1200+ Twins Baby Girl Names for Indian’s

Updated on March 6, 2024 by Saurabh Chandwar

If you have or are going to have twins, then you are very lucky because only one in thousands of people have twins. Finding the name of these twin babies can be very challenging, to simplify it, we have given here a list of more than 600 names starting with the same alphabet. In this, we have given names for children of Bharat(India), which are especially perfect for Hindu and Jain religions, in which some new and some old names have been included. Apart from this, along with the name, we have also explained its meaning in very simple words.

1200+ Twins Baby Girl Names for Indian's

Twins Baby Girl Name From A-Z Alphabets

Names Start From A

Aadhira and AmishaAadhira: Moon, restlessAmisha: Beautiful, truthful
Aaditi and AnishaAaditi: Peak, summitAnisha: Uninterrupted, eternal
Aanya and AariniAanya: Grace, limitlessAarini: Adventurous, lively
Aanya and AvaniAanya: Gracious, infiniteAvani: Earth, nature
Aaradhya and AanyaAaradhya: Worshipped, divineAanya: Inexhaustible, limitless
Aaradhya and AnanyaAaradhya: Worshipped, divineAnanya: Unique, without any second
Aaradhya and AnviAaradhya: Worshipped, divineAnvi: Earth, goddess of nature
Aarika and AdvitaAarika: Adored, decoratedAdvita: Unique, one-of-a-kind
Aarini and AanyaAarini: Adventurous, livelyAanya: Inexhaustible, limitless
Aarini and AaryaAarini: Adventurous, livelyAarya: Noble, respectful
Aarini and AdvikaAarini: Adventurous, livelyAdvika: Unique, matchless
Aarit and AashiAarit: One who seeks the right directionAashi: Smile, joy
Aaritri and AarushiAaritri: One who seeks the right directionAarushi: First rays of the sun, first ray of light
Aarna and AarikaAarna: Goddess Lakshmi, waterAarika: Admired for looks, peaceful
Aarna and AdvaitaAarna: Goddess Lakshmi, waterAdvaita: Unique, non-dual
Aarna and AvishaAarna: Goddess Lakshmi, peacefulAvisha: Strong, powerful
Aarna and AvishaAarna: Goddess Lakshmi, peacefulAvisha: Strong, powerful
Aarushi and AanyaAarushi: First ray of the sun, divineAanya: Grace, limitless
Aashna and AanyaAashna: Devoted to loveAanya: Inexhaustible, limitless
Aashna and AnviAashna: Devoted to loveAnvi: Goddess of the earth, one who belongs to the earth
Aashvi and AnyaAashvi: Blessed and victoriousAnya: Inexhaustible, gracious
Aisha and AisiriAisha: Alive, livingAisiri: Prosperity, wealth
Aishara and AarishaAishara: Blessing, good fortuneAarisha: Peaceful, melody
Aishvi and AnvitaAishvi: Blessed and prosperousAnvita: Graced with blessings
Aishwarya and AkshitaAishwarya: Wealth, prosperityAkshita: Eternal, indestructible
Anahita and AadhyaAnahita: Graceful, pureAadhya: First power, beginning
Ananya and AarohiAnanya: Unique, without any secondAarohi: Ascending, musical notes
Anaya and AnishaAnaya: Without a superior, uniqueAnisha: Uninterrupted, continuous
Anisha and AnikaAnisha: Uninterrupted, eternalAnika: Grace, brilliance
Anusha and AadhyaAnusha: Beautiful morning, first ray of the sunAadhya: First power, beginning
Aradhya and AmairaAradhya: Worshipped, reveredAmaira: Eternal beauty
Aria and AmairaAria: Melody, airAmaira: Eternal beauty
Avishi and AnvitaAvishi: Earth, riverAnvita: Connected, one who bridges

Names Start From B

Bhavana and BhairaviBhavana: Meditation, contemplationBhairavi: Goddess Durga, a musical raga
Bhavika and BhumiBhavika: Cheerful expressionBhumi: Earth, goddess of earth
Bhavika and BhumikaBhavika: Cheerful expressionBhumika: Earth, foundation
Bhavini and BhuvikaBhavini: Goddess Parvati, emotionalBhuvika: Heaven, earth
Bhavna and BhuvikaBhavna: Meditation, contemplationBhuvika: Heaven, celestial
Bhavya and BhadraBhavya: Grand, splendidBhadra: Auspicious, fortunate
Bhavya and BhagyaBhavya: Grand, splendidBhagya: Fortune, luck
Bhavya and BhavikaBhavya: Grand, splendidBhavika: Cheerful expression
Bhavya and BhoomiBhavya: Grand, splendidBhoomi: Earth, goddess of earth
Bhavya and BhumiBhavya: Grand, splendidBhumi: Earth, goddess of earth
Bhavya and BhumikaBhavya: Grand, splendidBhumika: Earth, foundation
Bhavya and BrindaBhavya: Grand, splendidBrinda: Tulsi, a sacred plant
Bhoomika and BhavyaBhoomika: The base, foundationBhavya: Grand, splendid

Names Start From C

Cahaya and ChaitraCahaya: LightChaitra: Born in the first month of the year
Cahaya and ChandraCahaya: LightChandra: Moon
Cahaya and ChitraCahaya: LightChitra: Picture
Cahaya and CianaCahaya: LightCiana: Light
Chahna and CahayaChahna: LoveCahaya: Light
Chahna and CharviChahna: LoveCharvi: Beautiful woman
Chahna and ChitraChahna: LoveChitra: Picture
Chaitra and CahayaChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearCahaya: Light
Chaitra and CharikaChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearCharika: Bird
Chaitra and CharulChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearCharul: Beautiful
Chaitra and CharviChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearCharvi: Beautiful woman
Chaitra and ChetanaChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearChetana: Consciousness
Chaitra and ChetikaChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearChetika: Consciousness
Chaitra and ChhaviChaitra: Born in the first month of the yearChhavi: Reflection
Chandika and ChetikaChandika: Goddess DurgaChetika: Consciousness
Chandra and ChitraChandra: MoonChitra: Picture
Charika and ChetikaCharika: BirdChetika: Consciousness
Charika and ChhaviCharika: BirdChhavi: Reflection
Charika and ChitraCharika: BirdChitra: Picture
Charika and CianaCharika: BirdCiana: Light
Charul and CahayaCharul: BeautifulCahaya: Light
Charul and ChaitriCharul: Beautiful, charmingChaitri: Born in the month of Chaitra
Charul and CharikaCharul: BeautifulCharika: Bird
Charul and CharviCharul: BeautifulCharvi: Beautiful woman
Charul and ChetikaCharul: BeautifulChetika: Consciousness
Charvi and ChahatCharvi: Beautiful girlChahat: Love, affection
Charvi and ChahnaCharvi: Beautiful womanChahna: Love
Charvi and ChandikaCharvi: Beautiful womanChandika: Goddess Durga
Charvi and ChetikaCharvi: Beautiful womanChetika: Consciousness
Charvi and ChhaviCharvi: Beautiful womanChhavi: Reflection
Charvi and ChitraCharvi: Beautiful womanChitra: Picture
Charvi and CianaCharvi: Beautiful womanCiana: Light
Chavi and CharviChavi: Image, reflectionCharvi: Beautiful woman
Chavi and ChhayaChavi: Image, reflectionChhaya: Shadow
Chetana and CahayaChetana: ConsciousnessCahaya: Light
Chetana and ChahnaChetana: ConsciousnessChahna: Love
Chetana and ChaitraChetana: ConsciousnessChaitra: Born in the first month of the year
Chetana and CharviChetana: ConsciousnessCharvi: Beautiful woman
Chetika and CahayaChetika: ConsciousnessCahaya: Light
Chetika and ChahnaChetika: ConsciousnessChahna: Love
Chhavi and ChandikaChhavi: ReflectionChandika: Goddess Durga
Chhavi and ChetikaChhavi: ReflectionChetika: Consciousness
Chhavi and ChhayaChhavi: ReflectionChhaya: Shadow
Chhaya and ChetanaChhaya: ShadowChetana: Consciousness
Chhaya and ChetikaChhaya: ShadowChetika: Consciousness
Chhaya and ChhaviChhaya: ShadowChhavi: Reflection
Chitra and ChaitraChitra: PictureChaitra: Born in the first month of the year
Chitra and ChandikaChitra: PictureChandika: Goddess Durga
Chitra and CharikaChitra: PictureCharika: Bird
Chitra and CharviChitra: PictureCharvi: Beautiful woman
Ciana and ChahnaCiana: LightChahna: Love
Ciana and ChaitraCiana: LightChaitra: Born in the first month of the year
Ciana and CharikaCiana: LightCharika: Bird
Ciana and CharulCiana: LightCharul: Beautiful

