Flower Names for Girls

Are you looking for a name for your future baby that is connected to nature?

If you are connected with nature and you like flowers very much, then it is very good for you to give such a name for your children, which is related to your favorite flower and nature.

Here we have found +180 names related to flowers and nature for you. If you like any name, then definitely tell in the comment.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( A )

AbeliaThis flower name can be utilized instead for the name Abigail.
AcaciaIn Greek, this name means “thorny”.
AlyssaThis name comes from the alyssum flower. The word alyssum means “madness” in Greek.
AmaryllisAmaryllis is in the similar circle of relatives as the popular lily flower.
AmbrettaThis name takes after an evergreen that blooms yellow flowers.
ArborThis name is expounded to flowering bushes like juniper and hazel.
AsterThis flower is understood for attracting butterflies
AzaleaA flower

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( B )

BegoniaIn French, this name means “Begonia’s flower“.
BelladonnaDespite the fact that its name interprets to “stunning girl,” a belladonna is a toxic flower this is sometimes called nightshade.
BelleroseIn English and French, this name means “stunning rose”.
BlanchefleurThis flower name for ladies has French roots and means “white flower”.
BloomThis flowery name may be the name of the primary personality of the tv collection Winx Membership.
BlossomIt is means in english “to bloom”. It is also the name of the spunky chief of the hit animated series- The Powerpuff Ladies.
BluebellWith deep crimson and blue hues, this flower symbolizes gratitude and humility.
BriarWith English origins, this name means “a thorny patch”.
Bryony/BrionyTo Sprout
ButtercupThis flower name comes from the yellow wildflower.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( C )

CalantheIt is a form of orchid whose name means “stunning flower” in Greek- “Gorgeous little flower”
CallaCalla comes from Greek roots, is a kind of lily, and means “stunning”.
CalytrixWith Latin origins, this name means “starflower”.
CamelliaThis pretty, in most cases crimson flower is the same in appearance to a rose.
CannaThis name comes from the canna lily, a tropical plant with large leaves and sensational flower.
CassiaSometimes called the golden bathe tree, the cassia tree has cheery yellow blooms. It’s local to tropical areas similar to India and Southeast Asia. Cassia may be the female type of the Latin name Cassius.
CelandineThis English botanical name comes from a small yellow flower that belongs within the poppy circle of relatives.
ChamomileIn Greek, chamomile means “earth apple”. This name is encouraged through the stress-free flowering herb this is repeatedly present in teas.
ChrisoulaThis name is the female of the Greek male name Chrystanthos.
ChrysantheChrysanthe comes from the Greek islands and means “golden flower”.
CinnamonThis name comes from the candy reddish-brown spice.
ClematisIn Greek, this name means “vine branch”.
ClianthaWith Greek roots, this flower name means “glory flower”.
CloverIt’s typically present in 3 leafs at the facet of the mountains or within the grass, but if it’s discovered someplace with 4 leafs, it is regarded as excellent success. It means a life-time of fine fortune.
CrisantaThat is the Spanish phrase for “chrysanthemum“.
CynthiaThis name used to be every other name for the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( D )

DaffodilThis name comes from the springtime yellow flower.
DahliaThis flower name means “Dahl’s flower”.
DaisyWith English origins, this name means “day’s eye”.
DanicaIn Slavic, this flowery unique name means “morning megastar”.
DelphineThis French name comes from the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower.
DianthaIn Greek, this name means “divine flower”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( E )

EdelweissThis German name comes from a small white mountain flower utilized in natural therapies.
ElestrenThis name is the Cornish phrase for iris flower.
ElizaThe name of the captivating flower seller in My Truthful Woman.
EmbeliaEmbelia comes from a cluster of tropical shrubs that sprout white and pink flowers.
EricaThis name comes from the winter-flowering heather.
EvantheIn Greek, this flower name means “honest flower”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( F )

FernThis flower name comes from the feathery-fronded plant that enjoys the shade.
FioralbaFioralba has Italian origins and means “flower of the morning time”.
Fleur or FflurIn French, this name means “flower”. This name comes after the Welsh word for flower.
FloortjeThis Dutch name means “little flower”.
VegetationThe name of the Roman goddess of flower and spring
FlorentinaWith Latin roots, this name means “blooming”.
ForsythiaWith Scottish roots, this yellow spring flower is known as after botanist William Forsyth.
FoxgloveThis flower name comes from the tubular-shaped blooms that are available in purple, pink, yellow, and red.
FreesiaThis flower themselves are very talked-about in wedding bouquets, Often used for perfumes.
FuchsiaThis flower name comes from the red and purple blooms.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( G )

