed
PuneetInnocent- Pure- Clean- Flawless- Sinless- Faultless
PunidhanBlessed- Moralist- Innocent- Pure- Clean- Flawless- Faultless- Most sacred heart person
PunishLord of the pious- Man- The pupil of the eye- Brahman or the supreme spirit
PunitA sacred and pure one- Holy
PunithanBlessed- Moralist- Innocent- Pure- Clean- Flawless- Faultless- Most sacred heart person
PunjFive- Five
PunyahSupremely pure
PunyaslokaSacred verse- A verse that is sacred and holy
PurabEast- Eastern- oriental person
PurahanLord shiva
PurajitLord Shiva- Conqueror of city Purumitra
PurandarAn epithet of Shiva- Krishna- Name of both Lord Indra and Lord Vishnu
PurandaraName of Vasudeva- Also has meaning as King of Mythology(Puran) signifying Lord Indra
PuranjayLord Shiva- One who wins the city
PuravThe east- Chanting voice from east at Sunrise- The singing voice that comes from the east
PurdviTo be like an earth- an earthly person
PurnachandarFull Moon
PurnanadaComplete Joy- A god-like individual
PurnayanWho has born with full of his mother and father- One who is born full of his parents traits
PurnenduFull moon
PurohitA brahmin priest- The priest of the family
PurshottamLord Vishnu- Best among men- The best of the men
PuruAbundant- Name of a king- Mountain- Heaven- The flowers’ pollen
PurujitConqueror of city- One who conquored the town
PurumitraFriend of city
PururavaThe founder of chandra dynasty
PurushThe omnipotent personality- A being full of spirit
PurushothamaSupreme person
PurushothamanHonest Man- The best among Mankind- Name of Lord Vishnu, Signifying him as best of all
PurushottamLord Vishnu- Best among men- One who has the supreme soul and is best among all men
PurvabhashineOne who knows future and speaks of events to come
PurvagnaWith wisdom of an elderly wise person
PurvajElder- Ancestors- An old- elderly person
PurvangPrakashit- A name that means Prakashit
PurvanshPurv Disha- One rising in the east- Sun- Brilliant and Radiant Sun in the East
PurvanshuA given Kannada baby Boy name
PurveshEarth- One who is an earth-lover
PurvithA male name of Kannada origins
PusanA sage
PushkalLord Shiva- Rich- Excellent- Magnificient- Full- Powerful- Purified- Abundant- Splendid- Son of Varun- Name of a Buddha- Son of Bharat
PushkalaAbundant- Full- Rich- Complete- Plentiful
PushkarLotus- A lake- Sky- Heaven- Sun- A Boy who is like a lotus flower
PushkaraBlue lotus- Fountain- Like a lotus- One who gives nourishment
PushkinAn Artilleryman- one good with the cannon and the gun
PushmatahaFor one whom the season of spring will be ready- Born at the onset of spring season
PushpFlower- Fragrance- Topaz- A flower-like man
PushpadWho who gives flowers
PushpajBorn from a flower
PushpakMythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu- To posses the beauty of the flower
PushpakarThe spring season (vasant )- flower season
PushpaketuKamdev- cupid
PushpalochanaOne who has eyes like flowers
PushparajKing of flowers- One who is a King of the flowers
PushpenduKing of flowers- One who is a King of the flowers
PushpeshLord of flowers
Pushp-mitraAn ancient ruler
PushprajKing of flowers- One precious as the Topaz stone
PushyamitraBest Friend
PushyaragYellow sapphire
PushyatiSoft like a flower- Gentle- Beautiful
PuskaraBlue lotus- fountain
PuviarasuKing of the World- Lord of the world- Ruler of the earth
Loved one- A name of Lord Krishna
PyaremohanLord krishna

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