Names Start From D

Dakini and DharitriDakini: Walking in the skyDharitri: The earth
Darika and DhanviDarika: MaidenDhanvi: Wealthy, one who holds a bow
Darika and DritaDarika: MaidenDrita: Courageous
Darini and DivjyotDarini: BlessingDivjyot: Divine light
Darpana and DevangiDarpana: MirrorDevangi: Like a goddess
Darshana and DevyaniDarshana: Seeing, understandingDevyani: Like a goddess
Darshita and DivleenDarshita: Seen, observedDivleen: Divine grace
Deepa and DakshaDeepa: Lamp, lightDaksha: The skilled one
Deepti and DritiDeepti: Glow, brightnessDriti: Courage, patience
Deshika and DivyanaDeshika: One who is devotedDivyana: Divine
Devalina and DivenaDevalina: Like a goddessDivena: Blessing
Devanshi and DruhiDevanshi: Divine, heavenlyDruhi: Daughter of the earth
Devika and DarshiDevika: Little goddessDarshi: Lord Krishna, one who sees
Dhaniya and DarshtiDhaniya: WealthyDarshti: Vision, view
Dhanya and DhariniDhanya: Thankful, fortunateDharini: Earth
Dhanya and DolaDhanya: Thankful, fortunateDola: Swaying, rocking
Dhanya and DritiDhanya: Thankful, fortunateDriti: Patience, courage
Dhara and DishaDhara: EarthDisha: Direction
Dhara and DiyaDhara: EarthDiya: Lamp, light
Dharini and DvitiDharini: EarthDviti: Second, unique
Dharitri and DriyaDharitri: The earthDriya: Patient
Dhitha and DanyaDhitha: DaughterDanya: Gift of God
Dhitha and DivikaDhitha: DaughterDivika: Little goddess
Dhitha and DvitaDhitha: DaughterDvita: Existing in two forms
Dhithi and DarshiniDhithi: ThoughtfulDarshini: One who sees, a religious follower
Dhithi and DevanshiDhithi: ThoughtfulDevanshi: Divine, heavenly
Dhithi and DrishaDhithi: ThoughtfulDrisha: Sight, vision
Dhriti and DaminiDhriti: CourageDamini: Lightning
Dhriti and DevyanaDhriti: PatienceDevyana: Like a goddess
Dhriti and DhyanaDhriti: Courage, moraleDhyana: Meditation
Dhriti and DwaraDhriti: PatienceDwara: Doorway
Dhriti and DwaraDhriti: Courage, moraleDwara: Doorway
Dhriti and DwishaDhriti: Patience, courageDwisha: Direction, focus
Dhruhi and DevakshiDhruhi: Daughter of the earthDevakshi: Divine eyes
Dhruhi and DevinaDhruhi: Daughter of the earthDevina: Resembling a goddess
Dhruti and DaraDhruti: Motion, steadfastnessDara: Lord, compassionate
Dhruva and DevanaDhruva: Unshakeable, firmDevana: Divine
Dhruva and DivyanshiDhruva: Unshakeable, firmDivyanshi: Divine
Dhruvi and DinaliDhruvi: Firm, steadyDinali: Queen
Dhruvi and DvitaDhruvi: Firm, steadyDvita: Existing in two forms
Dhruvita and DevanshiDhruvita: Firm, steadyDevanshi: Divine
Dhvani and DrishtiDhvani: SoundDrishti: Vision
Dhvani and DrishyaDhvani: Sound, melodyDrishya: Vision, appearance
Dhvani and DritikaDhvani: Sound, melodyDritika: Courageous, determined
Dhvija and DitiDhvija: Twice-bornDiti: Mother of demons
Dhwani and DarshitaDhwani: Sound, melodyDarshita: Seen, observed
Dhwani and DriyaDhwani: SoundDriya: Patient
Dia and DamayantiDia: Lamp, lightDamayanti: Subduer of self-control
Dia and DrishtiDia: Lamp, lightDrishti: Vision
Diksha and DiaraDiksha: Initiation, dedicationDiara: Beautiful
Diksha and DivinaDiksha: Initiation, dedicationDivina: Divine
Disha and DrisanaDisha: DirectionDrisana: Daughter of the sun
Disha and DrishyaDisha: DirectionDrishya: Vision
Dithi and DharikaDithi: ThoughtfulDharika: Earth
Diti and DulariDiti: Mother of demonsDulari: Dear one, beloved
Diti and DyumnaDiti: Mother of demonsDyumna: Glorious
Diva and DitiDiva: Divine, like a goddessDiti: Mother of demons
Diva and DruvikaDiva: Divine, like a goddessDruvika: Star
Divitri and DishiDivitri: Divine, luminousDishi: Direction
Divya and DishaDivya: Divine, heavenlyDisha: Direction
Divyanshi and DevishaDivyanshi: Divine, part of the divineDevisha: Goddess, divine
Divyanshi and DivyataDivyanshi: DivineDivyata: Divine nature
Diya and DivijaDiya: Lamp, lightDivija: Born in heaven, divine
Diya and DivishaDiya: Lamp, lightDivisha: Divine, goddess-like
Diya and DivishaDiya: Lamp, lightDivisha: Divine, goddesslike
Diyara and DivitriDiyara: Bright, radiantDivitri: Divine, luminous
Dnyana and DhwajaDnyana: KnowledgeDhwaja: Flag, banner
Drisana and DiptiDrisana: Daughter of the sunDipti: Brightness, light
Drishti and DamyantiDrishti: Vision, focusDamyanti: Subduer of self-control
Drishti and DevanshikaDrishti: Vision, gazeDevanshika: Part of the divine
Drishti and DevishaDrishti: Vision, focusDevisha: Goddess of divine power
Drishti and DishiDrishti: Vision, gazeDishi: Direction
Driti and DyutiDriti: Courage, moraleDyuti: Radiance
Druvika and DiptikaDruvika: StarDiptika: Lustrous, bright
Druvika and DrishaDruvika: StarDrisha: Sight, vision
Dulari and DaminiDulari: Dear oneDamini: Lightning
Dulari and DvijayaDulari: Dear oneDvijaya: Born twice, victorious
Dvani and DiyanDvani: Melody, soundDiyan: Bright light
Dvija and DwitiDvija: Twice-bornDwiti: Second, unique
Dvitiya and DevyanshiDvitiya: SecondDevyanshi: Divine
Dwija and DyanikaDwija: Twice-bornDyanika: Meditative
Dyumna and DhariniDyumna: GloriousDharini: Earth
Dyuti and DwishaDyuti: RadianceDwisha: Direction, focus

Names Start From E

Eesha and EithaEesha: Purity, DesireEitha: Goddess Parvati
Eevisha and EirikaEevisha: Lord Vishnu’s devoteeEirika: Earth, peaceful ruler
Eila and EeshtaEila: The EarthEeshta: Beloved
Eila and EishaEila: The Earth; also means “light” in some contextsEisha: Purity, Desire
Eila and EithaEila: The EarthEitha: Goddess Parvati
Eila and EshaniEila: The EarthEshani: Goddess Parvati
Eila and EshikaEila: The Earth, BeautifulEshika: An arrow, Dart
Eira and EiryaEira: SnowEirya: Earth, Leader
Eira and EishaEira: SnowEisha: Purity, Desire
Eira and EkamEira: SnowEkam: The only one
Eira and EshiraEira: SnowEshira: Goddess Parvati
Eirika and EshwariEirika: Earth, Peaceful RulerEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Eirya and EshaniEirya: Earth, LeaderEshani: Goddess Parvati
Eirya and EshiraEirya: Earth, LeaderEshira: Goddess Parvati
Eisha and EliraEisha: Purity, DesireElira: The Earth
Eitha and EshwariEitha: Goddess ParvatiEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Ekaa and EiraEkaa: Goddess DurgaEira: Snow
Ekam and EkaikaEkam: The Only OneEkaika: Unique, Sole
Ekamika and EshanaEkamika: The only girlEshana: Search, seeking
Ekamika and EshithaEkamika: The Only GirlEshitha: Beloved
Ekani and EeshtaEkani: OneEeshta: Beloved
Ekani and EsharaEkani: OneEshara: Beloved
Ekani and EshonaEkani: OneEshona: A musical note
Ekanshi and EshwariEkanshi: UniqueEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Ekaparnika and EkantikaEkaparnika: Goddess Durga, single-leafedEkantika: Singly focused
Ekira and EeshtaEkira: QueenEeshta: Beloved
Ekira and EilaEkira: QueenEila: The Earth
Ekira and EkshikaEkira: QueenEkshika: Attraction
Ekira and EktaraEkira: QueenEktara: Musical instrument, symbolizing singularity
Ekira and EshaniEkira: QueenEshani: Goddess Parvati
Ekira and EsharaEkira: QueenEshara: Beloved
Ekisha and EilaEkisha: One goddessEila: The Earth
Ekisha and EirikaEkisha: One goddessEirika: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Ekisha and EkshitaEkisha: One goddessEkshita: Attraction
Ekisha and ElishaEkisha: One GoddessElisha: Noble, Kind
Ekisha and EshikaEkisha: UnityEshika: An arrow
Ekisha and EshnaEkisha: One goddessEshna: Desire
Eksha and EkamikaEksha: AttractionEkamika: The Only Girl
Ekshika and EilaEkshika: AttractionEila: The Earth
Ekshika and EirikaEkshika: AttractionEirika: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Ekshita and EeshtaEkshita: AttractionEeshta: Beloved
Ekshita and EkamikaEkshita: AttractionEkamika: The Only Girl
Ekta and EiraEkta: Unity, HarmonyEira: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Ekta and EkishaEkta: UnityEkisha: One goddess
Ekta and EshwariEkta: Unity, HarmonyEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Ela and EshaEla: Earth, Cardamom treeEsha: Desire
Ela and EshviEla: Earth, BeautifulEshvi: Goddess Saraswati
Elina and EiraElina: Pure, IntelligentEira: Snow
Elina and EsharaElina: Pure, IntelligentEshara: Beloved
Elira and EirikaElira: The EarthEirika: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Era and EshaalEra: EarthEshaal: Paradise Flower
Eshaal and EktaEshaal: Paradise FlowerEkta: Unity, Harmony
Eshana and EilaEshana: Search, SeekingEila: The Earth
Eshana and EkiyaEshana: Search, SeekingEkiya: A unique one
Eshana and EshwariEshana: Search, SeekingEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Eshani and EktaEshani: Close to God, Goddess ParvatiEkta: Unity, Harmony
Eshani and EshikaEshani: Goddess ParvatiEshika: An arrow
Eshara and EithaEshara: BelovedEitha: Goddess Parvati
Eshara and EkaniEshara: BelovedEkani: One
Eshara and EkiraEshara: BelovedEkira: Queen
Eshara and EkshaEshara: BelovedEksha: Attraction
Eshara and EkshikaEshara: BelovedEkshika: Attraction
Eshara and EktaraEshara: BelovedEktara: Musical instrument, Symbolizing singularity
Eshara and EshaalEshara: BelovedEshaal: Paradise Flower
Eshira and EkiraEshira: Goddess ParvatiEkira: Queen
Eshira and EshithaEshira: Goddess ParvatiEshitha: Beloved, Loved one
Eshita and EeshtaEshita: BelovedEeshta: Beloved
Eshita and EilaEshita: BelovedEila: The Earth
Eshita and EiryaEshita: One who desiresEirya: Earth, Leader
Eshita and EkshikaEshita: BelovedEkshika: Attraction
Eshita and EktaraEshita: BelovedEktara: Musical instrument, Symbolizing singularity
Eshita and ElinaEshita: One who desiresElina: Pure, intelligent
Eshita and EshaniEshita: BlessedEshani: Goddess Parvati
Eshita and EshikaEshita: One who desiresEshika: An arrow, Dart
Eshitha and EirikaEshitha: Goddess ParvatiEirika: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Eshitha and EirikaEshitha: Beloved, Loved oneEirika: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Eshitha and EiryaEshitha: Beloved, Loved oneEirya: Earth, Leader
Eshitha and EkiraEshitha: Goddess ParvatiEkira: Queen
Eshitha and EkshikaEshitha: Goddess ParvatiEkshika: Attraction
Eshitha and EktaraEshitha: BelovedEktara: Musical instrument, Symbolizing singularity
Eshitha and EshiraEshitha: Beloved, Loved oneEshira: Goddess Parvati
Eshitha and EshonaEshitha: Beloved, Loved oneEshona: A musical note
Eshitha and EshwariEshitha: Goddess ParvatiEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Eshma and EshnaEshma: LuckyEshna: Desire
Eshna and EilaEshna: DesireEila: The Earth
Eshna and EkaniEshna: DesireEkani: One
Eshna and EkshaEshna: DesireEksha: Attraction
Eshna and ElaraEshna: DesireElara: Shining, bright
Eshni and EktaraEshni: Goddess ParvatiEktara: Musical instrument, Symbolizing singularity
Eshwari and EirikaEshwari: Goddess ParvatiEirika: Earth, Peaceful Ruler
Eshwari and EiryaEshwari: Goddess ParvatiEirya: Earth, Leader
Eshwari and EkaaEshwari: Goddess ParvatiEkaa: Goddess Durga
Eva and EeshaEva: Life, Living oneEesha: Purity, Desire
Eva and EeshtaEva: Life, Living oneEeshta: Beloved
Eva and EiryaEva: Life, Living oneEirya: Earth, Leader
Eva and EishaEva: Life, Living oneEisha: Purity, Desire
Eva and EkamikaEva: Life, Living oneEkamika: The Only Girl
Eva and EkaniEva: Life, Living oneEkani: One
Eva and EkishaEva: Life, Living oneEkisha: One goddess
Eva and EshnaEva: Life, living oneEshna: Desire
Eva and EshwariEva: Life, Living oneEshwari: Goddess Parvati
Eva and EshyaEva: Life, Living oneEshya: Desired, Wished for