GardeniaGardenia means “garden’s flower” and has English origins.
GarlandNo longer handiest is that this flower’s name aromatic and celebratory, however it additionally has ties to the enduring actress Judy Garland who starred in The Wizard of Ounces.
GeraniumThis flower name means “crane” and has Greek roots.
GiacintaThis name comes from the Italian name for the hyacinth flower.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( H )

HanaThis girls name has Hebrew, Slavic, Czech origins and means “flower” or “blossom”.
HazelThe hazel tree has pearl-like strands of flower referred to as catkins, and it additionally produces hazelnuts, discovered in lots of scrumptious candies and chocolates.
HeatherHeather is a flower name for ladies and has English roots.
HeliotropeHeliotrope is a flower name for ladies impressed through a cluster of crimson blooms.
HibiscusThis girls name comes from the tropical flower within the mallow circle of relatives.
HollyThis evergreen shrub has lengthy been related to Christmas. It has white flower and crimson berries and prickly darkish inexperienced leaves.
HyacinthIn Greek, this woman’s name means “blue larkspur” or “treasured stone”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( I )

IlimaThe name of the official flower of Oahu, Hawaii.
IolantheIn Greek, this name means “violet”.
IoneThis flower name means “a violet-colored stone”.
IrisNo longer handiest does this girls name come from the purple-blue flower, it additionally means “rainbow” in Greek.
IritIn Hebrew, this name means “asphodel flower”.
IvySome types of this climbing plant have yellow flower and dark purple berries.
IxoraNecessary in Hindu worship, this name comes from the flowering plant that grows year-round in tropical climates.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( J )

JacintaThis name comes from the Portuguese phrase for the hyacinth flower.
Jasmine/YasminThe name is Persian in beginning and means “present from God”.- A maximum popular aromatic flower is regularly used to make perfumes
JessamineThis name comes from the Persian word for jasmine flower.
JonquilIn Latin, this girls name means “reed”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( K )

KaleiThis Hawaiian girls name comes from the state’s iconic flower wreath.
KalinaKalina has Polish and Bulgarian roots, and means “viburnum,” which is a flowering shrub.
KamalaEnglish name “Lotus”
KantutaThis flower name for ladies is the Quechua name for Bolivia and Peru’s nationwide flower.
KassiaThis name comes from the plant that produces a cinnamon-like spice.
KassianiIn Greek, this name means “cinnamon”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( L )

LarkspurThis unique blue flower within the delphinium circle of relatives has the form of a lark bird’s claws therefore the name. The phrase delphinium is Greek for dolphin, and the flower, when noticed in combination at the stem, more or less make the form of a dolphin, too. So, should you’re bearing in mind this child name, it’s up you which ones that means you favor higher, the lark or the dolphin.
LavenderThis violet-colored aromatic flower is standard in lots of portions of Europe and is local to different temperate climates. It’s identified for its characteristic odor.
LavenderThis name is encouraged through the small, clean-smelling blooms identified to advertise sleep and leisure.
LeilaniHeavenly flower
LeilaniWith Hawaiian origins, this girls name means “a heavenly flower”.
LianaLiana has French origins and means “to climb like a vine”.
LilacThe flower that this girls name stems from symbolizes old flame.
LiliosaIn Spanish, this name means “lily”.
LiliumElizabeth and every other model of the name Lily
LillianElizabeth and every other model of the name Lily
LillianThis name means “a flower”.
LilyA famous flower
LinneaIn Swedish, this name means “twinflower”.
LitaThis flower name for ladies means “lawn”.
LolantheIn Greek Child Names the that means of the name Iolanthe is “Violet flower”
LotusThe lotus flower symbolizes purity, grace, and non-secular growth.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( M )

MadeliefThis Dutch name means “daisy”.
MagnoliaThe tree has historic origins and aromatic flower that may be white, pink, purple, green, or yellow.
ManukaThe manuka tree is known for its honey-producing flower.
MargueriteIn French, this girls name means “daisy”.
MarigoldWith English origins, this name means “golden flower”.
MarillaIt is a short version of the name Amarilla, which comes from the name Amaryllis. It’s also a reputation for the flower whose name is derived from a Greek phrase that suggests “to sparkle”.
MaryamThat is the Arabic type of Miryam, which is derived from the name Mary. In Iran it’s the name for the tuberose flower, which was named after the Virgin Mary
MawarWith Indonesian roots, this girls name means “rose”.
MillarayThe name Millaray means “golden flower,” and has Chilean origins.
MuguetIn French, this name means “lily”.
MyrtleDominated through the Greek goddess Venus, this girls name comes from a plant with pink or white fragrant berries and is related to love, peace, fertility, and youth.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( N )

NanalaNanala is a Hawaiian name that suggests “sunflower”.
NarcissaIn Greek, this girls name means “daffodil”.
NasrinThis Persian flower name for girl’s means “wild rose”.
NeejaWith Hindi origins, this name means “lily”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( O )