Names Start From F

Faiha and FanithaFaiha: Good smell from heavenFanitha: God’s Prayer
Faina and FaihaFaina: HappinessFaiha: Good smell from heaven
Faina and FainyFaina: Shining, JoyfulFainy: Shadow
Faina and FeryaFaina: Shining, JoyfulFerya: Successful
Faina and FivishaFaina: Shining, JoyfulFivisha: Bright, Radiant
Faina and FivithaFaina: Shining, JoyfulFivitha: One who is charming
Falak and FalguniFalak: SkyFalguni: Beautiful, Born in Falgun, a Hindu month
Falak and FalguniFalak: SkyFalguni: Beautiful, Born in the month of Falgun
Falak and FalishaFalak: SkyFalisha: Happiness, Lucky
Falguni and FaihaFalguni: Beautiful, Born in FalgunFaiha: Good smell from heaven
Falguni and FaliniFalguni: Beautiful, Born in FalgunFalini: Songbird
Falguni and FivaraFalguni: Beautiful, Born in FalgunFivara: Energetic, Lively
Falguni and FiyaraFalguni: Beautiful, Born in FalgunFiyara: Beautiful
Falguni and FiyonaFalguni: Beautiful, Born in FalgunFiyona: Beautiful
Falika and FainaFalika: A BirdFaina: Shining, Joyful
Falika and FainyFalika: A BirdFainy: Shadow
Falika and FaliniFalika: A birdFalini: Songbird
Falika and FeryaFalika: A BirdFerya: Successful
Falika and FivithaFalika: A birdFivitha: One who is charming
Falika and FiyonaFalika: A birdFiyona: Beautiful
Falini and FaihaFalini: SongbirdFaiha: Good smell from heaven
Falini and FivaraFalini: SongbirdFivara: Energetic, Lively
Falini and FivishaFalini: SongbirdFivisha: Bright, Radiant
Falini and FivithaFalini: SongbirdFivitha: One who is charming
Falini and FiyonaFalini: SongbirdFiyona: Beautiful
Falisha and FanithaFalisha: HappinessFanitha: God’s Prayer
Falisha and FiyonaFalisha: Happiness, fruitfulFiyona: Beautiful, fair
Falvi and FainaFalvi: Beautiful, LovableFaina: Happy, Joyful
Fanisha and FivaraFanisha: Ambition, desireFivara: Energetic, lively
Fanisha and FiyaraFanisha: Ambition, DesireFiyara: Beautiful
Fanitha and FainaFanitha: God’s PrayerFaina: Shining, Joyful
Fanitha and FivaraFanitha: God’s PrayerFivara: Energetic, Lively
Fanitha and FiyaraFanitha: God’s PrayerFiyara: Beautiful
Feni and FiraFeni: Divine, SweetFira: Adventurous, Traveler
Fenil and FalguniFenil: Name of a French flowerFalguni: Beautiful, Born in Falgun, a Hindu month
Fenil and FalikaFenil: Name of a French flowerFalika: A bird
Fenil and FeniFenil: Name of a French flowerFeni: Artistic
Fenil and FeralFenil: Which means foamFeral: Wild, Beautiful
Ferya and FalikaFerya: SuccessfulFalika: A bird
Ferya and FanithaFerya: SuccessfulFanitha: God’s Prayer
Ferya and FenilFerya: SuccessfulFenil: Name of a French flower
Ferya and FivaraFerya: SuccessfulFivara: Energetic, Lively
Ferya and FivishaFerya: SuccessfulFivisha: Bright, radiant
Ferya and FivithaFerya: SuccessfulFivitha: One who is Charming
Fiala and FeniFiala: A fragrant flowerFeni: Which means divine
Fiana and FaliniFiana: Divine, heavenlyFalini: Songbird
Fiana and FivaraFiana: Divine, HeavenlyFivara: Energetic, Lively
Fiana and FiyaraFiana: Divine, heavenlyFiyara: Beautiful
Fiona and FaloniFiona: Fair, whiteFaloni: Intelligent, bright
Fiona and FanithaFiona: Fair, WhiteFanitha: God’s Prayer
Fiona and FivaraFiona: Fair, WhiteFivara: Energetic, Lively
Fiona and FivishaFiona: Fair, WhiteFivisha: Bright, Radiant
Fiona and FivithaFiona: Fair, WhiteFivitha: One who is charming
Fivara and FainaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFaina: Shining, Joyful
Fivara and FalikaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFalika: A bird
Fivara and FaliniFivara: Energetic, LivelyFalini: Songbird
Fivara and FanithaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFanitha: God’s Prayer
Fivara and FenilFivara: Energetic, LivelyFenil: Name of a French flower
Fivara and FeryaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFerya: Successful
Fivara and FivishaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFivisha: Bright, Radiant
Fivara and FivithaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFivitha: One who is Charming
Fivara and FiyaraFivara: Energetic, LivelyFiyara: Beautiful
Fivara and FiyonaFivara: Energetic, LivelyFiyona: Beautiful
Fivika and FanishaFivika: DelightfulFanisha: Ambition, desire
Fivisha and FiyaraFivisha: Bright, RadiantFiyara: Beautiful
Fivitha and FiyaraFivitha: One who is CharmingFiyara: Beautiful
Fiyara and FalikaFiyara: BeautifulFalika: A bird
Fiyara and FanithaFiyara: BeautifulFanitha: God’s Prayer
Fiyara and FivishaFiyara: BeautifulFivisha: Bright, Radiant
Fiyara and FivithaFiyara: BeautifulFivitha: One who is charming
Fiyona and FanithaFiyona: BeautifulFanitha: God’s Prayer
Fiyona and FeryaFiyona: BeautifulFerya: Successful
Fiza and FirakiFiza: BreezeFiraki: Fragrance
Fiza and FivishaFiza: BreezeFivisha: Bright, Radiant
Forum and FalishaForum: FragranceFalisha: Happiness
Freesha and FreenaFreesha: FreshFreena: Delicate
Friti and FreenaFriti: Wide, BroadFreena: Delicate, Fragile

Names Start From G

Gaanavi and GitaliGaanavi: Melody, MusicGitali: Lover of Song, Melodious
Gargee and GavyaGargee: Song of the heavenly birdsGavya: Garden of God
Gargee and GiraGargee: Song of the heavenly birdsGira: Language, Voice
Gargee and GishikaGargee: Song of the Heavenly BirdsGishika: Young
Gargi and GiraGargi: A learned womanGira: Language, Voice
Gargi and GitaGargi: A learned womanGita: Song
Gargi and GitanjaliGargi: A learned womanGitanjali: Offering of songs
Gargi and GivaraGargi: A learned womanGivara: Brave
Gargi and GunaGargi: A learned womanGuna: Virtue, Quality
Garima and GargiGarima: Dignity, PrideGargi: A Learned Woman
Garitha and GargiGaritha: SongGargi: A learned woman
Gauri and GarimaGauri: Fair, WhiteGarima: Warmth
Gauri and GarviGauri: Fair, White; Goddess ParvatiGarvi: Pride, Honor
Gaurika and GauriGaurika: A young girlGauri: Fair, Bright
Gavya and GargiGavya: Garden of GodGargi: A learned woman
Gavya and GarimaGavya: Garden of GodGarima: Dignity, Pride
Gavya and GarithaGavya: Garden of GodGaritha: Song
Gavya and GiraGavya: Garden of GodGira: Language, Voice
Gavya and GirithaGavya: Garden of GodGiritha: Goddess Parvati
Gavya and GitaGavya: Garden of GodGita: Song
Gavya and GreeshikaGavya: Garden of GodGreeshika: A Ray of Light
Gavya and GrishaGavya: Garden of GodGrisha: Watchful
Gavya and GrithaGavya: Garden of GodGritha: Pearl, Jewel
Gavya and GunaGavya: Garden of GodGuna: Virtue, Quality
Gayatri and GanyaGayatri: A sacred chantGanya: Garden of the Lord
Gayatri and GavyaGayatri: A sacred chantGavya: Garden of God
Gehna and GomatiGehna: OrnamentGomati: Name of a river; Possessive of wealth
Geshna and GarithaGeshna: SunbeamGaritha: Song
Geshna and GavyaGeshna: SunbeamGavya: Garden of God
Geshna and GithaGeshna: SunbeamGitha: Song
Gira and GitaliGira: Language, VoiceGitali: Lover of songs
Girina and GavyaGirina: Lord of MountainsGavya: Garden of God
Girina and GiraGirina: Lord of MountainsGira: Language, Voice
Girina and GrithaGirina: Lord of MountainsGritha: Pearl, Jewel
Girina and GunaGirina: Lord of mountainsGuna: Virtue, quality
Girisha and GithikaGirisha: Goddess ParvatiGithika: A Small Song
Giritha and GargiGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGargi: A learned woman
Giritha and GarimaGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGarima: Dignity, Pride
Giritha and GavyaGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGavya: Garden of God
Giritha and GirinaGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGirina: Lord of Mountains
Giritha and GreeshikaGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGreeshika: A Ray of Light
Giritha and GreshaGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGresha: Desired
Giritha and GulikaGiritha: Goddess ParvatiGulika: Pearl
Gishika and GitaGishika: YoungGita: Song
Gishika and GreeshikaGishika: YoungGreeshika: A Ray of Light
Gita and GargeeGita: SongGargee: Song of the Heavenly Birds
Gita and GreeshikaGita: SongGreeshika: A Ray of Light
Gitali and GitikaGitali: Lover of songGitika: A small song
Gitali and GreeshmaGitali: MelodiousGreeshma: Summer season
Githa and GreeshikaGitha: SongGreeshika: A ray of light
Githika and GarimaGithika: A small songGarima: Dignity, pride
Githika and GrithaGithika: A Small SongGritha: Pearl, Jewel
Gitika and GarginiGitika: A small songGargini: Sacred river
Giva and GargiGiva: CourageousGargi: A learned woman
Givara and GishikaGivara: BraveGishika: Young
Givara and GrithaGivara: BraveGritha: Pearl, Jewel
Greeshika and GishikaGreeshika: A Ray of LightGishika: Young
Greeshika and GrithaGreeshika: A Ray of LightGritha: Pearl, Jewel
Grehya and GithikaGrehya: Dear OneGithika: A Small Song
Gresha and GaurikaGresha: DesiredGaurika: Goddess Parvati
Gresha and GitaGresha: DesiredGita: Song
Gresha and GivaraGresha: DesiredGivara: Brave
Greshma and GishikaGreshma: Warmth, SummerGishika: Young
Greshma and GunaGreshma: Warmth, SummerGuna: Virtue, Quality
Grisha and GreshmaGrisha: WatchfulGreshma: Warmth, Summer
Grisha and GrithaGrisha: WatchfulGritha: Pearl, Jewel
Grisha and GritikaGrisha: WatchfulGritika: Mountain, Strong
Gulika and GulabiGulika: Ball, Anything roundGulabi: Rose colored, Rosy
Gulika and GulkiGulika: PearlGulki: As sweet as a flower
Guna and GirithaGuna: Virtue, QualityGiritha: Goddess Parvati
Gyana and GyanviGyana: KnowledgeGyanvi: Full of knowledge and wisdom
Gyanshi and GreshaGyanshi: KnowledgeGresha: Desired

Names Start From H

Hansa and HamsiniHansa: SwanHamsini: Who rides a swan
Hanya and HirisaHanya: HappinessHirisa: Intelligent, cheerful
Hanya and HithyaHanya: HappinessHithya: Everlasting
Harita and HamsaHarita: Green, Nature’s friendHamsa: Swan
Harita and HariniHarita: Green, Nature’s friendHarini: Deer, Beautiful
Hariya and HithyaHariya: GoldenHithya: Everlasting
Harnika and HeliyaHarnika: Queen of deerHeliya: The sun
Harsa and HarviHarsa: HappinessHarvi: Goddess Lakshmi
Harsa and HarvikaHarsa: HappinessHarvika: Goddess Lakshmi
Harsa and HavyaHarsa: HappinessHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Harsa and HemalHarsa: HappinessHemal: Golden
Harsa and HitaHarsa: HappinessHita: Beneficial
Harsa and HithyaHarsa: HappinessHithya: Everlasting
Harsha and HarshiniHarsha: HappinessHarshini: Joyful
Harvi and HavyaHarvi: Goddess LakshmiHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Harvi and HithyaHarvi: Goddess LakshmiHithya: Everlasting
Harvi and HrithikaHarvi: Goddess LakshmiHrithika: Truthful, Kind Heart
Harvika and HarsaHarvika: Goddess LakshmiHarsa: Happiness
Harvika and HavyaHarvika: Goddess LakshmiHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Havya and HarishaHavya: Sacrificial offeringHarisha: Happiness, delight
Havya and HarnikaHavya: Sacrificial OfferingHarnika: Queen of Deer
Havya and HeeyaHavya: Sacrificial OfferingHeeya: Heart
Havya and HeliyaHavya: Sacrificial OfferingHeliya: The Sun
Havya and HitaHavya: Sacrificial OfferingHita: Beneficial
Havya and HithyaHavya: Sacrificial offeringHithya: Everlasting
Havya and HritikaHavya: Sacrificial OfferingHritika: Truthful, Kind Heart
Havya and HriyaHavya: Sacrificial offeringHriya: Beloved
Heesha and HeliyaHeesha: HappinessHeliya: The sun
Heeya and HeliyaHeeya: HeartHeliya: The Sun
Heeya and HemalHeeya: HeartHemal: Golden
Heeya and HrishtiHeeya: HeartHrishti: Happiness, joy
Heeya and HriyaHeeya: HeartHriya: Beloved
Heliya and HarsaHeliya: The SunHarsa: Happiness
Heliya and HarshaHeliya: The SunHarsha: Happiness
Heliya and HarvikaHeliya: The SunHarvika: Goddess Lakshmi
Heliya and HrithikaHeliya: The SunHrithika: Truthful, Kind Heart
Heliya and HritikaHeliya: The SunHritika: Happiness
Hemal and HavyaHemal: GoldenHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Hemal and HemangiHemal: GoldenHemangi: Golden body
Hemal and HinalHemal: GoldenHinal: Lord’s grace
Hemali and HemakshiHemali: Covered with goldHemakshi: Golden eyes
Heshika and HriyaHeshika: Queen of heartsHriya: Beloved
Heshitha and HeliyaHeshitha: HappinessHeliya: The Sun
Heshitha and HritikaHeshitha: HappinessHritika: Truthful, Kind Heart
Hiral and HiranyaHiral: Lustrous, WealthyHiranya: Gold
Hita and HarvikaHita: BeneficialHarvika: Goddess Lakshmi
Hita and HiralHita: Lovable, BeneficialHiral: Wealthy, Bearing diamonds
Hita and HithaHita: BeneficialHitha: Who wants good for everyone
Hithya and HeeshaHithya: EverlastingHeesha: Happiness
Hiya and HiralHiya: HeartHiral: Lustrous
Hiya and HiyanshiHiya: HeartHiyanshi: Precious, Valuable
Hiyanshi and HarsaHiyanshi: Precious, ValuableHarsa: Happiness
Hiyara and HarsaHiyara: HeartfeltHarsa: Happiness
Hiyara and HavyaHiyara: HeartfeltHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Hiyara and HeeshaHiyara: HeartfeltHeesha: Happiness
Hiyara and HeliyaHiyara: HeartfeltHeliya: The Sun
Hiyara and HirisaHiyara: HeartfeltHirisa: Intelligent, Cheerful
Hiyara and HitaHiyara: HeartfeltHita: Beneficial
Hiyara and HithyaHiyara: HeartfeltHithya: Everlasting
Hiyara and HrishaHiyara: HeartfeltHrisha: Happiness, delight
Hiyara and HrithikaHiyara: HeartfeltHrithika: Truthful, Kind Heart
Hrithika and HavyaHrithika: Truthful, Kind heartHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Hrithika and HeeyaHrithika: Truthful, Kind HeartHeeya: Heart
Hrithika and HeliyaHrithika: Truthful, Kind HeartHeliya: The Sun
Hrithika and HeshithaHrithika: Truthful, Kind HeartHeshitha: Happiness
Hrithika and HritviHrithika: Truthful, Kind heartHritvi: Righteous, Scholar
Hrithvi and HrithikaHrithvi: RighteousHrithika: Of truth, Generous
Hriti and HeshikaHriti: HappinessHeshika: Queen of hearts
Hritika and HansikaHritika: Truthful, Kind heartHansika: Swan, Beautiful lady
Hritika and HarsaHritika: Truthful, Kind heartHarsa: Happiness
Hritvi and HeeyaHritvi: RighteousHeeya: Heart
Hriya and HavyaHriya: BelovedHavya: Sacrificial Offering
Hruti and HeliyaHruti: LoveHeliya: The sun
Hruti and HemalHruti: LoveHemal: Golden
Hruti and HeshithaHruti: LoveHeshitha: Happiness

Names Start From I

Isha and IshitaIsha: Goddess, divineIshita: Desired, one who desires
Ishana and IshaaniIshana: Goddess Parvati, rulerIshaani: Goddess, divine
Ishani and IkshaIshani: Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord ShivaIksha: Sight, eyes
Ishani and IndiraIshani: Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord ShivaIndira: Goddess Lakshmi, beautiful
Ishani and IrajaIshani: Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord ShivaIraja: Daughter of the wind, born of the wind
Ishika and InayaIshika: Paintbrush, Queen of water and loveInaya: Gift of God, grace
Ishika and InikaIshika: Paintbrush, Queen of water and loveInika: Earth, little mother
Ishira and InayatIshira: Goddess, rulerInayat: Kindness, grace
Ishira and IraIshira: Goddess, rulerIra: Earth, goddess of creation
Ishira and IryaIshira: Goddess, rulerIrya: Powerful, energetic
Ishira and IylaIshira: Goddess, rulerIyla: Moonlight, night
Ishita and IlinaIshita: Desired, one who desiresIlina: Intelligent, bright
Ishita and InaayaIshita: Desired, one who desiresInaaya: Gift of God, grace
Ishmita and IylaIshmita: Goddess of knowledge, wisdomIyla: Moonlight, night
Ishwari and IlinaIshwari: Goddess, divineIlina: Intelligent, one who is bright
Ishwari and InikaIshwari: Goddess, divineInika: Earth, little mother
Ishwari and InikaIshwari: Goddess, divineInika: Little earth, small one
Ishwari and IshaniIshwari: Goddess, divineIshani: Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva
Ishwarya and IkshitaIshwarya: Wealth, prosperityIkshita: Visible, perceived
Ishwarya and InayaIshwarya: Wealth, prosperityInaya: Gift of God, grace
Ishya and InikaIshya: Spring, renewalInika: Little earth, small one
Ishya and ItrikaIshya: Spring, renewalItrika: Enchanting, charming