OrchidThe name Orchid has Greek roots and symbolizes love, good looks, and class.
OrnellaIn Italian, this name means “flowering ash tree”.
OrquidaThis girls name comes from the Portuguese phrase for “orchid”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( P )

PansyA pansy symbolizes unfastened idea.
PatchouliThis final flower energy name comes from the fragrant plant that grows in Southeast Asia.
PeonyIn Latin, this flower name means “therapeutic”.
PetalThis name has pretty obvious floral links.
PetuniaThis girls name is encouraged through the trumpet-shaped flower.
PhloxThis flower means “flame” in Greek. This refers back to the intense colors it is available in, together with pink, blue, red, and white.
PicoteeIn French, this girls name comes from the flower that experience a 2nd color around the edges, like tulips or carnations.
PoppyThis name comes from the colourful flower that symbolizes love and remembrance.
Posy/PoseyPosy is of English origins and means “a host of flower”.
PrimroseThis English flower name means “first rose”.
PrunellaThis Latin woman’s name means “small plum”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( R )

RadaIn Yiddish, this name means “rose” and “glad”.
RaisaWith Russian roots, this flower name means “rose” and “easygoing”.
RayenThis Chilean name means “flower”.
RenThis Japanese unisex name can mean “lotus” or “love,” depending on which Japanese characters it’s written with.
RhodaIn Greek, this name means “rose”.
RhoswenIn Welsh, this name means “white rose”.
RoisinThe that means of Roisin is “little rose,” and has Irish origins.
RosaThis flower name for ladies has Spanish, Italian, Latin roots and means “rose”.
RosaliaThis is an Italian combination name of Rosa and Lia
RosamundIn the beginning this name got here from the German phrases that means “horse” and “coverage”- On the other hand, in Latin it additionally means “natural rose”.
RosannaThis name is just a mixture of Rose and Anna.
RosanneIt is a mixture name of Rose and Anne. It’s good to additionally spell it Rosanna, which mixes Rosa and Anna.
RoseIt is the most liked flower whose fragrance and beauty are known to all.
RosemaryThis woman’s name begins with Rose, and is combined with the name Mary.
RosetteThat is the French diminutive of the name Rose.
RosieThis name is a sweet diminutive of the name Rose, in spite of being longer by one letter.
RueThis woman’s name has Greek and English roots and means “herb”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( S )

SaffronThis unique girls name comes from the spice with a deep reddish-orange hue.
SageThe phrase sage is each the name for a sensible particular person and an herb. As a name, it’s thought to be a unisex name, making it ideal for a boy or a girl
SamanthaThis female type of Samuel happened when the Greek Suffix Anthos (that means flower) used to be added.
SennaThis unisex name is in response to the Senna plant, local to tropical spaces. The flower are vibrant golden yellow.
SharonThis name comes from a space of historic Palestine the place roses grew.
ShoshanaWith Hebrew origins, this name means “lily”.
SigalIn Hebrew, this name means “violet”.
SnapdragonThis flower name means “dragon’s mouth”.
SomaThis Hungarian name comes from the flowering dogwood tree.
SpruceThis name comes from the evergreen tree.
SusannahSusannah means “lily” in Hebrew.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( T )

TansyThis flower name has Greek origins and means “immortality”.
ThalloIn Greek, this name means “bringer of blossoms”.
ThistleThis name comes from Scotland’s national flower.
TulipThis flower name for ladies has Turkish roots and means “turban”.

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Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( V )

VardaIn Hebrew, this name means “rose” or “pink”.
VerbenaWith Spanish and Latin roots, this name means “sacred foliage”.
VeredThis flower name for ladies means “rose” in Hebrew.
VeronicaThe name Veronica may be the name of an herb with small and bright blue flowers.
ViolaIn Latin, this name means “violet”.
VioletWith Latin origins, this girls name means “purple”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( W )

WildflowerConsistent with the language of flower, wildflowers signify happiness.
WillowWith German roots, this botanical name means “resolute” or “non violent”.
WinikaThis Maori name means “Christmas orchid”.
WisteriaA logo of devotion, this flower name means “Wister’s flower”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( Y )

YasminYasmin is a Persian name that suggests “jasmine flower”.
YolandaIn Greek, this name means “violet flower”.

Flower Names for Girls Starting With-( Z )

ZaharaWith Swahili origins, this woman’s name means “flowering”.
ZainabZainab is an Arabic girls name impressed through a flowering tree.
ZariaIn Arabic, this flower name for ladies means “rose”.
ZaynabIn Arabic, this woman’s name means “good looks” and “grace,” however it’s also the name of a flowering tree.
ZenobiaThis flower name comes from the bell-shaped white flower that develop at the hillsides of North The USA.
ZinniaThis German and Latin name means “Zinn’s flower”.

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