Names Start From J

Jagruti and JanakiJagruti: AwarenessJanaki: Another name for Goddess Sita
Jagvi and JivitaJagvi: WorldlyJivita: Life
Jagvi and JivithiJagvi: WorldlyJivithi: Life
Jaimi and JivalaJaimi: VictoryJivala: Life
Jaimika and JeshikaJaimika: VictoryJeshika: Joyful, Full of laughter
Jaimini and JanithaJaimini: VictoryJanitha: Born
Jaimini and JishnuJaimini: VictoryJishnu: Triumphant
Jaina and JaiminiJaina: Good characterJaimini: Victory
Jaina and JhansiJaina: Good characterJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.
Jaini and JhansiJaini: Gift from GodJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.
Jaini and JitharaJaini: Gift from GodJithara: Conqueror
Jaini and JivaraJaini: Gift from GodJivara: Water, River
Jaini and JivitaJaini: Gift from GodJivita: Life
Jaisika and JeevishaJaisika: MoonJeevisha: Full of life
Jaisri and JanikaJaisri: Goddess of VictoryJanika: Mother
Jaitra and JhanikaJaitra: VictoryJhanika: Moonlight
Jalika and JhaliniJalika: LotusJhalini: Queen of the water
Jalika and JivaraJalika: LotusJivara: Water, River
Jalika and JivishaJalika: LotusJivisha: Full of life
Jalina and JirinaJalina: Queen of the waterJirina: Lord of mountains
Jalini and JeevaniJalini: Queen of the waterJeevani: Life
Jalini and JithanaJalini: Queen of the waterJithana: Conqueror
Jalini and JivitaJalini: Queen of the waterJivita: Life
Janki and JyotsnaJanki: Goddess SitaJyotsna: Radiant like flames
Janvi and JhanviJanvi: Another name for the River GangaJhanvi: Ganga river
Janya and JinishaJanya: BornJinisha: Night
Janya and JivaraJanya: BornJivara: Water, River
Janya and JivitaJanya: BornJivita: Life
Janya and JyotiraJanya: BornJyotira: Light
Jashitha and JitharaJashitha: SuccessfulJithara: Conqueror
Jashitha and JivaraJashitha: SuccessfulJivara: Water, River
Jashitha and JivikaJashitha: SuccessfulJivika: Source of life
Jasmin and JyotiJasmin: Jasmine flowerJyoti: Flame, Light
Jeevini and JyotiraJeevini: LifeJyotira: Light
Jeevitha and JivishaJeevitha: LifeJivisha: Bright, Light
Jeevitha and JyotiraJeevitha: LifeJyotira: Light
Jeshika and JivikaJeshika: Joyful, Full of laughterJivika: Source of life
Jeshna and JainaJeshna: VictoryJaina: Good character
Jhalak and JivitaJhalak: Glimpse, SparkJivita: Life
Jhalika and JhanikaJhalika: SparkleJhanika: Moonlight
Jhalika and JitharaJhalika: SparkleJithara: Conqueror
Jhalika and JivantiJhalika: Queen of the waterJivanti: One who lives
Jhalini and JagrutiJhalini: Queen of the waterJagruti: Awareness
Jhalini and JinaliJhalini: Queen of the waterJinali: Lotus
Jhalini and JithaliJhalini: Queen of the waterJithali: Conqueror
Jhalini and JivaraJhalini: Queen of the waterJivara: Water, River
Jhanika and JagrutiJhanika: MoonlightJagruti: Awareness
Jhanika and JashithaJhanika: MoonlightJashitha: Successful
Jhanika and JasiraJhanika: MoonlightJasira: Brave
Jhanika and JharnaJhanika: MoonlightJharna: A stream
Jhanika and JhilmilJhanika: MoonlightJhilmil: Sparkling
Jhanika and JithaliJhanika: MoonlightJithali: Conqueror
Jhanika and JithanaJhanika: MoonlightJithana: Conqueror
Jhanika and JivaliJhanika: MoonlightJivali: Life
Jhanika and JivishaJhanika: MoonlightJivisha: Full of life
Jhanika and JivithiJhanika: MoonlightJivithi: Life
Jhanika and JugalJhanika: MoonlightJugal: Couple
Jhanika and JugnaJhanika: MoonlightJugna: Fire
Jhansi and JigyaJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.Jigya: Curious
Jhansi and JithanaJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.Jithana: Conqueror
Jhansi and JivishaJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.Jivisha: Full of life
Jhansi and JivithiJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.Jivithi: Life
Jhansi and JugalJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.Jugal: Couple
Jharna and JithanaJharna: A streamJithana: Conqueror
Jharna and JitharaJharna: A streamJithara: Conqueror
Jharna and JivikaJharna: A streamJivika: Source of life
Jharna and JivishaJharna: A streamJivisha: Full of life
Jhilmil and JagrutiJhilmil: SparklingJagruti: Awareness
Jhilmil and JithaliJhilmil: SparklingJithali: Conqueror
Jhilmil and JivaraJhilmil: SparklingJivara: Water, River
Jhilmil and JivikaJhilmil: SparklingJivika: Source of life
Jhilmil and JivishaJhilmil: SparklingJivisha: Full of life
Jhilmil and JivitaJhilmil: SparklingJivita: Life
Jhilmil and JugalJhilmil: SparklingJugal: Couple
Jidnya and JharnaJidnya: MeditationJharna: A stream
Jigya and JanithaJigya: CuriousJanitha: Born
Jigya and JinaliJigya: CuriousJinali: Lotus
Jigya and JivikaJigya: CuriousJivika: Source of life
Jigya and JugalJigya: CuriousJugal: Couple
Jigyasa and JivaraJigyasa: CuriosityJivara: Water, River
Jilina and JeshikaJilina: Lord of mountainsJeshika: Joyful, Full of laughter
Jinal and JainaJinal: Lord VishnuJaina: Good character
Jinali and JaimikaJinali: LotusJaimika: Victory
Jinali and JainaJinali: LotusJaina: Good character
Jinali and JhilmilJinali: LotusJhilmil: Sparkling
Jinali and JigyaJinali: LotusJigya: Curious
Jinali and JirinaJinali: LotusJirina: Lord of mountains
Jinali and JivikaJinali: LotusJivika: Source of life
Jinali and JivithaJinali: LotusJivitha: Life
Jinisha and JitharaJinisha: NightJithara: Conqueror
Jirina and JanyaJirina: Lord of mountainsJanya: Born
Jiritha and JinaliJiritha: Born of the earthJinali: Lotus
Jiritha and JovaraJiritha: Born of the earthJovara: Pure and auspicious
Jishita and JinaliJishita: SuccessfulJinali: Lotus
Jishita and JithanaJishita: SuccessfulJithana: Conqueror
Jishita and JugalJishita: SuccessfulJugal: Couple
Jitali and JagrutiJitali: VictoriousJagruti: Awareness
Jithali and JanyaJithali: ConquerorJanya: Born
Jithana and JhansiJithana: ConquerorJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.
Jithana and JigishaJithana: ConquerorJigisha: Curiosity
Jithara and JivishaJithara: ConquerorJivisha: Full of life
Jivala and JanithaJivala: LifeJanitha: Born
Jivala and JharnaJivala: LifeJharna: A stream
Jivana and JeevikaJivana: LifeJeevika: Water
Jivani and JinaliJivani: LifeJinali: Lotus
Jivanti and JitharaJivanti: One who livesJithara: Conqueror
Jivara and JanyaJivara: Water, RiverJanya: Born
Jivara and JashithaJivara: Water, RiverJashitha: Successful
Jivara and JhanikaJivara: Water, RiverJhanika: Moonlight
Jivara and JhansiJivara: Water, RiverJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.
Jivara and JishitaJivara: Water, RiverJishita: Successful
Jivara and Jitharaivara: Water, RiverJithara: Conqueror
Jivara and JitharaJivara: Water, RiverJithara: Conqueror
Jivara and JivikaJivara: Water, RiverJivika: Source of life
Jivara and JivitaJivara: Water, RiverJivita: Life
Jivara and JugalJivara: Water, RiverJugal: Couple
Jivara and JyotiraJivara: Water, RiverJyotira: Light
Jivisha and JilikaJivisha: Full of lifeJilika: Moonlight
Jivisha and JithanaJivisha: Full of lifeJithana: Conqueror
Jivita and JitharaJivita: LifeJithara: Conqueror
Jivitha and JitharaJivitha: LifeJithara: Conqueror
Jivitha and JivikaJivitha: LifeJivika: Source of life
Jivitha and JugalJivitha: LifeJugal: Couple
Jivithi and JanikaJivithi: LifeJanika: Mother
Jiya and JaitraJiya: HeartJaitra: Victory
Jiya and JishaJiya: HeartJisha: The person who brings happiness
Jiyara and JithikaJiyara: HeartfeltJithika: Joyful
Jogini and JhaliniJogini: A celestial maidenJhalini: Queen of the water
Jogini and JitharaJogini: A celestial maidenJithara: Conqueror
Jogini and JivitaJogini: A celestial maidenJivita: Life
Joshita and JuhiJoshita: PleasedJuhi: A flower
Jovara and JhalikaJovara: Pure and auspiciousJhalika: Sparkle
Jovara and JivithaJovara: Pure and auspiciousJivitha: Life
Jovita and JhansiJovita: JoyfulJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.
Jugal and JhaliniJugal: CoupleJhalini: Queen of the water
Jugal and JithaliJugal: CoupleJithali: Conqueror
Jugal and JivaraJugal: CoupleJivara: Water, River
Jugal and JivikaJugal: CoupleJivika: Source of life
Jugal and JivitaJugal: CoupleJivita: Life
Jugal and JivithaJugal: CoupleJivitha: Life
Jugalika and JharnaJugalika: A pairJharna: A stream
Jugalika and JitharaJugalika: A pairJithara: Conqueror
Jugalika and JivikaJugalika: A pairJivika: Source of life
Jugalika and JivitaJugalika: A pairJivita: Life
Jugalika and JivithiJugalika: A pairJivithi: Life
Jugna and JhaliniJugna: FireJhalini: Queen of the water
Jugna and JhanikaJugna: FireJhanika: Moonlight
Jugna and JhilmilJugna: FireJhilmil: Sparkling
Jugna and JinaliJugna: FireJinali: Lotus
Jugna and JithaliJugna: FireJithali: Conqueror
Jugna and JitharaJugna: FireJithara: Conqueror
Jugna and JivaraJugna: FireJivara: Water, River
Jugna and JivithiJugna: FireJivithi: Life
Jugna and JyotimaJugna: FireJyotima: Luminous
Juhi and JigyasaJuhi: Jasmine flowerJigyasa: Curiosity
Juhitha and JanakiJuhitha: BrightJanaki: Goddess Sita
Juhitha and JasikaJuhitha: BrightJasika: Jasmine flower
Juhitha and JivitaJuhitha: BrightJivita: Life
Jyotika and JivaraJyotika: LightJivara: Water, River
Jyotika and JwalaJyotika: Light, A flameJwala: Flame
Jyotima and JharnaJyotima: LuminousJharna: A stream
Jyotima and JinaliJyotima: LuminousJinali: Lotus
Jyotima and JithaliJyotima: LuminousJithali: Conqueror
Jyotima and JivaliJyotima: LuminousJivali: Life
Jyotima and JivithiJyotima: LuminousJivithi: Life
Jyotina and JhansiJyotina: LuminousJhansi: The most famous Rani Laxmibai, also known as the Queen of Jhansi, lived here.
Jyotira and JithaliJyotira: LightJithali: Conqueror

Names Start From K

Kaira and KavyaKaira: Peaceful, uniqueKavya: Poetic or literary
Kaira and KritiKaira: Peaceful, uniqueKriti: Work of art, creation
Kashika and KavishaKashika: The shining oneKavisha: Goddess Saraswati, poetry
Kashish and KirtiKashish: Attraction, charmKirti: Fame, glory
Kashvi and KavikaKashvi: Shining, brightKavika: Poetess, one who composes poetry
Kashvi and KavyaKashvi: Shining, brightKavya: Poetic, literary
Kavya and KairaKavya: PoemKaira: Peaceful
Kavya and KashviKavya: Poetic or literaryKashvi: Shining, bright
Kavya and KeshviKavya: PoemKeshvi: Radha, Wife of Lord Krishna
Kavya and KrishaKavya: Poetic or literaryKrisha: Divine, a form of Lord Krishna
Kavya and KritikaKavya: Poetic or literaryKritika: Star, constellation
Kavya and KriyaKavya: Poem, literatureKriya: Ritual, action
Khushi and KashviKhushi: HappinessKashvi: Shining
Kia and KritiKia: The earth, foundationKriti: Art, creation
Kia and KyraKia: The earth, foundationKyra: Sun, throne
Kiara and KavyaKiara: Dark-haired, brightKavya: Poetic, literary
Kiara and KavyaKiara: Darkhaired, brightKavya: Poetic, literary
Kiara and KirtiKiara: Dark-haired, brightKirti: Fame, glory
Kiara and KishaKiara: Dark-haired, brightKisha: A beautiful and talented woman
Kiran and KavyaKiran: Ray of lightKavya: Poem, literature
Kiya and KyraKiya: The beautiful oneKyra: Sun, throne
Krisha and Keyarisha: DivineKeya: Flower
Krithika and KshipraKrithika: Beautiful, well-likedKshipra: Quick, swift
Kriti and KanikaKriti: Art, creationKanika: Small particle, atom
Kriti and KavyaKriti: ArtKavya: Poetry
Kshirja and KshipraKshirja: Born in milk, pureKshipra: Quick, swift

Names Start From L

Lalita and LavithaLalita: BeautifulLavitha: Graceful
Lavanya and LavikaLavanya: Grace, beautyLavika: Grace
Lavanya and LavithaLavanya: Grace, beautyLavitha: Grace
Lavi and LishaLavi: GraceLisha: Happiness
Lavika and LarishaLavika: IntelligentLarisha: Prosperous
Lavika and LatikaLavika: GraceLatika: Small flower
Lavitha and LarikaLavitha: GracefulLarika: Elegant
Lavitha and LatikaLavitha: GraceLatika: Small flower
Lavitha and LavanaLavitha: GraceLavana: Beautiful
Lavitha and LavanyaLavitha: GraceLavanya: Grace, beauty
Lavitha and LavikaLavitha: GraceLavika: Grace
Lavitha and LavinaLavitha: GraceLavina: Graceful
Lavitha and LeenaLavitha: GraceLeena: Devoted
Lavitha and LeeshaLavitha: GraceLeesha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kind
Lavitha and LeishaLavitha: GraceLeisha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kind
Lavitha and LekishaLavitha: GraceLekisha: Life
Lavitha and LishaLavitha: GraceLisha: Beautiful angel
Leena and LatikaLeena: DevotedLatika: Small flower
Leena and LavikaLeena: DevotedLavika: Grace
Leena and LavinaLeena: DevotedLavina: Graceful
Leena and LavithaLeena: DevotedLavitha: Grace
Leena and LekishaLeena: DevotedLekisha: Life
Leena and LishaLeena: DevotedLisha: Beautiful angel
Leesha and LatikaLeesha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kindLatika: Small flower
Leesha and LavikaLeesha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kindLavika: Grace
Leesha and LavithaLeesha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kindLavitha: Grace
Leesha and LekishaLeesha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kindLekisha: Life
Leesha and LianaLeesha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kindLiana: To climb like a vine
Lekisha and LatikaLekisha: LifeLatika: Small flower
Liana and LatikaLiana: To climb like a vineLatika: Small flower
Liana and LavanyaLiana: To climb like a vineLavanya: Grace, beauty
Liana and LavikaLiana: To climb like a vineLavika: Grace
Liana and LavithaLiana: To climb like a vineLavitha: Grace
Liana and LeishaLiana: To climb like a vineLeisha: Derived from Alicia, meaning noble and kind
Liana and LekishaLiana: To climb like a vineLekisha: Life
Liana and LishaLiana: To climb like a vineLisha: Beautiful angel
Lisha and LatikaLisha: Beautiful angelLatika: Small flower
Lisha and LavikaLisha: Beautiful angelLavika: Grace
Lisha and LavinaLisha: Beautiful angelLavina: Graceful
Lisha and LavithaLisha: Beautiful angelLavitha: Grace
Lisha and LeenaLisha: Beautiful angelLeena: Devoted
Lisha and LekishaLisha: Beautiful angelLekisha: Life
Lithara and LeeshaLithara: MoonlightLeesha: Noble

Names Start From M

Mahika and MeherMahika: Dew dropsMeher: Benevolent
Mahika and MitaliMahika: Dew dropsMitali: Friendship
Maithili and MahikaMaithili: Sita, an ancient princessMahika: Dew drops
Maithili and MahikaMaithili: Sita, an ancient princessMahika: Dewdrops
Maithili and MahiraMaithili: Sita, an ancient princessMahira: Skilled, talented
Mansi and MeherMansi: WomanMeher: Benevolent
Mansi and MyraMansi: WomanMyra: Fragrant, beloved
Manya and MeherManya: Respected, honorableMeher: Benevolent
Manya and MihikaManya: Respected, honorableMihika: Dew drop
Manya and MihikaManya: Respected, honorableMihika: Dewdrop
Medha and MaithiliMedha: Intellect, wisdomMaithili: Sita, an ancient princess
Medha and MitaliMedha: Intellect, wisdomMitali: Friendship
Meera and MihikaMeera: Devotee of Lord KrishnaMihika: Dew drop
Meera and MihiraMeera: Devotee of Lord KrishnaMihira: Dew drop
Meera and MitaliMeera: Devotee of Lord KrishnaMitali: Friend
Meera and MitaliMeera: Devotee of Lord KrishnaMitali: Friendship
Mehika and MyishaMehika: Dewdrops, mistMyisha: Beautiful, graceful
Mihika and ManyaMihika: Dew dropManya: Respected, honorable
Mira and MyraMira: AdmirableMyra: Fragrant, beloved
Mitali and MeherMitali: FriendshipMeher: Benevolent
Mitali and MyraMitali: FriendshipMyra: Fragrant, beloved
Myra and MahiraMyra: Fragrant, belovedMahira: Skilled, talented
Myra and MeherMyra: Sweet, poeticMeher: Blessing, kindness

Names Start From N

Naina and NavyaNaina: Eyes, captivatingNavya: New, fresh
Navya and NityaNavya: New, freshNitya: Eternal, constant
Nehira and NiyatiNehira: Radiant, brightNiyati: Destiny, fate
Nikita and NityaNikita: Unconquered, victoriousNitya: Eternal, constant
Nikita and NiyaraNikita: Unconquered, victoriousNiyara: Beautiful and rare
Nirali and NiharikaNirali: Unique, incomparableNiharika: Dew drops, the morning dew
Nirali and NishtaNirali: Unique, exceptionalNishta: Devotion, dedication
Nirvi and NishiNirvi: Blissful, calmNishi: Night, evening
Nishi and NidhiNishi: Night, eveningNidhi: Treasure, wealth
Nishika and NityaNishika: Night, auspiciousNitya: Eternal, constant
Niyati and NiveditaNiyati: Destiny or fateNivedita: Dedicated or surrendered

Names Start From O

Oditi and OditikaOditi: DawnOditika: Dawn
Oeshi and OeshikaOeshi: Divine, holyOeshika: Belonging to the divine
Oindrila and OindreeOindrila: Another name for the wife of IndraOindree: Related to the god Indra
Oja and OjalaOja: VitalityOjala: Light, brightness
Oja and OjaswiOja: VitalityOjaswi: Bright
Ojal and OjalikaOjal: Vision, brightnessOjalika: Splendor
Ojal and OorjaOjal: Vision, brightnessOorja: Energy, power
Ojal and OshinOjal: Vision, brightnessOshin: Cute, adorable
Ojalika and OorjaOjalika: SplendorOorja: Energy, power
Ojalika and OshinOjalika: SplendorOshin: Cute, adorable
Ojalika and OviyaOjalika: SplendorOviya: Artist
Ojalvi and OjasviniOjalvi: VisionOjasvini: Lustrous, bright
Ojasvi and OishiOjasvi: Bright, radiantOishi: Divine, charming
Ojasvi and OmishaOjasvi: Bright, radiantOmisha: Goddess of life
Ojasvi and OorjaOjasvi: Bright, radiantOorja: Energy, power
Ojaswini and OjasiOjaswini: LustrousOjasi: Bright
Olikshi and OmvatiOlikshi: VisionOmvati: Sacred, possessing the power of Om
Omana and OmalaOmana: WomanOmala: Earth
Omisha and OjalikaOmisha: Goddess of lifeOjalika: Splendor
Omisha and OorjaOmisha: Goddess of lifeOorja: Energy, power
Omisha and OpalinaOmisha: Spirit of birth and deathOpalina: Jewel
Omisha and OviyaOmisha: Goddess of lifeOviya: Artist
Omya and OviaOmya: Life giverOvia: Drawing, painting
Omysha and OnellaOmysha: Smile, joyOnella: Light
Oorja and OishiOorja: Energy, powerOishi: Divine, charming
Oorja and OjalikaOorja: Energy, powerOjalika: Splendor
Oorja and OjasviOorja: Energy, powerOjasvi: Bright, radiant
Oorja and OshinOorja: Energy, powerOshin: Cute, adorable
Oorja and OviyaOorja: Energy, powerOviya: Artist
Oorvi and OorjaOorvi: EarthOorja: Energy
Oorvi and OorjaOorvi: EarthOorja: Energy, power
Oriana and OrmikaOriana: DawnOrmika: Wave
Oshin and OishiOshin: Cute, adorableOishi: Divine, charming
Oshin and OjalOshin: Cute, adorableOjal: Vision, brightness
Oshin and OjalikaOshin: Cute, adorableOjalika: Splendor
Oshin and OmishaOshin: Cute, adorableOmisha: Goddess of life
Oshin and OviyaOshin: Cute, adorableOviya: Artist
Oshma and OshmiOshma: Summer seasonOshmi: Personality
Ovisha and OysheeOvisha: Lord’s blessingOyshee: Divine, beautiful
Oviya and OishiOviya: ArtistOishi: Divine, charming
Oviya and OjalOviya: ArtistOjal: Vision, brightness
Oviya and OjasviOviya: ArtistOjasvi: Bright, radiant
Oviya and OmishaOviya: ArtistOmisha: Goddess of life
Oviya and OorjaOviya: ArtistOorja: Energy, power
Oviya and OshinOviya: ArtistOshin: Cute, adorable

Names Start From P

Pahini and PihuPahini: EarthPihu: Chirp, sound of a bird
Pahini and PraptiPahini: EarthPrapti: Achievement
Pahini and PrithiPahini: EarthPrithi: Love, joy
Palak and ParnikaPalak: EyelashParnika: Auspicious Apsara, leaf
Palak and PravyaPalak: EyelashPravya: Beloved, dear one
Palika and PihuPalika: PrincessPihu: Chirp, sound of a bird
Palika and PragyaPalika: PrincessPragya: Wisdom
Pankhuri and ParitiPankhuri: PetalPariti: Beauty
Paravi and PariParavi: BirdPari: Angel
Pari and ParimiPari: AngelParimi: Limitless
Pari and PranayiPari: AngelPranayi: Beloved
Paridhi and PrishikaParidhi: Limit, boundaryPrishika: Beloved
Pariharika and ParnitaPariharika: ProtectorParnita: Auspicious Apsara
Pariharika and PurnitaPariharika: ProtectorPurnita: Complete, full
Pariharika and PushtiPariharika: ProtectorPushti: Nourishment
Parija and ParimiParija: Daughter of the oceanParimi: Limitless
Parija and PramithaParija: Daughter of the oceanPramitha: Joyful, delighted
Paril and PritikshaParil: BeautifulPritiksha: Longing, waiting
Parima and PreenaParima: LimitPreena: Affectionate
Parimita and PritiParimita: LimitlessPriti: Love, affection
Parina and ParnikaParina: Fairy, beautiful angelParnika: Small leaf, greenery
Parina and PoonamParina: FairyPoonam: Full moon
Parina and PrachitiParina: FairyPrachiti: Nature
Parina and PramikaParina: FairyPramika: One who encourages
Parina and PritikaParina: FairyPritika: Loved one
Parini and ParidhiParini: FairyParidhi: Limit, boundary
Parini and ParnithaParini: FairyParnitha: Promoted, praised
Parini and ParviParini: FairyParvi: Festival
Parini and PiyuParini: FairyPiyu: Beloved
Parini and PranaviParini: FairyPranavi: Goddess Parvati
Parini and PranayiParini: FairyPranayi: Beloved
Parini and PratikaParini: FairyPratika: Symbol, representation
Parini and PushpikaParini: FairyPushpika: Flower-like
Parisha and PritikaParisha: Like a fairyPritika: Loved one
Parishi and ParomitaParishi: Like a fairyParomita: Knowledgeable
Parishi and PravyaParishi: Like a fairyPravya: Beloved, dear one
Parishi and PriyankaParishi: Like a fairyPriyanka: Beloved, dear one
Parita and ParnikaParita: BeautyParnika: Auspicious Apsara
Paritha and PiyaliParitha: FlowerPiyali: A bud
Pariti and ParijatPariti: BeautyParijat: Celestial flower
Pariti and ParimaPariti: BeautyParima: Limit
Pariti and PranjalikaPariti: BeautyPranjalika: Simple, honest
Pariti and PritikaPariti: BeautyPritika: Loved one
Parmita and PariharikaParmita: LimitlessPariharika: Protector
Parmita and PrakritiParmita: LimitlessPrakriti: Nature
Parnal and PreetikaParnal: LeafyPreetika: Loved one
Parnavi and PragatiParnavi: Bird, new leafPragati: Progress
Parnavi and PranayaParnavi: Bird, new leafPranaya: Affection
Parnavi and PravishaParnavi: Bird, new leafPravisha: Heaven, divine
Parnavi and PravyaParnavi: Bird, new leafPravya: Beloved, dear one
Parnika and ParishaParnika: Small leaf, greeneryParisha: Like a fairy, angelic
Parnika and ParvishaParnika: Auspicious ApsaraParvisha: Moonlight
Parnika and PramitiParnika: Auspicious ApsaraPramiti: Love, affection
Parnika and PrashaParnika: Auspicious ApsaraPrasha: Happy, joyful
Parnita and PrasithaParnita: Auspicious ApsaraPrasitha: Cheerful
Parul and PranitaParul: GracefulPranita: Promoted, praised
Parul and PranjalikaParul: GracefulPranjalika: Honest
Parul and PushtiParul: GracefulPushti: Nourishment
Parvi and PranayitaParvi: FestivalPranayita: Beloved
Pavani and PravyaPavani: Pure, sacredPravya: Beloved, dear one
Pavi and ParijatPavi: Pure, sacredParijat: Celestial flower
Pavini and ParidhiPavini: EarthParidhi: Limit, boundary
Pavini and PihuPavini: EarthPihu: Chirp, sound of a bird
Pavini and PranjalPavini: EarthPranjal: Honest
Pavini and PrasithaPavini: EarthPrasitha: Cheerful
Pavini and PriyaliPavini: EarthPriyali: Beautiful
Pavithra and ParijayaPavithra: Pure, holyParijaya: Victory
Pavithra and PratikaPavithra: Pure, holyPratika: Symbol, representation
Pavithra and PravitaPavithra: Pure, holyPravita: One who leads
Pavithra and PravyaPavithra: Pure, holyPravya: Beloved, dear one
Pihu and PankhuriPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPankhuri: Petal
Pihu and ParidhiPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdParidhi: Limit, boundary
Pihu and ParijatPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdParijat: Celestial flower
Pihu and ParijayaPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdParijaya: Victory
Pihu and ParnaviPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Pihu and ParnitaPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdParnita: Auspicious Apsara
Pihu and PiyushaPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPiyusha: Nectar
Pihu and PranayaPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPranaya: Affection
Pihu and PranjalPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPranjal: Simple, honest
Pihu and PranjalPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPranjal: Honest
Pihu and PraviPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPravi: Skilled, intelligent
Pihu and PrithaPihu: Chirp, sound of a birdPritha: Beloved, dear one
Piyu and PoonamPiyu: BelovedPoonam: Full moon
Pooja and PrishaPooja: WorshipPrisha: Beloved
Poonam and PravyaPoonam: Full moonPravya: Beloved, dear one
Prachi and ParikaPrachi: EastParika: Fairy
Prachi and PariniPrachi: EastParini: Fairy
Prachi and ParnaviPrachi: EastParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Prachi and PramithaPrachi: EastPramitha: Joyful, delighted
Prachi and PritviPrachi: EastPritvi: Earth
Pragya and ParaviPragya: WisdomParavi: Bird
Pragya and PiyaliPragya: WisdomPiyali: A bud
Prajakta and PariharikaPrajakta: Fragrant flowerPariharika: Protector
Prakriti and ParijatPrakriti: NatureParijat: Celestial flower
Prakriti and PavanaPrakriti: NaturePavana: Pure, sacred
Prakriti and PradnyaPrakriti: NaturePradnya: Wisdom
Prakriti and PranjalikaPrakriti: NaturePranjalika: Honest
Prakriti and PritaPrakriti: NaturePrita: Dear one
Prakruti and ParnikaPrakruti: NatureParnika: Auspicious Apsara
Prakruti and PoonamPrakruti: NaturePoonam: Full moon
Pramika and ParulikaPramika: One who encouragesParulika: Graceful
Pramita and PurnitaPramita: LimitlessPurnita: Complete, full
Pramiti and PihuPramiti: Love, affectionPihu: Chirp, sound of a bird
Pranali and PavanaPranali: Organization, arrangementPavana: Pure, sacred
Pranavi and PariPranavi: Goddess ParvatiPari: Angel
Pranavi and ParidhiPranavi: Goddess ParvatiParidhi: Limit, boundary
Pranavi and PreetiPranavi: Goddess Parvati, melodiousPreeti: Love, affection
Pranavi and PritiraPranavi: Goddess ParvatiPritira: Loving
Pranika and PariPranika: Full of lifePari: Angel
Pranika and ParulPranika: Full of lifeParul: Graceful, beautiful
Pranika and PrishaPranika: Full of lifePrisha: Beloved, loving
Pranitha and ParnitaPranitha: Promoted, praisedParnita: Auspicious Apsara
Praniti and PoonamPraniti: Guidance, leadershipPoonam: Full moon
Praniti and PrakrutiPraniti: Guidance, leadershipPrakruti: Nature
Pranjal and PradhiPranjal: HonestPradhi: Intelligent
Pranjalika and ParimitaPranjalika: HonestParimita: Limitless
Pranjalika and PoonamPranjalika: HonestPoonam: Full moon
Pranjalika and PrakrutiPranjalika: HonestPrakruti: Nature
Pranjalika and PritaraPranjalika: HonestPritara: Daughter of love
Pranya and PurnimaPranya: Symbol, expressionPurnima: Full moon
Prapti and PalikaPrapti: AchievementPalika: Princess
Prapti and PariPrapti: AchievementPari: Angel
Prapti and ParidhiPrapti: AchievementParidhi: Limit, boundary
Prapti and ParnaviPrapti: AchievementParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Prapti and ParniPrapti: AchievementParni: Leafy
Prapti and ParulikaPrapti: AchievementParulika: Graceful
Prapti and PoonamPrapti: AchievementPoonam: Full moon
Prarthana and ParijatPrarthana: PrayerParijat: Celestial flower
Prarthana and ParnalPrarthana: PrayerParnal: Leafy
Prashvi and PranitiPrashvi: EarthPraniti: Guidance, leadership
Pratika and ParijaPratika: Symbol, representationParija: Daughter of the ocean
Pratika and PiyashaPratika: Symbol, representationPiyasha: Nectar
Pravi and PanktiPravi: HeavenPankti: Line, phrase
Pravi and ParijayaPravi: HeavenParijaya: Victory
Pravi and ParnalPravi: HeavenParnal: Leafy
Pravi and PrathamikaPravi: HeavenPrathamika: First
Pravya and PalikaPravya: Beloved, dear onePalika: Princess
Pravya and PariPravya: Beloved, dear onePari: Angel
Pravya and PariharikaPravya: Beloved, dear onePariharika: Protector
Pravya and PiyashaPravya: Beloved, dear onePiyasha: Nectar
Pravya and PrakritiPravya: Beloved, dear onePrakriti: Nature
Pravya and PranitaPravya: Beloved, dear onePranita: Promoted, praised
Pravya and PreetiPravya: Beloved, dear onePreeti: Love, affection
Pravya and PreetikaPravya: Beloved, dear onePreetika: Loved one
Pravya and PritaPravya: Beloved, dear onePrita: Dear one
Pravya and PriyashaPravya: Beloved, dear onePriyasha: Dear one, beloved
Pravya and PruthaPravya: Beloved, dear onePrutha: Daughter of earth
Preena and PranithiPreena: AffectionatePranithi: Love, affection
Preena and PritviPreena: AffectionatePritvi: Earth
Preeti and PariPreeti: Love, affectionPari: Angel
Preeti and ParimitaPreeti: Love, affectionParimita: Limitless
Preeti and ParinaPreeti: Love, affectionParina: Fairy
Preeti and ParithaPreeti: Love, affectionParitha: Flower
Preeti and ParnikaPreeti: Love, affectionParnika: Auspicious Apsara
Preeti and PranitaPreeti: Love, affectionPranita: Promoted, praised
Preetika and ParinithaPreetika: Loved oneParinitha: Expert
Preetika and PradnyaPreetika: Loved onePradnya: Wisdom
Preetika and PrakrutiPreetika: Loved onePrakruti: Nature
Prisha and PariPrisha: BelovedPari: Angel
Prisha and PariharikaPrisha: BelovedPariharika: Protector
Prisha and PariniPrisha: Beloved, dear oneParini: Fairy
Prisha and PariniPrisha: BelovedParini: Fairy
Prisha and PihuPrisha: Beloved, lovingPihu: Chirping of a bird, sweet sound
Prisha and PramitaPrisha: Beloved, dear onePramita: Limitless
Prisha and PritaraPrisha: BelovedPritara: Daughter of love
Prishika and ParnikaPrishika: BelovedParnika: Auspicious Apsara
Pritha and ParikaPritha: Beloved, dear oneParika: Fairy
Pritha and ParmitaPritha: Beloved, dear oneParmita: Limitless
Pritha and PiyushaPritha: Beloved, dear onePiyusha: Nectar
Pritha and PrinaPritha: Beloved, dear onePrina: Scholar, wise
Prithi and ParnitaPrithi: Love, joyParnita: Auspicious Apsara
Prithvi and PihuPrithvi: EarthPihu: Chirp, sound of a bird
Prithvi and PoonamPrithvi: EarthPoonam: Full moon
Priti and ParnaviPriti: Love, affectionParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Priti and ParniPriti: Love, affectionParni: Leafy
Priti and ParnitaPriti: Love, affectionParnita: Auspicious Apsara
Priti and PramikaPriti: Love, affectionPramika: One who encourages
Priti and PranjalPriti: Love, affectionPranjal: Honest
Priyanshi and ParnaviPriyanshi: Dear oneParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Pujita and ParulikaPujita: WorshipedParulika: Graceful
Punitha and ParimaPunitha: Pure, holyParima: Limit
Purnima and ParishiPurnima: Full moonParishi: Like a fairy
Purnima and PihuPurnima: Full moonPihu: Chirp, sound of a bird
Purnima and PrakritiPurnima: Full moonPrakriti: Nature
Purnima and PranjalikaPurnima: Full moonPranjalika: Honest
Purnima and PraptiPurnima: Full moonPrapti: Achievement
Purnima and PreetiPurnima: Full moonPreeti: Love, affection
Purnima and PritviPurnima: Full moonPritvi: Earth
Purva and PariPurva: EastPari: Angel
Purva and ParinaPurva: EastParina: Fairy
Purva and ParnaviPurva: EastParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Purva and PraptiPurva: EastPrapti: Achievement
Purva and PurnaPurva: EastPurna: Complete, full
Purvi and ParaviPurvi: EastParavi: Bird
Purvi and ParijayaPurvi: EastParijaya: Victory
Purvi and ParnikaPurvi: EastParnika: Auspicious Apsara
Purvi and PiyuPurvi: EastPiyu: Beloved
Purvi and PritikaPurvi: EastPritika: Loved one
Purvika and ParnalikaPurvika: First in a rowParnalika: Leafy
Purvika and ParnaviPurvika: First in a rowParnavi: Bird, new leaf
Pushti and ParniPushti: NourishmentParni: Leafy
Pushti and PradnyaPushti: NourishmentPradnya: Wisdom
Pushti and PranikaPushti: NourishmentPranika: Full of life

Names Start From R

Riana and RivaRiana: Queenly, gracefulRiva: River, graceful
Ridhi and RionaRidhi: Prosperity, wealthRiona: Queenly, regal
Ridhi and RuhikaRidhi: Prosperity, wealthRuhika: Soulful, spiritual
Ridhi and RuvishaRidhi: Prosperity, wealthRuvisha: Bright, shining
Ridhika and RaahiRidhika: One who is prosperousRaahi: Traveler, one who shows the path
Ridhima and RheaRidhima: Full of loveRhea: Flowing stream, river
Ridhima and RishaRidhima: Full of loveRisha: Moonlight, night
Ridhima and RuhaniRidhima: Full of loveRuhani: Spiritual, soulful
Riona and ReevishaRiona: Queenly, royalReevisha: Gift of life, precious one
Riona and RishaRiona: Queenly, regalRisha: Moonlight, night
Rishika and ReevaRishika: Saintly, knowledgeableReeva: Hopeful, one who hopes
Rishima and RiyaRishima: Moonbeam, gracefulRiya: Singer, melodious
Rishita and RuvikaRishita: The best, excellentRuvika: Bright, radiant
Ritika and RishaRitika: Of the truth, rhythmicRisha: Moonlight, night
Ritika and RishikaRitika: Of the truth, rhythmicRishika: Saintly, knowledgeable
Riya and RiddhiRiya: Singer, melodiousRiddhi: Prosperity, success
Ruhanika and RuviraRuhanika: Spiritual, soulfulRuvira: Bright, shining
Ruvisha and RaahiRuvisha: Bright, shiningRaahi: Traveler, one who shows the path
Ruvisha and RuhaniRuvisha: Bright, shiningRuhani: Spiritual, divine
Ruvisha and RuhikaRuvisha: Bright, shiningRuhika: Soulful, spiritual

Names Start From S

Saanika and SaishaSaanika: Goddess Lakshmi, benevolentSaisha: Meaningful life, one who brings meaning
Saanvi and ShreyaSaanvi: Goddess Lakshmi, holyShreya: Auspicious, fortunate
Saesha and SanyaSaesha: With great desire and wishSanya: Eminent, distinguished
Saisha and SanyaSaisha: Meaningful life, one who brings meaningSanya: Eminent, distinguished
Saisha and ShritaSaisha: Meaningful lifeShrita: Protected, sheltered
Sanika and SamairaSanika: FluteSamaira: Enchanting, entertaining companion
Sanvi and SaumyaSanvi: Goddess Lakshmi, holySaumya: Gentle, calm
Sanya and SaaraSanya: Eminent, distinguishedSaara: Princess, noble lady
Sanya and SaishaSanya: Eminent, distinguishedSaisha: Meaningful life, one who brings meaning
Sanya and SakshiSanya: Eminent, distinguishedSakshi: Witness, observer
Sanya and SuvikaSanya: Eminent, distinguishedSuvika: Good behavior, well-behaved
Sanya and SwaraSanya: Eminent, distinguishedSwara: Melody, musical note
Sarayu and SamairaSarayu: Holy river, sacredSamaira: Enchanting, entertaining companion
Sarina and SaanviSarina: Princess, nobleSaanvi: Goddess Lakshmi, one who will be followed
Sarisha and SamairaSarisha: Charming, pleasantSamaira: Enchanting, entertaining companion
Saumya and SamairaSaumya: Gentle, mildSamaira: Enchanting, entertaining companion
Shreya and SnehaShreya: Auspicious, fortunateSneha: Affection, love

Names Start From T

Tanaya and TrishaTanaya: DaughterTrisha: Thirst, desire
Tanirika and TanirikaTanirika: A sacred water lilyTanirika: Delicate, tender
Tanirika and TanishaTanirika: A sacred water lilyTanisha: Ambition, desire
Tanirika and TarikaTanirika: A sacred water lilyTarika: Star, meteor
Tanirika and TariniTanirika: A sacred water lilyTarini: Goddess, savior
Tanirika and TithiraTanirika: A sacred water lilyTithira: Charitable, compassionate
Tanirika and TrishaTanirika: A sacred water lilyTrisha: Thirst, desire
Tanirika and TvikaTanirika: A sacred water lilyTvika: Light, brilliance
Tanirika and TvishaTanirika: A sacred water lilyTvisha: Light, brightness
Tanisha and TanyaTanisha: Ambition, desireTanya: Fairy queen, born with a fairy-like quality
Tanishi and TvikaTanishi: Ambition, desireTvika: Light, brilliance
Tanvi and TrishaTanvi: Delicate, tenderTrisha: Thirst, desire
Tara and TithiraTara: Star, celestial beautyTithira: Charitable, compassionate
Tisha and TithiraTisha: Joy, happinessTithira: Charitable, compassionate
Tithira and TridhaTithira: Charitable, compassionateTridha: Three paths, three ways

Names Start From U

Uditi and UpasnaUditi: RisingUpasna: Worship
Urmi and UnnatiUrmi: WaveUnnati: Progress
Udara and UrmikaUdara: Noble, generousUrmika: Small wave
Ujjwala and UmishaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUmisha: Goddess Parvati
Upadhriti and UdgitaUpadhriti: ProtectorUdgita: A hymn
Utpala and UjjwalaUtpala: LotusUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Urvi and UnnatiUrvi: EarthUnnati: Progress
Ujjwala and UpasanaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUpasana: Worship
Udita and UrmiUdita: RisenUrmi: Wave
Upma and UnnatiUpma: ExemplarUnnati: Progress
Uma and UjwalaUma: Goddess ParvatiUjwala: Bright, lustrous
Urja and UnnatiUrja: EnergyUnnati: Progress
Udgitha and UjjwalaUdgitha: A hymnUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Upasana and UjjwalaUpasana: WorshipUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Urvi and UpamaUrvi: EarthUpama: Comparison
Usha and UnnatiUsha: DawnUnnati: Progress
Udita and UjjwalaUdita: RisenUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Upasana and UrviUpasana: WorshipUrvi: Earth
Unnati and UditaUnnati: ProgressUdita: Risen
Uma and UjjalaUma: Goddess ParvatiUjjala: Bright, radiant
Urvi and UtpalaUrvi: EarthUtpala: Lotus
Upama and UdgithaUpama: ComparisonUdgitha: A hymn
Urmika and UjjwalaUrmika: Small waveUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Udara and UpasanaUdara: Noble, generousUpasana: Worship
Uditi and UnnatiUditi: RisingUnnati: Progress
Urmila and UjwalaUrmila: EnchantressUjwala: Bright, lustrous
Upma and UrviUpma: ExemplarUrvi: Earth
Ujjwala and UdgithaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUdgitha: A hymn
Unnati and UpamaUnnati: ProgressUpama: Comparison
Urvi and UditaUrvi: EarthUdita: Risen
Utpala and UdaraUtpala: LotusUdara: Noble, generous
Udita and UmaUdita: RisenUma: Goddess Parvati
Urmi and UdgithaUrmi: WaveUdgitha: A hymn
Upasana and UnnatiUpasana: WorshipUnnati: Progress
Uma and UrviUma: Goddess ParvatiUrvi: Earth
Ujjala and UrmikaUjjala: Bright, radiantUrmika: Small wave
Upama and UjwalaUpama: ComparisonUjwala: Bright, lustrous
Upasana and UdaraUpasana: WorshipUdara: Noble, generous
Ujjwala and UmaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUma: Goddess Parvati
Udita and UnnatiUdita: RisenUnnati: Progress
Upma and UrmikaUpma: ExemplarUrmika: Small wave
Upama and UjjalaUpama: ComparisonUjjala: Bright, radiant
Udara and UjjwalaUdara: Noble, generousUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Uma and UnnatiUma: Goddess ParvatiUnnati: Progress
Udgitha and UpasanaUdgitha: A hymnUpasana: Worship
Urmi and UditaUrmi: WaveUdita: Risen
Unnati and UtpalaUnnati: ProgressUtpala: Lotus
Ujjwala and UpamaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUpama: Comparison
Urmi and UmaUrmi: WaveUma: Goddess Parvati
Urmika and UjwalaUrmika: Small waveUjwala: Bright, lustrous
Udara and UnnatiUdara: Noble, generousUnnati: Progress
Upma and UdgithaUpma: ExemplarUdgitha: A hymn
Urvi and UjjalaUrvi: EarthUjjala: Bright, radiant
Utpala and UmaUtpala: LotusUma: Goddess Parvati
Uditi and UrviUditi: RisingUrvi: Earth
Unnati and UdgithaUnnati: ProgressUdgitha: A hymn
Urmi and UpmaUrmi: WaveUpma: Exemplar
Utpala and UjwalaUtpala: LotusUjwala: Bright, lustrous
Urmi and UpasanaUrmi: WaveUpasana: Worship
Ujjwala and UdaraUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUdara: Noble, generous
Upama and UrviUpama: ComparisonUrvi: Earth
Ujjwala and UrmiUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUrmi: Wave
Unnati and UmaUnnati: ProgressUma: Goddess Parvati
Udgitha and UpmaUdgitha: A hymnUpma: Exemplar
Udita and UjjalaUdita: RisenUjjala: Bright, radiant
Urmi and UdaraUrmi: WaveUdara: Noble, generous
Ujjwala and UrmikaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUrmika: Small wave
Ujjala and UtpalaUjjala: Bright, radiantUtpala: Lotus
Upma and UdaraUpma: ExemplarUdara: Noble, generous
Udgitha and UmaUdgitha: A hymnUma: Goddess Parvati
Unnati and UjjalaUnnati: ProgressUjjala: Bright, radiant
Urmi and UrmikaUrmi: WaveUrmika: Small wave
Upma and UmaUpma: ExemplarUma: Goddess Parvati
Urmi and UjjwalaUrmi: WaveUjjwala: Bright, lustrous
Uma and UditaUma: Goddess ParvatiUdita: Risen
Urvi and UdaraUrvi: EarthUdara: Noble, generous
Udgitha and UrmiUdgitha: A hymnUrmi: Wave
Unnati and UrmikaUnnati: ProgressUrmika: Small wave
Urmi and UjjalaUrmi: WaveUjjala: Bright, radiant
Uma and UdaraUma: Goddess ParvatiUdara: Noble, generous
Upama and UtpalaUpama: ComparisonUtpala: Lotus
Ujjwala and UnnatiUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUnnati: Progress
Urmi and UpamaUrmi: WaveUpama: Comparison
Ujjwala and UditaUjjwala: Bright, lustrousUdita: Risen
Uma and UpasanaUma: Goddess ParvatiUpasana: Worship
Utpala and UditaUtpala: LotusUdita: Risen
Upama and UmaUpama: ComparisonUma: Goddess Parvati
Urmika and UdaraUrmika: Small waveUdara: Noble, generous

Names Start From V

Vaanya and VedaVaanya: Gracious, beautifulVeda: Sacred knowledge, wisdom
Vanshika and VihanaVanshika: Flute, musical instrumentVihana: Dawn, morning
Vanya and VaynaVanya: Gracious gift of GodVayna: Lively, full of life
Vanya and VrishtiVanya: Gracious gift of GodVrishti: Rain, blessing from the heavens
Varisha and VanyaVarisha: Blessing, boonVanya: Gracious gift of God
Varsha and VritikaVarsha: Rain, showerVritika: Thought, idea
Vidhi and VaidehiVidhi: Fate, destinyVaidehi: Sita, daughter of King Janaka
Vidhi and VanyaVidhi: Fate, destinyVanya: Gracious gift of God
Vidhi and VishaVidhi: Fate, destinyVisha: Special, extraordinary
Vidhushi and VanshikaVidhushi: Intelligent, learnedVanshika: Flute, musical instrument
Vidisha and VirikaVidisha: A place of learningVirika: Brave, strong
Vidisha and VrishaVidisha: A place of learningVrisha: Pious, virtuous
Vidisha and VrishaVidisha: Intelligent, knowledgeableVrisha: Pious, virtuous
Vidula and VrisaVidula: Moonlight, brightVrisa: Cow, symbol of prosperity
Vihara and VrindaVihara: Leisure, pleasureVrinda: Tulsi, a sacred plant
Vithika and VrishaVithika: Pathway, riverVrisha: Pious, virtuous
Vriddhi and VrishtiVriddhi: Growth, prosperityVrishti: Rain, blessing from the heavens
Vrinda and VanyaVrinda: Tulsi, a holy basil plantVanya: Gracious gift of God
Vrinda and VihaVrinda: Tulsi, a holy basil plantViha: Heaven, sky
Vrinda and VrishaVrinda: Basil, a sacred plantVrisha: Pious, virtuous
Vritika and VrisaVritika: Nature, environmentVrisa: Pious, virtuous

Names Start From Y

Yamika and YaraYamika: Night, nocturnalYara: Small butterfly
Yamika and YashikaYamika: Night, nocturnalYashika: Success, victorious
Yamika and YashmitaYamika: Night, nocturnalYashmita: Fame, prosperity
Yamini and YashviYamini: Night, nocturnalYashvi: Successful, one who achieves fame
Yashika and YashitaYashika: Successful, one who achieves fameYashita: Successful, one who attains fame
Yashita and YuvikaYashita: Successful, one who attains fameYuvika: Young girl, princess
Yuvika and YashnaYuvika: Young girl, princessYashna: One who is praised, fame
Yuvika and YashnaYuvika: Young girl, youthfulYashna: One who is praised, fame

Names Start From Z

Zahara and ZaynaZahara: Flower, blossomZayna: Beautiful, graceful
Zahira and ZaraZahira: Shining, luminousZara: Princess, flower
Zahira and ZinaZahira: Shining, luminousZina: Ornament, beauty
Zaina and ZaraZaina: Beautiful, gracefulZara: Princess, flower
Zaina and ZehraZaina: Beautiful, gracefulZehra: Blooming flower, radiant
Zaina and ZivaZaina: Beautiful, gracefulZiva: Radiant, lively
Zaina and ZoyaZaina: Beautiful, gracefulZoya: Alive, full of life
Zalak and ZarnaZalak: Instant appearanceZarna: Golden, precious
Zara and ZainaZara: Princess, flowerZaina: Beautiful, graceful
Zara and ZarnaZara: Princess, flowerZarna: A small stream
Zara and ZaynaZara: Princess, flowerZayna: Beautiful, graceful
Zara and ZenithZara: Princess, flowerZenith: Highest point, peak
Zara and ZianaZara: Princess, flowerZiana: Bold, independent
Zara and ZivaZara: Princess, flowerZiva: Radiant, bright
Zara and ZivikaZara: Princess, flowerZivika: Radiant, bright
Zayna and ZuriZayna: Beautiful, gracefulZuri: Beautiful, lovely
Zoya and ZaraZoya: Alive, full of lifeZara: Princess, flower

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